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Not to be confused with Jimmy's haze of the purple, kiss-this-guy variety, this Missingno collab between Rozo & WillRock took me by surprise, as it doesn't particularly sound like either of their respective styles. Usually collaborations result in mixes that are either more one artist's style than the other, or both artists have a similar aesthetic to begin with, but in this case the cooperation seems to have produced something rather unique. It's more or less a synth rock jam that also features guitar, fretless bass, an arrangement that has energetic peaks & serene valleys, and a cool ambient chime/bell intro + outro that bookends the mix. Will writes:

"When I started this remix, there hadn't been a route 1 remix. However, quite literally within 5 minutes of me posting a work in progress of this track, ProtoDome posted "Rain Prayer" - finished. The inspiration from this remix was to take the rather jolly theme and just turn it inside out and create a dark and moody atmosphere. I asked Rozovian to collab with me on this as he had some great sounds that really helped this mix to realize its full potential."

Rozo adds:

"When I started talking about this mix with Will, he said there hadn't been a Route 1 remix in the works for the project. Ever. However, just after Will posted a WIP of this, ProtoDome wrote and posted "Rain Prayer." I wanted Will to collab with me on this as he has some great solo skills that really made this mix realize its full potential."

So clearly, Blake is a dream-crushing bastard ;) OA describes this one well:

"This is a case of where the somewhat meandering arrangement feels right for a song. There is a good gradual expansion, so that by the time the song is done, it's built up quite a bit. I felt that the arrangement had enough direction to be passable, and the layered melodies were fun.

I think at times the arrangement is even too subtle, where a lot of the excellent details like the multi-panned percussion and interesting bassline are lost. The remedy for this is close listening, of course, and there is a lot to really love about this arrangement if its attention demands are met. There aren't really defined transitions, just parts that wander in and out but that fits the theme. There were still some weird production choices, mainly the weaksauce drums. They didn't cut through at all and just added to a sortof grey fuzz to the background, which was unfortunate, because the partwriting for them was really nice, but everything else worked better for me."

There are definitely some head-scratchers on production where it seems like more orthodox decisions may ultimately have been preferable, and drums are one of them, but it's such a distinct, cool, and unexpected vibe that it doesn't matter as much. I'd call this a peculiar mix, with a unique appeal - it's pretty distinct on its own, but also relative to either contributing artist's other mixes. It adds something new to their repertoires, and added something new at the time to The Missingno Tracks, and I'm glad they both pursued the arrangement's completion & revision.



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on 2012-01-04 13:16:16

Aaaand why this should be a remix from Blue while the other are from Red :P ?

on 2012-01-04 08:50:59

I love how this builds out brightly from a darker beginning (WillRock is great at giving it that struggling triumphantly feel).

on 2012-01-01 16:21:15
I can't believe this is only getting posted now. The album came out back in March! MARCH!

But still, all good things to those who wait, right?

'Spume' still has to be posted, so there's more Rozo goodness from The Missingno Tracks to come!

on 2011-12-31 20:03:20

This was one of my favorites off the album. Taking a happy melody and turning it into a dark ambient ReMix like this is awesome. Loved the intro and the whole arrangement altogether. The soloing was nice and I actually don't have a problem with the drums, though I can hear why some may have. Great collab, guys.

The Damned
on 2011-12-31 00:32:55

I can't believe this is only getting posted now. The album came out back in March! MARCH!

But still, all good things to those who wait, right?

on 2011-12-30 15:42:09

I always like it when sources get tranformed into something that has a completely different vibe. The melody is still easily recognizable but Rozo and Will have added a unique atmosphere to it, excellent stuff. Another great mix from the Missingno Tracks!

on 2011-12-30 13:43:29

For some reason I skipped this track when I first got the Missingno Tracks, but I have since listened to it non-stop. A very creative interpretation of a normally bright and cheery song. I could definitely see the blending of styles between WillRock and Rozovian, and it worked perfectly in this case. Great Job!

Damn it now I want to play Pokemon again.

on 2011-12-30 13:39:42

Cool track, very atmospheric. I kinda felt like I was playing Metroid or something around 1:58. The drums don't have a lot of presence, but I think it works for the track up until the solo section (great solo by the way). At that point its more apparent how weak the drums sound when they're playing those more intricate fills. I like the intro/outro bookend, fits with the vibe of the rest of the song. Good job guys

on 2011-12-29 18:16:53

More Pokemon! And I admit to have waited some time to see it get posted, especially given the long history behind this one.

I'm liking the eerie start, with the organ parts that kind of resemble a darker "Strawberry Fields" for me, and when the melody managed to come in I can certainly envision this darker approach to it; it could almost be as if West Kanto was facing a 1984-esuqe siege, which seems to be the vision falling into my mind when hearing it. :wink:

It may be a whole different set of chords for the track, but the melody's adaptation towards it manages to adapt to that feeling to a T, so arrangement-wise we have an expansive adaptation that fits this dark work that could carry elements of Rozo's moody synth driven style and Will's 80s-influenced approach.

I'm not sure if the rhythms at 3:30 were real or not but it would've helped to have been the same texture as the lead guitar (which I'm assuming is Will :razz: ) for further clarity. In addition to that, I know I keep picking on Will's drum parts in particular, but to me they seemed to come off as rather flat sounding in the mix. There could've been something done to try and equalise further punch out of it, to really give more edge to the track, but given the track's age and history it might be better off shunted aside.

Otherwise, it's a pretty arrangement to compliment Blake's happier and sophisticated take on it, and to see them both co-exist on The MissingNo Tracks was pretty neat on seeing how people could adapt this simple childish melody. Good going you two!

on 2011-12-29 18:03:49

Oh wow! This!

Jeez, I remember this in WIP... Still a bloody excellent song.

on 2011-12-29 17:57:02

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