ReMix:Tetris "Tetris Plays You!" 3:12

By Block Party

Arranging the music of one song...

"A-Type (Korobeiniki)"

Primary Game: Tetris (Nintendo , 1989, GB), music by Hirokazu Tanaka

Posted 2012-06-23, evaluated by djpretzel

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ZIRCON, one of the primary architects behind what I would definitely call the standout arrangement from April 1st's VocalClocked ReMix "experiment" - a vocal (duh) mega-collab Russian folk tag-team bit of musical theater, with each Tetris block personified by a different vocalist. Genius? Who can say... but a hell of a lot of fun, and ridiculously well-executed. It's one thing to HAVE this idea, and it's quite another to be able to actually realize it, which required solid, concise comedic lyrics & heartfelt performances all around. We had this queued up for eventual site release at some point, and today seems like the perfect day; Birthday-Tsar Aversa writes:

"As you might expect, this remix has a fun story behind it. The weekend before this year's April 1st event, staff had decided that the theme would be "vocal remixes." Jill and I were hanging out with Palpable and diotrans at our house and brainstorming silly remix ideas; diotrans mentioned Tetris, and she improvised what became Palpable's first line of the song ("I am the square, you can put me anywhere") in the same doofy voice you hear in the remix, which got us all laughing. We pretty quickly decided to roll with it; Jill, Vinnie, and Amy worked on lyrics while I started production. At first, I was thinking it would be funny to make the instrumental intentionally bad, but I was convinced otherwise (for the better) and opted to do something in a traditional Russian or East European style instead.

By the end of the night, we had a sizable chunk of the lyrics and a basic production sketch. The lyrical idea was to have each block represented by a unique voice and personality, but with the common theme of trying to escape the endless deluge of blocks. The square block is easy to please, because he can go almost anywhere. The T can be twisted and rotated to fit in many spots, hence the sultry pop girl persona. The Z block (and his brother) is "that guy" who never fits in and ruins your party. For the L block, we thought a self-important attitude would suit the L's ability to clear at least a couple lines. Jill really took that one over the top with her French accent, so I made sure to make her section sound appropriately like cliché French tango music. Lastly, the I (pole) block is the tallest and most important piece of all, so he gets his own solo as the savior of the group.

Production-wise, the whole song took about 9 hours from start to finish. Jill and I got to record our vocals in our new custom recording room (which Palpable + diotrans helped finish!), while the rest of the singers recorded with their own setups individually. Jill handled vocal edits, comping, tuning and tweaking, and I mixed everything together in the end. The end result is absolutely over-the-top, and definitely not meant to be taken seriously, but we're all really proud of how it turned out and hope it will put a smile on your face. This won't be the last time you hear from Block Party!"

A promise... or a threat?? I'd lean towards the former, since Andy made the right call to avoid going the travesty route and instead took the music production rather seriously - even if the libretto is not. Particularly excellent inclusion of tuba to go with Andy's really-rather-impressive low-end Russian-accent vocal contribution. The tone Palpable starts the whole thing off with is so goofy that I was actually thinking this could be an AMAZING bit of children's music, but then Amy's auto-tuned femme fatale pop vocal has more risque euphemisms than a Lady Gaga track, Stevo conjures up some Homestar Runner action, and Jill plays the part of a narcissistic French belle to the hilt. Bottom line is that both the lyrics & performances completely sell the different personalities, and the intent was straightforward & makes complete sense, PLUS the actual arrangement AND production are rock solid. That magical, rare combination of qualities elevated this track from a funny idea into something of a classic, in my mind. Glad to be officially posting it on OCR, congrats to the members of Block Party for truly making something special + lasting, and happy birthday to Andy!



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Venom Fighter X
on 2016-02-10 10:46:59

HAHA to much fun.

on 2015-12-21 01:11:41

I saw the artist lineup, yet the mix still caught me off-guard. Great stuff, reminds me joke music can use vocals too (guilty of many joke tracks). Novelty aside, some great vocal performances and a fun backing.

on 2014-09-28 11:35:54

Since I'm Russian, I can say that this is super goofy, considering the sense of original lyrics. Yeah, orginal Korobeiniki has lyrics. But still, this is genius and catchy take on such a popular tune. One of my favourite ReMixes of Korobeiniki.

Daemon Gildas
on 2012-08-12 02:20:41

This is a great remix, and the lyrics are funny and all, but...

