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Theo's Super Metroid ReMix off his personal arrangement album was another highlight of 2011, which in retrospect was a year filled with so much brilliant music that it's almost disturbing. We're going to continue the disturbance, though, as he's teamed up with audio fidelity for a dramatic, cinematic arrangement that captures scale, waves of energy, and relentless percussive power in a single impressionistic soundscape. This mix mesmerized me, plain and simple. Some mixes are what I would call 'transporting,' but this doesn't so much transport the listener as thrust them into another time, place, plane, what have you, and then reveal sights & sounds that are formidable, monolithic, ethereal, and especially towards the end, of a striking, almost paralyzing beauty. I personally request that you not multitask and instead give this arrangement your complete, undivided attention, because it's type of musical journey that most demands it.

Enough hype? Have some quotes - Theophany writes:

"This is the second of four tracks I've remixed for Wild Arms, and it's also my first collaboration here on OCR. Despite sharing names with another track by the Wingless, "Godspeed" is mainly titled as an homage to the post-rock influences of Sigur Rós and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I've been wanting to remix something like this for ages, so I'm majorly indebted to audio fidelity for the bowed guitar and lead parts he wrote. Although my WIP was mostly orchestral, he immediately sensed the kind of sound I was going for and his delivery was extremely quick. I wasn't really familiar with his work before Wild Arms, but I'm really glad I had the opportunity to work with him. On a personal note, I'd like to thank Jade and bLiNd. While I've never played Wild Arms, I think I put more of myself into this project knowing that my work was appreciated early on. Congratulations on your first album. I'm glad I could be a part of it, and I encourage everyone to check it out."

John Burnett gonna track you down and make you pay for stealing his mix title ;) The Sigur Rós influence is both apparent and, for lack of a more eloquent phrase, perfect. Jay has a great appreciation for texture in music, from what I've heard, so I think he was the absolute right man for the collab:

"When Jade first asked me to help out with the project, I had so much on my plate with school and other project tracks that I told her that I could only help collaboratively as a performer. I'm so glad that she got Theophany in contact with me. He came to me with proposition of doing bowed guitar, which I had never done before, but was very interested because of artists like Sigur Rós, which I could certainly tell he was inspired from. I tracked multiple takes and had fun adding just tons of reverb - I had an intense chain of verbs that was just feeding into the other. It took some strength in my left hand to hold those chords and bow all the strings. Then I improvised a line in one take that I gave him as extra that ended up be the focal part of the track. I'm very happy to have contributed to such a moving piece of music. Thanks, Theophany. Let's do it again sometime."

I really hope you do, because this is art. Jade closes us out:

"Theophany is 100% pure gold. Thanks to Kinslayer, who brought Theophany's attention to my project. I was fortunate to have him as a part, since he ended up contributing 4 tracks to this album. This track made me take a step back. I questioned why Theophany hasn't released more of his music, but that changes now. I really like this track because of its wintery feel. It is really appropriate for this time of year especially and does great justice to the original source. It is, of course, a huge improvement to the original and Theophany does an excellent job of expanding its ideas. audio fidelity's bowed guitar is the icing on the cake and makes the song sound bigger than life as the lead parts fade away with the huge tail of reverb. Theophany is on a number of upcoming projects, so keep an eye out for him!"



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on 2012-01-03 23:59:43

With every new album I usually poke around the mixes a bit until I find one I like, and that will be "the track" that makes me download the album.

This was that track.

