Disc 1

1. Game On (~Opening~ Demo) 0:19
2. The Mighty Mighty Pokémon (~Opening~ Demo 2) 2:48
3. Shades of Red (Theme of Pallet Town) 3:11
4. My Greatest Rival (Battle! Rival) 5:28
5. Rain Prayer (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet ~ Guidepost ~ Road to Cerulean - From Mt. Moon) 2:42
6. Viridian Vibe (Theme of Pewter City) 3:29
7. Out of Antidote (Viridian Forest) 3:41
8. Hope to See You Again Soon... (Pokémon Center) 2:21
9. Battle for the Badge [Battle (VS Gym Leader)] 4:10
10. On the Origin of Species (Evolution) 1:35
11. Drowning Blue (S.S. Anne) 3:13
12. Spume (Sea) 4:43
13. TEEM.ROKIT (Team Rocket Hideout) 4:31
14. Clash of the Titans [Battle (VS Trainer)] 5:55
15. Blue Haze (Road to Viridian City - From Pallet) 5:21

Disc 2

1. Champion's Horizon (Route #26) 4:47
2. Precious Metals (Goldenrod City) 2:25
3. Slowpoke Shuffle (Azalea Town) 3:49
4. Casino Lounge (Goldenrod Game Corner) 4:43
5. Divine Olivine (Violet City) 4:15
6. Jiggly Choir (Jigglypuff's Song) 0:42
7. Home Is Where the Luvdisc Is... [Hearthome City (Day)] 1:45
8. My Friend Mudkip (Dewford Town ~ Surfing) 3:13
9. Argent Vexemon (Ice Path) 3:33
10. May I Have This Swords Dance? [Canalave City (Day)] 2:51
11. Super Effective [Battle! Trainer (Johto)] 5:15
12. Bullet for My Piloswine [Route #225 (Day) ~ Ending] 4:00
13. Journey's End (Ending) 3:09


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on 2012-10-20 19:50:50

No, I actually downloaded the whole album with utorrent, but at 84% or something it just said "screw it" and stopped. So I chose my faves from the ones I downloaded and downloaded those as mp3.

Not sure if that made sense. Anyways, we're done here x)

on 2012-10-20 19:00:09

You won't hear every track in the trailers, so if you don't have data caps or are really low on hard drive space or something, get everything, keep what you like. I keep discovering cool new tracks by listening to random mixes from albums or ocr by year or by game or something. In any case, enjoy the music. :D

As for computer problems, this help newbies forum regularly does help with computer issues of different kinds. Check older threads for the kinds of problems ppl have asked about, and don't be afraid to ask. Just don't ask too obvious things, the kinds that a quick google search could have solved.

on 2012-10-20 17:37:48

I just listened to the previews of the album and there are only a few I really like, so I decided to just download them separately. Anyways, thanks a lot for the advice ^o^ That's sure to be useful.

(By the way, can I just post here if I have another problem with my computer, even if it's not OCRemix-related?)

on 2012-10-17 07:36:01

A torrent file is really just a list of the files and where to look for ppl who has them, none of which you really need to know - just open it in a torrent app, like the one Chern suggested, and the program will connect to a torrent tracker and look for users who have those files available (seeders), from whom it then downloads the files from. Those files are in the usual mp3 format that you should have no problem listening to.

Now you know more. :D

on 2012-10-17 07:07:28

A torrent file needs to be downloaded before you can listen to the music.

Open your torrent file with µtorrent ( and once it's downloaded, you'll be able to listen to the music.

I hope it helps. :)

on 2012-10-17 06:42:31

New guy here, I've read both of the newbie guides and figured this subforum would be the right place to put this.

I have a problem with playing the album "Pokémon: The missingno Tracks" on my computer. It's possible that it might play on my phone, which is where I want to put it on. Anyways, it says that I need a program to open it. Probably because it's a torrent file, but I'm not sure which program I need then.