Man, the second verse for the "T-block" is sexy and, more importantly, catchy as hell.

on 2012-07-26 12:56:15

This is ridiculously funny. I have to agree with some of the other reviews, the whole thing does sound kinda like a Hyadain take on the whole Tetris song with the different voices, and now I have the characters stuck in my head when I play the game. Oy. It's always great to hear a ReMix with a good sense of humor and sounds great at the same time.

on 2012-07-14 19:27:57

:) I know this was part of the April Fools Day thing. Did any of the other remixes make it to the complete stage?

The April Fools page doesn't have any working links. :)

This song is sooo fun to listen to btw. :D

on 2012-07-08 10:29:01

Sure sounds like fun. Too bad I can't understand the words much. :(

Thin Crust
on 2012-07-06 16:54:58

Awww man, I hate it when this happens. Someone tries a vocal arrangement and then another covers the same song. Now whenever I think of the tetris theme, I'm going to have 2 conflicting sets of lyrics playing in my head. The other version that I know is from The Amazing Brando, who also took on the personification of the different shaped blocks.

Now, both versions are good, but I just wanted you all to know how conflicted this makes me feel.









What am I saying, I love you guys!

on 2012-07-02 11:05:48

Thanks for all the comments guys! Yes, Jill (L) does speak fluent French. I, on the other hand, do not speak fluent Russian. Hard to tell, I know.

on 2012-07-01 20:30:08
Was anyone else reminded of Hyadain - - ?

This almost felt like an English version of an arrangement he might do... albeit slightly less on crack, and of course he'd do all of the voices himself :-D Still, to me it had some of the same crazy brilliance, vocal flexibility, contextual humor.

EXACTLY what I was gonna post!!! I love Hyadin's mixes and this reminded me a LOT of that!!

I looooved the "voice-acting" haha!! Z's voice is so awesome and I loved the french of L, it sounded as if she speaks french fluently??

on 2012-06-29 03:17:50

This song reminds me of why I had a crush on Jill in highschool ;-D

on 2012-06-26 13:13:48

Wow, this makes me very happy. Such a creative idea and brilliantly executed. The unique voices really make this one shine.

Someone needs to make an animated short for this.

on 2012-06-25 13:33:22

This was quite amusing! Sounds like a theme song for a tetris parody cartoon. The guy at 1:12 sounds like Sid from ice age lol. Good work guys!

on 2012-06-25 09:49:35
Was anyone else reminded of Hyadain - - ?

This almost felt like an English version of an arrangement he might do... albeit slightly less on crack, and of course he'd do all of the voices himself :-D Still, to me it had some of the same crazy brilliance, vocal flexibility, contextual humor.

Not something I was keeping in mind when we made this, but certainly the same spirit. :)

on 2012-06-25 08:51:19

lol! you guys are completely crazy.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Tetris (Nintendo , 1989, GB)
Music by Hirokazu Tanaka
"A-Type (Korobeiniki)"

Tags (12)

Brass,Singing,Strings,Vocals: Female,Vocals: Male
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration
Regional > Slavic
Time > Tempo: Fast

File Information

5,355,700 bytes

Square (Palpable):

I am the square.
You can put me over there;
In the middle or the corner,
I don't care.

Look at me!
Perfect symmetry.
Rotate all you want.
It's the same, you see.

T (diotrans):

T is my name,
And my claim to fame:
I can fill any hole
And have no shame.

Twist and bend,
Put me on the end
Or flat on my back.
Baby, it's the trend!

Block Party:

Lots of pieces;
We're in trouble.
Height increases...
Clear us all out!

Z (Level 99):

Hey guys, it's me.
It's your old pal, Z!
My twin brother's on the way,
Then we'll start the party!

Oops! I forgot
To fit in my slot,
Guess I'm stuck here now...

L (Jillian Aversa):

Make way for zee L,
For I am la belle.
My design juste fits so well.

Sleek physique -
Darling, it's trés chic.
Ah! I cleared two rows.
Was zat not what you seek?


Pole (zircon):

Da, it is I.
You are wonder why
There is so many lines?
Make me want to cry.

What is goal?
I fall into hole.
You have rows need clearinks?
You call Pole.

Block Party:

Thank you, Pole block.
You're our hero.
Beat the time clock.
Now we're all out!

But descending
Is our torment.
What's this about?


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