ReMix:Pokémon Ruby Version "120 Ways to Chill Out" 3:41


Arranging the music of one song...

"Route 120, 121"

Primary Game: Pokémon Ruby Version (Nintendo , 2002, GBA), music by Go Ichinose, Junichi Masuda, Morikazu Aoki

Posted 2012-11-27, evaluated by the judges panel

MORE POKEMANZ + MORE TGH!! What's not to like? Jamison's been doing great things for the series' tunage, and this affable, mellow poptronica jam furthers such efforts:

"I'll start off by saying that this is, in my opinion, the best Pokemon route music ever. I had nearly forgotten about it for some reason until my friend JoePotato28 linked me to the song in the Skype chat, and I said "Ohh, I remember this song" - a remix of it from me was pretty much inevitable :D

Although it was a long time in the making. I started it April 8, 2011, and had about a minute or so of material going, and it stayed in my projects file for quite some time...I think it was around July that I decided to work on it again, and got around to finishing the composition and uploading this mix on YouTube. Then just last night (11/23) I decided to clean up production a bit and submit to the panel. So yeah, about seven and a half months in the making with this one :P

One other thing: In this mix you'll find many allusions (tributes, if you will) to a lot of the artists who have truly inspired me on OCR. See if you can identify them :DD"

Interesting... see if YOU can take a few guesses, and hopefully if no one gets 100% of them the ReMixer will eventually chime in with a breakdown. Certainly the chippish intro should bring to mind a couple names, then at 1'13" things branch out into more of a pop instrumental, with piano taking over the melodic reigns & agreeable drums and bass being added to the equation. Things don't stay that way for long, as it's back to some 9bit action @ 1'47" with some STAYS-CRUNCHY-IN-MILK snares - the tradeoffs between chip-focused instrumentation and more traditional fare are handled nicely and are ultimately the highlight & focal point of the overall mix. Can't seem to stop quoting Emunator:

"Ahahahaha, this is adorable ♥ The intro totally reminds me of Slowpoke Shuffle, the soloing is clearly WillRock-esque and I'd straight-up call you a liar if you said you weren't pulling influence from his style from time to time. halc influence is also evident in the section with the chiptune drums, Shades of Red perhaps?

In all seriousness though, this is really solid and enjoyable. You keep the soundscape somewhat minimalist but with some very cool details going on with your background synths as well that are barely audible. The whole thing feels VERY Pokémon-esque and doesn't squander the potential of the source tune. R/S/E was so underrated in terms of its soundtrack and overall atmosphere, but you seem to be one of the few who "gets it." Keep it up dude, I can't find much fault here!"

Nor I; great work from Mr. Heroe that continues the trend of increased representation of Pokémon music on OCR!



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on 2013-10-14 10:09:41

Would it be too much of a stretch for me to say that TGH is a Pokémon master at this point? Well, at least musically, I'd say. Cute little chiptune ReMix that builds nicely and varies up the melody throughout the play time. Wonderful arrangement, fella. I love it.

on 2013-06-13 23:38:44

Love it!:D

on 2013-03-03 01:09:31

too many tgh remix reviews haha

I really agree that this arrangement is amazing and the mood is something to smile about. Love it :nicework:!

on 2013-03-02 21:30:39

Man, this is a fun remix : D

I love the treatment you gave the source. This was also one of my favorite route themes from Ruby and Sapphire, and I'm glad the music isn't going unappreciated. In my opinion, the 3rd generation has some of the best music in the series, including the remixes in FR and LG, but that could be because I'm a sucker for the sounds/instruments they used on the GBA.

Classy chiptune break in the middle. Those always sound good no matter what kind of song you're doing. You use the piano in this mix very well, too. The overall synth use was really good - I especially like the bass and the bass writing in this song. It's used in a catchy way, but still supports the song very well.

Nice outro with the piano. I don't think you could have ended in it any better. Good job!

on 2012-12-01 22:20:02

Most of my thoughts were covered in my vote, but I just wanted to say that this is by far my favorite mix you've put out so far :-) Exceptional job Jamison!

on 2012-12-01 17:35:50

I definitely hear some WillRock and halc influence here ;) If the intro was inspired by Slowpoke Shuffle, you should know that this is better than slowpoke shuffle :)

Pretty sure there is a Ben Briggs shout out here somewhere as well.

Track was solid, altho I didn't like the piano. It sounded thin, tinny and actually hurt my ears through an overemphasis on highs. Thats my only production crit. Didn't seem as much of a problem during the low velocity arps tho.

Anywaysz, nice job, keep the pokemans coming! :D

The Damned
on 2012-11-28 13:23:48

Ah, the Route 120 theme. That, along with the GSCs Route 42 theme, RBY's Fuchsia to Lavender theme, BW's Route 12 theme, and DPPt's Route 206 theme, make up my list of pretty damn epic music from the series.

Each gen seems to have this one route with music that just makes you go "FUCK YEAH, TIME TO WALK LIKE A BOSS" through all that tall grass. And you just know any pokémon that dares to interrupt that music is going to pay.

on 2012-11-27 19:09:52

Glad to see more love for the pokemon games.

My only gripe with this track, it feels too short.

Just when im getting into the groove of the track it ends.

Guess thats the best way to leave an audience though.

wanting more.

Nice one TheGuitaheroe, can't wait to hear more from you.

on 2012-11-27 18:37:29

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Primary Game:
Pokémon Ruby Version (Nintendo , 2002, GBA)
Music by Go Ichinose,Junichi Masuda,Morikazu Aoki
"Route 120, 121"

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