ReMix:Kirby Super Star "Spelunking in Space" 3:23

By Lemonectric

Arranging the music of one song...

"Cocoa Cave"

Primary Game: Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES), music by Dan Miyakawa, Jun Ishikawa

Posted 2013-03-11, evaluated by the judges panel

Spelunking in space sounds... difficult. But oh-so-rewarding if you can get the whole "lack of oxygen, gravity, and caves" thing under control and learn to just enjoy yourself... as Hylian Lemon clearly did with this chiptastic, high-energy, synth-laden bit o' electronica. Lots of LFO-modulated vibrato & pitch-bending applied to the lead here, like @ 1'44", which add a frenetic character and adventurous energy to the whole enchilada. Mr. Lemon was also the director of his own album project, Essence of Lime, which you should check out for some great Zelda mixes from Oracle of Ages. He writes:

"This was one of the most enjoyable project tracks I've done. "Cocoa Cave" is an incredible source; it can stand on its own, but it's also pretty open to arrangement. And it's just good. Especially the bassline. Gotta love that bassline."

Director Arek absolutely agrees:

"This is one of my favorites not only because of just how awesome it is, but because of the "dark horse" nature of it as well. I hardly really knew Hylian Lemon outside of seeing his name on the forums a few times, so when halc told me that he was on the project, I really had no idea what I was should expect. Next thing I know, I am shown one of the best remixes of "Cocoa Cave" I have ever heard. Hylian Lemon has a lot of talent, and I know this is just the tip of the "iceberg" of what we will be seeing from him down the road."

halc adds:

"Lemon brings a fairly conservative, but straight-up, no BS arrangement of "Cocoa Cave" that pays homage to the original, while injecting a near-lethal dose of that bubbly, lemony charm. No fatalities have been reported at this time."

I hear some stylistic similarities between halc's sound & Lemon's, and combined with Briggs they've formed part of a "chip cartel" that's made the ingredient an integral part of Milky Way Wishes; no complaints here. Mattias Häggström Gerdt (who also served as a director on his Armored Core album THE ANSWER) chimed in on the judges' unanimous decision:

"This is one of my favorite tracks from Super Star and you did a good take on it. Keeping relatively close in terms of tempo and style but doing some clever little alterations of the lead lines and rhythms. Mixing-wise I wouldn't mind hearing some more low-end, it's like there's a high-pass filter on the entire mix, but all elements were crisp and clear. Even though there were many chiptune elements they were mixed up well with the new drums and modern synths. Overall, good job and a good ReMix."

Great contribution to MWW from HL; stay tuned for a couple more mixposts, including our first Sixto mix of 2013, but in the meantime check out & help us share the news, like the facebook, tweet the twitter, and seed the torrent!



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on 2013-03-27 13:04:09

"Chip Cartel" FTW! Love that sound.

on 2013-03-14 13:08:56

Pixeled crab jumps into puzzle stars attack and goes dizzy mad flying eyed canabis in a colorful silly trip ba-doomp-tish ca-booof zomgwtfbbqanjg#Y@gh3726g,gs TADA-BOOOM--*poof*.

Nice one!

on 2013-03-13 18:11:11

Hands down my favourite song of the game!!

I used to have this song recorded on a tape that I listened to in my Panasonic Shockwave walkman on the bus ride to/from school :D

on 2013-03-11 15:52:44

I have a huge nostolgic smile on my face from the moment the underlying bass kicks in. The slowdown was a sweet break that did make it sound like you just hit space, which is a nice way to go against the cave area this theme is based on, and man, I love how crazy it gets right before and during the chippy section. No other way to say it except that this is wide-grin inducing.

on 2013-03-11 13:34:55

When the opening of a mix makes me say 'Fuck yeah' out loud, I know it's good.

The source is just such a juicy one to bite into, and Lemon doesn't waste time playing with the melodies and themes that were present in it. I'm liking the sound scape, and I'm really liking the slowdown in the middle, there. Chiptunes are always a plus, too.

Mighty sexy stuff, here.

on 2013-03-11 12:45:13

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Primary Game:
Kirby Super Star (Nintendo , 1996, SNES)
Music by Dan Miyakawa,Jun Ishikawa
"Cocoa Cave"

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