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I'm proud to announce that our 39th arrangement album, Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation, is now available in its entirety, in MP3 and lossless FLAC, at!! As always, you can grab the torrent or download individual tracks from the site. Each mix was previously released in partnership with Eidos Montreal over the last couple months via their official Deus Ex Facbook page, and now we've made the whole enchilada available on our own site as well. This project was directed by none other than Larry "Liontamer" Oji, who writes:

"How do you know the original Deus Ex is a special game? Even today, people joke that when they're reminded of it, they immediately have to go and reinstall it. That's how infectious it is. A critical part of the game's indelible impression is the music, which is why I was excited when Kyle Augustson-Stallock, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution's community manager, floated the idea of us creating a ReMix album back in October 2010. When I asked the OCR staff and community to come up with an arrangement EP, I knew everyone would do a great job capturing and expanding on the feel of the DX series in their own unique, interpretive ways - after all, sonic augmentation is what we do!"

Very true about the game, very cool that Kyle & Larry dreamt this up so long ago, and the release via Eidos Montreal's Deus Ex page on FB ensured that it reached legions of the DX faithful before finally finding a place here on OCR, so when all is said & done this was a long but worthwhile journey. Our first mix comes from The Mighty Aversas, Jillian and Andy, and while the mix title makes me think of the culinary double meaning in a somewhat humorous sense, the music is a gorgeous piece of slick electronica with layered vocals & a futuristic aesthetic that fits the game universe perfectly. Andy writes:

"As with the entire Deus Ex soundtrack, "NYC Streets" is extremely atmospheric and creates a wonderful, dark mood. With this remix, I wanted to expand on that feeling and create a sense of motion, energy, and action befitting of a cyberpunk adventure. Jill lent her voice to the track with airy pads, solo improvisation and melody to help add even more of an organic feel to the heavily electronic instrumental."

For some similar, excellent original music in the same vein, check out Andy's successfully Kickstarted & rather badass album Identity Sequence - if you love this, you'll love that. There are also NINE DAYS TO GO on Jill's own Kickstarter for her upcoming New Age/World album Atlantis Awakening; different genre of music, but still guaranteed to be awesome! Pluggage aside, Andy & Jill are powerhouses in their own right, and when they team up on a track the synergy & vision always shines through. Gratuitous Blade Runner, Neuromancer, and Ghost in the Shell references are nonetheless descriptive, as this certainly has that distinct feeling of urban futurism paired with a subtle Asian influence. Most of the arrangement is uptempo, pulsing along the digital highway at a rather quick pace, but there are also half-tempo moments of more deliberate beauty like 3'18" - the phased transition back to full tempo is handled very deftly, and is a subtle-but-key mark of true craftsmanship. Excellent work from two artists who continue to amaze (wait for FF6!) with their game arrangements while making some inspired original music & contributing to new soundtracks as well!



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on 2014-08-31 00:26:26

A wonderfully rich take on a prominent Deus Ex theme. Having played the game only recently for the first time, the familiarity of the music really brings out how much work has gone into making this mix pop. It's livelier, more dynamic and more interesting in its construction than the source track, and yet everything new here still inherently feels like it could belong in the Deus Ex universe. Nice attention to detail and selection of sounds.

Love that awesome Asian/synth infused bridge around the 2:20 mark. And Jillian's vocals interspersed throughout the track give the mix that humanity that juxtaposes with the dominant synthetic presence, both sonically and thematically.

This is a stellar ode to Deus Ex, and more of the professional work we've come to expect from this mixing duo. Love this one to bits.

on 2014-08-19 20:13:16
Probably my favorite part is 3:28. =D

That's my favorite part too. The track definitely has that feeling of being in a cyber rich environment like that of Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, and Cyber Punk 2077. It's an immersive experience which puts me in the shoes of the main character sneaking around in dark places in the city trying to stay alive. I have always thought of 'The Search for Ambrosia' as being the "hackers track".

on 2013-05-09 20:19:00

So good, despite the loop-like feel of the DB drums. Can't blame zircon---he probably was pressed for time writing this track, what with all the sample libraries he's been working on. :)

Probably my favorite part is 3:28. =D

on 2013-05-09 11:33:19

Cool. I love the quick cybernetic vibe that fits right in with the more natural elements of this track. Those light airy vocals of Jill's are just fantastic with this ReMix. Great electronica abound! From the way people are talking, Deus Ex sounds like a game I need to go play.

on 2013-05-07 05:45:08

Great remix of my favourite theme from Deus Ex. It doesn't get much better than this. 2:19 is absolutely brilliant. Thanks for making this :)

on 2013-05-06 14:59:40

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"NYC Streets"

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