ReMix:Wild Arms "Fireflight" 7:23

By bLiNd

Arranging the music of one song...

"Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)"

Primary Game: Wild Arms (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Michiko Naruke

Posted 2011-12-20, evaluated by djpretzel

Our Wild Arms: ARMed and DANGerous flood continues with an ambient, undulating electronica piece from OCR legend & husband to project director Jade, Mr. Jordan Aguirre. You might know him as bLiNd ;) It's worth mentioning at this juncture, to the hyper-observant among you, that we have indeed modified our standards to allow for longer mixes at larger file sizes. The full details of this change have NOT YET been formally announced - or even codified - but we figured we'd put them into effect for this album, rather than having to backtrack and upload higher quality versions after the fact. So this is a full seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of classic bLiNd ReMixage, @ 192Kbps, totaling 10,453KB. And of course the album has FLACs for those of you with golden ears. But the numbers don't even tell half the story; Jordan writes:

"This track represents the end of an era for bLiNd and the start of a new one. Though the track was completed and titled over a year ago, it actually holds a lot of meaning for my life now. It starts off with how I viewed the world as a young boy. It has a sound of melancholy with a slight glimmer of hope. Sort of sad, but not completely. This is the sound I try to capture as bLiNd. It is also the sound I have developed at OCR over the past decade and "Fireflight" represents that best, in my opinion...

It progresses and eventually breaks down completely at 2:30, just like my life did when I was a teenager. The darkness in my life began. I suffered year after year in a slow but louder progression. Many of you know the physical suffering I have endured. Some know the mental suffering, and some know the emotional suffering. I call this the fire. Many of you don't agree with my belief in God, but the only reason I am able to speak now, or even breathe, is because of Him. He has used this fire to shape my character and grow me into the man I am now and has shown me what I need to become.

After the fire, at 3:45, comes Revelation. Clarity and vision for my future as a musician, a man, and a person in general. If any part of this song represents where I am at now, it is 4:15. This is what I call the flight. It represents the joy and energy I had as a young boy come full circle, but, instead of me crawling, I am flying. I had to grab a hold of the eagle's wing through the fire. That eagle's wing is my faith and it is what saved me. Next time you see me, I will be soaring, and OCR will be the first ones I look upon this next year. You guys are family to me and I love you all, and of course most of all, my wife Jade. This project and day is really about her, in my eyes of course, but I give every one of you who worked on this project a humble bow and thanks for all your hard work.

Let me also say this. This project is a celebration of love. Jade and I are back together again after a long separation; nearly a year and a half! The joy we have of being together, especially for this project release, and Christmas, is overwhelming and simply amazing. We had paths to walk solo, to find ourselves again, and we did. Once we did, God put us back together and it seems like we are falling in love over and over again every day. So join us in our celebration by listening to all the hard work that was done and listen to one of my favorite remixes I have ever made. Join me in my fireflight..."

Man, I tell you what - those Aguirres are some emotional people!! ;) Wherever your inspiration comes from and whatever your beliefs are, you can't argue with love, and you can't argue with great music, and Jordan seems like he's filling his life with both of those, and that can only be a good thing. Jade writes:

"This track is a jewel. It gives me goosebumps down my spine and makes me shiver. I have been a bLiNd fan for so many years prior to knowing him in person, and this demonstrates the best of all his recent work. The breakdown at 2:30 gives the source a whole new perspective and feels like the Wild West of space. The sound design is astounding with milky textures and samples of the game. bLiNd never fails to impress, especially his wife. :)"

That's super sweet & touching, and I'm not being sarcastic; it's hard to tell the story of this album without telling some small pieces of Jordan & Jade's story, and they've shared those pieces with us in the context of a musical marriage that this album captures aspects of, consciously and subconsciously. It's a unique, personal dynamic made public through both their own comments and the amazing music they've coordinated or produced directly. Stepping outside my role as site owner & administrator, and just speaking as a friend, I'd like to personally wish them the best, for all that the future holds. They've accomplished something singular & beautiful, and they've accomplished it together.



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on 2011-12-26 21:57:42

Very thoughtful, transporting track. I enjoyed the different sections and I can recognize the emotions behind them. I'm digging the dark-yet-hopeful-feel, although I think the song meanders somewhat. It's always evolving but I feel like it could be a little shorter and more focused in places

on 2011-12-24 11:13:16

bLiNd does a great job here with a very minimalist source. I was skeptical at first how much could really be done with the source given this song length, but I think he does a great job exploring many different facets. The song never really feels like it's getting repetitive or stale, like some trance does, so that's a big plus for me. Great job!

on 2011-12-24 10:26:54

Well, I think it's always a good sign when the listener feels something before even reading the remixer's notes. Beautiful work. I can listen to this over and over. I love the rhythm in the very beginning. It's a great lead into the song. I couldn't keep myself from moving with it.

on 2011-12-22 13:06:43


This is another great track and I really love hearing about your dedication to God and using music to express those emotions. It definitely gives me a different perspective to the piece and the thoughts behind it.

The emotion you put into your music is great, I always look forward to your every release!

God Bless!

on 2011-12-22 01:30:51

I like the snippy kick.

I'm looking forward to hearing Blind's new, more personal musical direction.