I've spent so much time on this one track I don't think I've even covered the whole album yet.

on 2011-12-26 21:40:43

Beautiful ethereal build up into 1:00. Powerful, epic sound to the whole track, very transporting. Great expansion on a short source. Nice tapering off the energy around 3:50ish. One of my favorites from this album

on 2011-12-24 11:27:24

I love the epicness of this song. The combination of the strings and bells and other orchestral elements really set the tone for what is a very moving and beautiful piece. I think it really creates a sense of gravitas.

on 2011-12-22 18:20:42

Some excellent work here guys .. Such great movement throughout the song .. Love it!

on 2011-12-21 14:52:36
Please check out Theophany's other work! They're all great tracks. ;-)

I've been listening to WIP's of this track as well as another of his tracks for this project since he got onto the Wild ARMs project, the development of this track actually hasn't changed all that much since the beginning. He knew how he wanted it to sound. Theophany has developed very much as an artist since this project started. Another ReMix on this project. "You Are [Not] Defeated" was in the beginning stages a ReMix that I had wanted to do. But I had no concept at that time of what it actually took to remix a video game song. So I began to look outside the box for someone that would be willing to work with me on a collab. I approached Theophany because I liked his work. During the subsequent two years since I brought him on to the project. I watched his growth personally as I got to be one of the first people other than Jade to listen to his work. Products far better than the original. Striving to do the most difficult sources in the soundtrack, Theophany has persevered not only as a ReMixer but as an artist! I am glad to have gotten to know him these last two years, and call him friend. There is another person here I have gotten to know during the production of this project, and I am glad to call her friend as well. She knows who she is :)

on 2011-12-21 12:51:33

Please check out Theophany's other work! They're all great tracks. ;-)

on 2011-12-21 06:57:11

A 4 measure long source. Tricky source to go for, but having seen Theophany's growth within the past year, I'm on solid expectations.

It starts out now with some lovely echoed percussion over sweeping strings, namely music boxes and tambourines, creating this more etheral soundscape. When audio fidelity's bowed guitar came in along with the booming taikos (soon followed by bowed orchestrated strings), you've got the core components of the atmosphere's shifting for sure. Structure-wise it remains very close to the source (though given the length that can be excused), though there has been so much detail placed towards the shifting soundscape that really makes it click.

Production-wise, it can be seen as one of Theo's most detailed and experimental ones with the eerie echo and the implimentation of the bowed guitar; if anything I think the taikos might've overdone it in regards to levels, or that the symphonic strings should've probably had a little more expression especially closer towards the end, but they may be seen as nitpicks to what can be seen as a totally fresh mixing direction.

So yes, I really dig this a lot :D And between this and "Avien", I am with high hopes that Theophany will continue to deliver as a musician and even explore more of the unconventional within the not-so-distant future. Nice going!

on 2011-12-21 00:34:39
A bit offtopic here, but there's also two mixes named 'Blue Skies' on OCR, one Chrono Trigger one by DarkeSword and one FFXIII mix by bLiNd.

My remix is called Blue Skies Over Guardia, not Blue Skies.

on 2011-12-20 21:57:36

Pretty cool build-up in the beginning of this track. I love how it swells up from a crystal-cave sounding thing and kind of just comes off as a grand atmospheric song with a bit of a driving edge to it. It just keeps going and going, getting heavier, until breaking off a little in the middle of the third minute and going right back to where it started. Really gives off an ethereal soundscape sound and I love it. Another awesome track off of the album.

on 2011-12-20 21:44:52
Oh, I thought there was a rule or something against multiple remixes with the same name XD Although with such widely applicable one, I guess that's different? *thinking of the StarFox remix by The Wingless*

A bit offtopic here, but there's also two mixes named 'Blue Skies' on OCR, one Chrono Trigger one by DarkeSword and one FFXIII mix by bLiNd.

on 2011-12-20 21:31:46

Oh, I thought there was a rule or something against multiple remixes with the same name XD Although with such widely applicable one, I guess that's different? *thinking of the StarFox remix by The Wingless*

on 2011-12-20 21:18:46

Theophany and audio fidelity, what an interesting combo here!

There is definitely a great spacey feel going on with this track that is indeed reminiscent of post-rock. I think this is more interesting than a lot of other music in that genre though, as it maintains a strong melody throughout and keeps a feel of progression throughout the song. The build and soundscape here is excellent, somehow finding ways to build even further and keep things varied enough where the arrangement itself doesn't feel basic.

Excellent job you two, you both certainly helped come up with something grand with a high level of execution here!

on 2011-12-20 21:00:58

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