ReMix:Hedgewars "Hogs of War" 5:26

By DarkSim

Arranging the music of one song...

"Bamboo Thicket"

Primary Game: Hedgewars (Hedgewars Project , 2006, MAC), music by Dani Martin, Finn Brice, Jonatan Nilsson

Posted 2013-02-05, evaluated by the judges panel

DarkSim hits us up with a trance mix of our most obscure game thus far in 2013 - well, I didn't know about it at least, though I suppose that's not actually saying too awful much. Hedgewars is a free, open-source game in the style of the popular Worms games - check it out & grab it for Windows, Mac, & more @ The ReMixer writes:

"I decided to take a crack at another (currently) unremixed game, Hedgewars, since Flexstyle introduced me to the game a couple of months ago. It's an open-source Worms clone, but a very good one, with some nice music that doesn't quite seem to get going as much as I'd like, so I decided to flesh out the Bamboo level theme. I chose trance as a style this time because 1) I haven't got a trance remix posted yet 2) it was the obvious choice for the source, and 3) I wrote it after listening to ARMed and DANGerous! Influences are bLiNd, Jewbei, and everyone involved in the aforementioned album."

The original tune has an (intuitively) Asian flair to it, with a deliberate plucked pattern & wind lead, but not much of a beat to speak of, making it a good candidate for a trance treatment. Emunator writes:

"This is a great example of a mix that's built on an EXTREMELY solid foundation (I love the plucked bass synth that the song is built around) so that every little detail and addition that pops up in the mix is just icing on an already-delicious cake. Your production is spot-on, much better than any submission I've heard from you so far. The slightly-detuned lead at 2:13 is awesome and helps retain some of the ethnic vibe from the source."

OA adds:

"I'd have liked to hear the beat broken up a bit and some more crazy stuff go on, but you've stayed true to the source feeling while shifting the sounds and energy."

Ditto that; I think there was room for a little more variation & processing on the drums, but other than that, I dig the direction DarkSim took the source tune, it's certainly a theme & a game I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise, and hopefully fans of Worms check the game out, and fans of electronica/trance check this mix out, and everyone goes home a winner.



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on 2014-10-18 14:49:48

So, trance is suppose to be repeatitive, right? Well, even is this is so, I never got bored of this one. Love the transition at 1:12 that makes this mix more variable and also give some time to gain energy for next, groovy section. I don't like how the source sounds. But this is solid hard-hitting action, that's japanese-flavored as well. BTW, dat bass is cool.

on 2013-04-23 14:12:29

Making trance that doesn't get boring/repetitive or seem like it takes too long to hit a groove is key, and obviously after hearing this, DarkSim has that key. Fantastic, especially the second half where it picks up and then drops into those thick beats. Nice work.

on 2013-02-19 07:22:29

Thanks for the kind comments, people! I didn't actually realise Hogs of War was a game... woops!

Jewbei: yeah, you never know who is listening to and being inspired by your music, and that's one of the things that makes sharing stuff so rewarding.

on 2013-02-07 10:58:57

wow so bLiNd and me influenced this track? i can definitely hear the influences. what i liked about the track was the bass and the fact you've kept up with the energy i also loved your sound choices good job on that too! keep up the good work!

on 2013-02-06 17:13:34
I can't even remember whether it was you or DarkSim that introduced it to everybody.

Pretty sure it was me, since I've had it as a LAN party staple for a few years now.

on 2013-02-06 02:30:43

I saw "Hogs of war" and almost had a heart attack thinking someone remixed that game, which ironically enough is very very similar to hedge and worms. (Maybe DarkSim knew this? :3)

And even though I don't know the source this mix is great! Has a great energy to it.

on 2013-02-06 01:57:54
Yes! It's a mix from a game I've actually played! :tomatoface:

I still remember when the three of us played this at my house :-) That was a super-fun night, I can't even remember whether it was you or DarkSim that introduced it to everybody.

Not much more I can say aside from what I left in my judge comments, but this mix will always remind me of that night! So glad to see this on the front page, mate :-D

on 2013-02-06 00:47:40

Yes! It's a mix from a game I've actually played! :tomatoface:

That aside, I really dig this. The bassline is delicious, as has been pointed out, and the entire song has this deliberate, driving vibe that I really like. Nice work! :nicework:

on 2013-02-05 20:31:02

I really enjoyed this song…great work!

on 2013-02-05 16:39:04

It's great to hear a remix from an open source game for a change. I think there are some hidden gems out there - or at least some potential hidden gems. I'd like to be able to exploit that when I get proficient enough.

This one should have been in the game originally :). I can imagine it being in a loop during gameplay, and it wouldn't get annoying. Five stars.

on 2013-02-05 15:55:04

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Primary Game:
Hedgewars (Hedgewars Project , 2006, MAC)
Music by Dani Martin,Finn Brice,Jonatan Nilsson
"Bamboo Thicket"

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