Mr. X
on 2011-12-21 18:20:31

All I want to know is when the bLiNd equivalent of penultimate is coming out or dare I say it when can I buy a bLiNd album in stores.

on 2011-12-21 12:45:00

Dark electronic music is my favorite type so to me this is the best bLiNd track he's done in a long time. It's not the same as "A Ring and a Promise" so they can't be compared. I am looking forward to the new bLiNd era. I can vouch that bLiNd doesn't just make "trance music." You will see proof of this next year.

on 2011-12-21 10:17:22

This is beautiful, and I mean that in the way that the trance genre can just lift you up and send you somewhere else if you lie back and relax. It never seems to get repetitive and it's always changing, which is splendid. The production sounded sweet and I hear nothing wrong here. The idea and story behind the arrangement is chilling and it's so cool how you can combine that with parts of the source material. I've got so much respect for what the album and the artists have accomplished here. Overall, this is a very impressive ReMix. Great work, bLiNd!

on 2011-12-21 09:26:07

I want to expand a little on my writeup here and explain what I meant by the end of an era for bLiNd...

Trance is going to be less and less from me and I am going to explore who I really am as an electronic artist from now on. I have my own sound I believe, that isn't genre specific... This track is actually progressive house, not really trance, which is just a combination of trance elements and house rhythm/bass which is exactly what got me to start and finish it in 3 days. When I do something that isn't normal, or is somewhat fresh to my ears, I can't stop working on it!

I have had day dreams about what "my sound" sounds like and it borrows from wherever it wants but can't truly be labeled as a specific genre. The new era of bLiNd is one of no limits and I will no longer be known as a remixer or artist who does "trance" music only.

This track, may be minimal, but that I believe that is the beauty behind it. I said it best represents the sound I have developed at OCR because it represents the emotional feel of the music I try to portray to everyone. This track, though just a remix and borrowed from an original composition, is something I really tried to make my own and it shows in the breakdown the most. 2:45-3:45 is the ORIGINAL chord progression from the source and is very dark actually. 4:15 and on is my own chord progression with a spin on the old melody and the feel behind this part I developed is what is my own and represents who bLiNd is. Music is meant to be felt and sometimes it is best to just let music speak for itself. If there is no emotion behind it, I tend to shy away...

Thanks for all the feedback 3

on 2011-12-21 06:00:12

Yeah, looking at the 10MB size I was all "what happened, is this an exception to the 8MB rule?" and then realised that there was indeed a size modification again. What a way to trigger it though with one of bLiNd's trance works, and a very fitting one at that to capture a certain change in life too.

Arrangement-wise, it manages to capture the source's minimalist nature remarkably well and does well to refer to the theme, though in a rather safe trance structure. That's definitely not a bad thing as it gives bLiNd a lot of headroom to work with in regards to his production skills - I believe some of these elements like the side-chaning air effects and swelling bass being somewhat leftover components from his SDB track "Dodge This Sakura" - and classy echo/ambience work brought on some of the higher synths to give in more of a dreamy edge towards it.

While I can understand his life connection towards it, the main beef I have towards the track though is that the breakdown in the middle, while reflective, does tend to stick around for a bit too long, and when the beat comes back in the soundscape still feels somewhat subdued. For some it may not be a bad thing as it kind of reminds me of Chicane's discography with that method, but it should still be something to keep in mind if looking for trance arrangements on the site - be wary of the direction.

All in all, a very solid arrangement, and one I can sense that has had a lot of heart put into it. Jordan, make sure you keep Jennifer safe for us; you've managed to find a great spouse to pour your feelings into your music with, and it shows. And I am definitely game to see how far your arrangement capabilities will go from here, so here's to the future :)

on 2011-12-21 02:37:27

I've had this particular song in my collection for quite a while, and while I'd agree that it's perhaps not in the same league as, say, "A Ring and a Promise," it's still a darn good deep trance track. As a trance track goes, you really can't ask for much more. The song stays very true to the production values (super-clean, and that kick drum is perfectly prominent) and arrangement sensibilities of trance, and I'm an admitted trance-maniac. Two thumbs up from me on this number! :nicework:

Brandon Strader
on 2011-12-20 21:36:31

This song meanders a lot and I don't think it reflects the best of Blind in either a production or arrangement standpoint. Having said that, I think it is definitely a darker journey of sorts than what you'd usually hear from him. I'm not a fan of the consistency of the bass drum, which includes the volume and lack of tone variation on it. It seems louder or stronger than the rest of the song and it really throws me off. I think a more laid back, less rigid 4/4 beat would have really done wonders for this track. I like the atmospheric parts where there is no kick drum, but surely some kind of ongoing fusion of beats rather than binary 4/4 beats on or off would have been great to have.

I don't mean to sound all negative about this and I really appreciate what you have done here and I think this is a great direction for you.. also totally appreciative of the increased file size limitations. I don't know if it was your song that ushered that in but at any rate, I totally tip my hat to you, good sir.

on 2011-12-20 21:05:12

Jordan does a great job here, giving this song a jungle-ish feel to it. It is one of his more striking electronic works with the different approach he took here with its arrangement, showing of some of the great versatility he has musically. The progression he put into the song clearly illustrates that he has grown greatly as a musician over the years and has become something else entirely, and I mean that in a great way :) . Stellar job by Jordan on his Wild ARMS tracks, and they really make you take notice of him as a songwriter/composer on a high level.

on 2011-12-20 20:49:18

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Primary Game:
Wild Arms (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Michiko Naruke
"Castle of Flames (Prologue 1)"

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