I'm not too good with computers :oops: I have Windows 7 by the way, but you probably need more information than that.

on 2012-10-13 10:00:11

Hi, i just registered to say this to you ;D !

This Album contains the very very best Pokemon Game Remixes I´ve ever heared, thank you for this awesome Songs! My favorite song is "My friend Mudkip" :D, but they are all fantastic! This is actually the best Album of all OC Albums!

I really wish, that you would create one more album with new fantastic Pokemon Remixes, for example from the new Pokemon Versions.

Just gimme MORE!!!!

on 2011-08-04 01:33:16

Wow...I hadn't checked up on OCR in a while and look what I've been missing. This album is the greatest thing since sliced bread...

No, wait, that's too anticlimactic. I just couldn't think of a compliment awesome enough to match this album's incredible-ness.

Thanks so much for taking something that I already loved, and making it even more memorable and awesome. This is definitely my favorite OCR album. I'll also be commenting on my favorite tracks in their individual threads.

My only ever-so-slight nitpick is that no one took on the Miltank-field theme from the route north of Olivine, nor the Buena's Password theme (both from Gold/Silver). Two of my favorite Pokemon tracks. I guess I should post those in the remix requests thread...but hey I can't really even complain about this. When you can make the friggin' EVOLUTION THEME into a song, that's some real skills right there. (doot dee doot dee doot dee doot DEE...)

Nothing but fantastic work here. Great album title, great cover art, and superb music. I couldn't download and listen fast enough - anyone who's ever played Pokemon at all would be a fool to miss this.

electric concerto
on 2011-04-10 20:34:57

Just to correct something:

I have a question for you. Actually, several, but we'll just start with the first and most important one.

I like where your remix is going, and I think it has some potential behind it. I'm also looking for some 4th generation Pokémon game remixes for my project (I love the old games as well, but I want to do an album that covers all the games to date). I think your remix would not only fit in well, but also help fill in that little gap a bit.

You interested in joining the Missingno Tracks project?

Hard to say... I could try, but I'm involved in other projects whom the directors are getting pissed off at me... I'm busy with work and school but I've completed my website so now I can move on to finishing my projects.

I'll try to finish it for your project, but I can't promise anything...

If you can, fine. If not, then it's not a major problem.

I did not beg to join.

Neither am I interested in joining any projects from this point on. Thank you for the opportunity, but I think I'll concentrate my future efforts on my personal remixes.

I will end my post with a sorry I wasn't around. I thought I had finished it, and the only thing that needed fixing was the title. Carry on, and enjoy the album!

The Damned
on 2011-04-06 15:25:57

We were origanlly going to release them in 98bit/11025 Hz files, because the remixes were awesome enough to withstand that level of compression.

But then the OCR staff was all "no, fuck that" and then they made us stick to something higher quality. :

Pyro Paper Planes
on 2011-04-06 14:19:26

As I suspected. That's fine, at least the majority are in FLAC. And hey, they're still fantastic remixes, regardless of the format quality. :D

The Damned
on 2011-04-06 13:28:08

Yes, it is. You see, there were some files that didn't have proper lossless format files. With no way to get them (due to loss of original files or the remixer didn't have them in the first place, or there was a technical issue that couldn't be avoided, etc.), we could only release the majority of remixess with FLAC format files.

It's unfortunate, but there was nothing that could be done about it.

Pyro Paper Planes
on 2011-04-06 13:21:24

This a fantastic album... quick check though: The FLAC folder in the torrent seem to be missing a track or two. Is this intentional? To be specific: 1-01, 1-08. 1-09, 1-10, 1-13, 2-05, and 2-06.

on 2011-04-04 14:25:53

It really reminds me of the opening to the original Pokemon series, very memorable IMO.

on 2011-04-04 10:37:15
Such an amazing album, I really like "My Greatest Rival" and "Clash of Titans".

I can't stop listening to "My Greatest Rival" for some reason. It is just a catchy song and completely ridiculous.