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Last but not least, Minecraft composer C418, aka Daniel Rosenfeld, gives us our first arrangement of Skyward Sword!!

Very cool that his own most famous soundtrack just received its first ReMix, and less than a week later, we're posting a ReMix by its composer! Funny how things work out. This mellow, somber mix, while heavily anchored around solo piano, also works in some beautiful strings, bells, winds, plucked & choral textures that swell into a gorgeous accompaniment. Director Roger Hicks writes:

"Skyward has to be the most calming track on the album! The piano work is very well structured and the use of the strings are perfect! This is another track that could have been an official Zelda track. Very well done."

This feels like watching a sunrise & a sunset at the same time... ascension, possibility, and transcendence, but tempered with a calming, deliberate pace & even a sense of closure. It's simple, it's humble, but it's also emotional and direct, and I love that the secondary instruments stay out of the way but form a collective entity that completely supports the piano. A beautiful ReMix, and a beautiful end to our flood of 25YEARLEGEND tracks - enjoy your holiday, enjoy the music, and thanks to Roger, all the 25YL artists, and everyone else for making this another great Thanksgiving for OCR!



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on 2012-03-04 11:30:36

I think it's a beautiful cover. That's right, I said cover. And there is not one thing wrong with that. You're an amazing composer C418, Mr. Kondo would be proud. =]

on 2011-12-27 15:10:21

Very pretty, very calming. Pretty straightforward arrangement but that's fine. Everything sounds great, love the subtle choir and bells around 2:15. Wish it were longer, good stuff

on 2011-12-11 09:08:17

When I saw that C418 had FINALLY become a posted OC Remixer, my heart literally did a somersault. I enjoyed a lot of his works for Minecraft, so I felt happy to see him join with the rest of the indie composer lineup for 25YEARLEGEND.

While the original "Ballad of the Goddess" was seen as a very dynamic piece of music, C418 on the other hand managed to take it in a more chilled direction bearing similarities to his Minecraft score. That to me is definitely not a bad thing; it to me defines his more heartfelt style, and to see it being realised here in this performance shows how much the series meant to him by paying tribute with the skills he gathered.

Of course, while it does play straightforward with the structure of the arrangement, a lot had been done towards the subtleties for the instruments surrounding the piano to give it a more realised and moving direction. The strings in particular felt rather lush and well utilised, and even the subtleties on the horns - though a little constant - managed to fill in some good space on the lower end. I did however hear a foot pedal being caught on during one of the breaks (which as a pianist myself is never a good sign when doing renders), but it could only be seen as a minor slip amongst an otherwise fitting atmosphere.

Regardless, well done again C418 for representing the indie community both with Minecraft and your links with other composers! Hopefully we'll get to see you grace OCR's hallowed halls again, whether it be others' mixes of your work or you doing more mixes yourself :D

on 2011-12-02 00:55:13

Great. I really enjoyed it, even though you kept it on the conservative side. I think it helped the source shine through, and that's what made this mix great. I look forward to hearing more music from you, and hopefully some more remixes. :-)

on 2011-12-02 00:25:30

I got this Zelda album three days after buying the bundle CD for skyward sword. I love listening to the original followed by C418's "Skyward". Soft, but powerful, this track is one of the highlights of the album. My only gripe is that it is a little conservative, but it doesn't destroy the track.

PS: I love Minecraft's music. ;-)

on 2011-11-25 16:33:17

What a beautiful, calming ReMix. It just flows in an almost dream-like state and doesn't try to rush the melody along. Good for a nice relaxing break.

Avatar of Justice
on 2011-11-24 22:31:31

How do people know the soundtrack to brand new games far enough in advance to release a remix of a track within a few days of a game coming out? Just kind of curious.

on 2011-11-24 20:13:12

This song is certainly peaceful. It elicits a nice calming mood from me when I least expected it. C418 does a great job with subtly bringing the background instruments in and out to enhance what would otherwise be a not so fancy piano performance. There is a slight bit of sloppiness in the piano playing, but otherwise everything works nicely. Even with that flaw the song works quite well and I love this piece despite not being familiar with the source.

on 2011-11-24 18:30:14

I was in a very angry and depressed mood when I downloaded and opened the 25YL album, and for some reason this track played first when I drag-selected and hit enter to add the files to my library. After about twenty or twenty-five seconds, as the song played, I ceased clicking and typing and sorting music and settled into a state of much-needed catharsis. 'Skyward' is beautiful.

on 2011-11-24 13:12:20

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