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OCR02536 - *YES* Pokémon Ruby Version '120 Ways to Chill Out'


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Yo guys,

Remixer Name: TheGuitahHeroe

Song mixed: "Route 120" from Pokemon Ruby (source:


Name of remix: "120 Ways to Chill Out"

I'll start off by saying that this is, in my opinion, the best Pokemon

route music ever. I had nearly forgotten about it for some reason

until my friend JoePotato28 linked me to the song in the skype chat,

and I said "Ohh, I remember this song"

A remix of it from me was pretty much inevitable :D

Although it was a long time in the making. I started it April 8,

2011, and had about a minute or so of material going, and it stayed in

my projects file for quite some time...I think it was around July that

I decided to work on it again, and got around to finishing the

composition and uploading this mix on Youtube. Then just last night

(11/23) I decided to clean up production a bit and submit to the

panel. So yeah, about seven and a half months in the making with this

one :P

One other thing: In this mix you'll find many allusions (tributes, if

you will) to a lot of the artists who have truly inspired me on OCR.

See if you can identify them :DD

That's about it from me. Hope you guys enjoy :D

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Ahahahaha, this is adorable ♥ The intro totally reminds me of Slowpoke Shuffle, the soloing is clearly WillRock-esque and I'd straight-up call you a liar if you said you weren't pulling influence from his style from time to time ;-) halc influence is also evident in the section with the chiptune drums, Shades of Red perhaps?

In all seriousness though, this is really solid and enjoyable. You keep the soundscape somewhat minimalist but with some very cool details going on with your background synths as well that are barely audible. The whole thing feels VERY Pokémon-esque and doesn't squander the potential of the source tune. R/S/E was so underrated in terms of its soundtrack and overall atmosphere, but you seem to be one of the few who "gets it." Keep it up dude, I can't find much fault here!


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yeah, definitely with you in terms of loving the R/S/E soundtrack. your sunken ship remix from a while back is still my favorite of yours. as usual, this mix is pretty solid as well. the drums had some nice fills but chilled on the same groove for pretty much the whole track, and I actually thought the soundscape was a little sparse in comparison to your busier works, but overall this is pretty good stuff. solid production, really dynamic, adventurous arrangement. nice work.


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Ooh, very nice. Right from the first lead coming in, this sets a peaceful, playful mood. I really liked the soundscape you made, especially when the piano entered the picture. The main drums could have been beefed up a little, but good enough for a pass, I feel.


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