ReMix:Mega Man X5 "Zero's Plight" 5:30

By SenPi

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Opening Stage Zero", "Zero Stage 1"

Primary Game: Mega Man X5 (Capcom , 2000, PS1), music by Naoto Tanaka, Naoya Furutani, Shinya Okada, Showtaro Morikubo, Takuya Miyawaki

Posted 2012-06-24, evaluated by the judges panel

More album tracks from newcomers, which has got to be THE dominant trend of 2012 - and a good one, in my opinion. I do hope all this new blood follows up their album contributions with some individual, non-album submissions, to balance things out & increase variety, but either way it's great seeing so many new names. DJ SymBiotiX (Fernando Chorney) continues the trend with his own OCR debut of his MMX5 arrangement from Maverick Rising:

"This remix is mostly a remix of Zero Stage 1. I wanted to take the original arp and breakdown and expand it in to something more. Adding a bunch of layers and expanding on the idea. The first breakdown is really the only part that is completely original and the rest uses the source material and adds on to it, and rearranges it. The second breakdown is where I used a bit of Opening Stage Zero. The breakdown uses one of the melodies from that track, and the part right after it (the 4 on the floor trance part) is basically a rearrangement of that breakdown. I had so much fun making this track, and received tons of great tips and suggestions from Bahamut and Blind on how to bring more of the core out. This track is a nice lush energetic trance track with some awesome melodies and soundscapes, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."

Chock full o' synth textures, this one is - from gated trance synths to mono leads to ring-modulated arpeggios to plucked, cross-panned staccato patches, Fernando's got a lot going on. The beat's a little traditional/dated, i.e. not glitched or tricked out as is popular these days, but attention to panning & balance keeps the stereo field full of interesting, discernible characters. halc writes:

"I wasn't crazy about the sound design, but the balancing is pretty good and the mastering is nice and punchy. I like the way you meshed the two sources.. they actually have somewhat similar intros despite being in different keys. the drums were kinda on autopilot until the breakdown, so the four on the floor section that came after was a welcome change. could have used some more variation in the actual percussion sounds used throughout the track as well. the intro was pretty long, but there was a lot of good evolution and build up to the first melody, so it wasn't a big deal to me. solid production+arrangement gets my vote."

Nice; SBX has some room for improvement, specifically w/ the drums, but after some mixing advice & remastering, this track shows what he's capable of, makes ample use of the melodic ingredients from the source tunes, and was another great contribution to a ginormous, awesome album.



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on 2013-11-07 10:29:13

I'm shocked that I haven't reviewed this yet. Fantastic atmosphere in this ReMix, which is why it's one of the best off the Maverick Rising album. Tight, surrounding trance with a great beat, certainly makes for an entertaining ReMix to me. Nice going!

on 2012-07-03 22:29:09

Fernando put a lot of work into this track, and I think it shows, given what he had to work with. He maxed out what he could do with his setup at the time and pulled off a great track that shows some moody atmosphere and progresses into the depths of mystery.

It really shines on the album and I love listening to this track quite a lot. It's a change of pace considering most music out there and I think provides a great dimension to the original sources, expanding its breadth.

on 2012-06-30 17:41:40

One of my favorite songs from Maverick Rising. I'm glad to see this on the front page!

on 2012-06-25 09:38:39

This was one of my favorites from the album, as well. I can't quite explain it but at both 2:30 and 2:58 it feels like the mix could very easily and seamlessly transition into Boomer Kuwanger's theme, which only endears me even more to this mix. Keep it up!

on 2012-06-25 09:29:50

Hands down one of my favorites of the album.

A faithful new version to the original song. Which is also one of my top favorite MM songs ever.

on 2012-06-24 18:33:27

This is some really tight electronica right here. I will be on the lookout for more of your stuff in the future!

on 2012-06-24 16:37:31

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Mega Man X5 (Capcom , 2000, PS1)
Music by Naoto Tanaka,Naoya Furutani,Shinya Okada,Showtaro Morikubo,Takuya Miyawaki
"Opening Stage Zero"
"Zero Stage 1"

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