ReMix:MapleStory "Sunrise over Mardia" 5:01

By Level 99, liquid wind

Arranging the music of one song...

"When the Morning Comes"

Primary Game: MapleStory (Nexon , 2002, WIN), music by Dong-Hyuc Shin, Joe Hisaishi, soundTeMP

Posted 2012-10-08, evaluated by the judges panel

What's this? Our FIRST ReMix of Korean 2D MMO MapleStory?? From newcomer liquid wind? With assistance from Level 99? Why yes, you helpfully-expository-question-asker, it's ALL of those things... and MORE:

"This started as my entry to PRC156 in 2009. It was a free round but going with PRC's theme of under remixed games I went with something I've never seen a remix for, a F2P sidescrolling MMO by the name of MapleStory. Although the game had serious mechanical issues (grindfest to end all grindfests), I still appreciate its sense of aesthetics to this day and love the soundtrack. After many revisions since PRC156, I uploaded what I thought would be the final version a few months ago when Stevo volunteered to record live guitar for it. As well as offering his guitar skills he also noted a few technical issues with the piece and suggested that I change one of the instruments to the sine lead that is there now. Big thanks to Stevo for being a professional badass!

The remix title comes from the server mardia which was a new server when I used to play this game in 2007."

Pleasant, ambient / new age / folk vibe with a deliberately developing groove, ephemeral pads, acoustic guitar arpeggios (and strumming later), and a general sense of shimmery, shiny, night-sky wonderment. Emunator writes:

"After a while of listening to the intro, I was liking the feel you had going on but wasn't sure where it was going. This is definitely a very slow, additive track that takes its time going where it's going. It's deliberate though, and the gradual buildup and eventual climax actually reminds me a lot of post-rock artists like Sigur Ros, in a way."

halc adds:

"yeah, pretty source, reminds me of anosou's Kaleidoscope stuff. very pretty remix too. I agree that it's a conservative take on the theme, but it comes out of it's shell in the second half. it's well-personalized, well-produced, and the the guitar is a great touch. I could drift away to this.."

Ditto all that; relaxing, transporting, and has the right level of detail where there's an elegant simplicity but still plenty of points of interest. Nice debut from liquid wind, and thanks to Stevo for assisting and bumping the final product up a notch!



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on 2013-12-11 11:00:32

Man, this is gorgeous and relaxing. Just such a beautiful track that seems enchanted and peaceful. Wonderful arrangement and a great ReMix from both of you.

on 2012-10-19 12:05:01

MapleStory was my first MMO ever! 3 this rings so many tinkly little bells in my head!

This is a conservative remix, as people have said, but I think it brings the essence of the original out - pretty, emerald forest with lots of magics - and relaxing :) I really like how you've brought in an analog acoustic guitar sound to this track, and it seems to mimic the actual acoustic guitar used in the original track. (P.S. listened to this from tinny MacBookPro speakers so ehehe ^_^'' )


on 2012-10-18 02:19:53

Man, I'd completely forgotten the source you used for this, which surprises me given how much better it was than most of the music on that continent. I was deeply involved with MapleStory for years, and I'm glad to see someone tackle something from the game. There are some real gems in the soundtrack, and the nostalgia's not unwanted. I don't suppose you could be convinced to try something from the deep Ludibrium dungeon or Sharenian Castle? :D

on 2012-10-09 13:57:36

It is very hard to get the source material for MMORPGS that do not have ogg or mp3 files in their directory.

But I enjoy Maple Story as well as this remix.

I been on the NA Maple Story since it began, and am still on it on this day. The soundtrack made by Wizet is awesome. Hope more remixes come of this game and other MMO games as well.

Kudos to Level 99 and Liquid Wind (Welcome to the OCR scene) for this relaxing remix.

on 2012-10-09 13:21:25

inb4 Korean MMO remix flood :P

Very much my kind of remix. Reminds me of a style I would envision creating myself, but would probably fail to execute properly.

on 2012-10-09 01:43:28

I STILL play MS every now and then, when I'm not creeping on forums or running a website or (as is more common) playing music or other video games. Forget homework, don't bother with it. This song brings back memories...which makes me wish I had bothered putting MapleStory on my new computer.

EDIT: Oh, wait. I just remembered. I WANTED TO BE THE FIRST REMIXER OF THIS GAME! I'd describe my style sorta like Level 99s (but currently nowhere near as refined), and I found the PERFECT base track while playing. Ah well, I didn't want to have to accept second, but meh, I concede defeat.

on 2012-10-08 22:42:35

what an incredibly relaxing song :3

on 2012-10-08 22:13:58

oh the nostalgia, I've played maplestory back in the year 2005, on and off, the many hours of grinding on this track brings back a lot of memories.

the synths, the acoustics, the melody, and vibe is just fantastic. top notch stuff. It is relaxing and very pleasant to listen to on any occasion. A job well done.

on 2012-10-08 18:25:34

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Primary Game:
MapleStory (Nexon , 2002, WIN)
Music by Dong-Hyuc Shin,Joe Hisaishi,soundTeMP
"When the Morning Comes"

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