ReMix: Mega Man "Call of the Cut Man" 2:39


Arranging the music of one song...

"Cut Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man (Capcom, 1987, NES), music by Manami Matsumae

Posted 2013-07-27, evaluated by the judges panel

Here with a vocal comedy country/folk jam that echoes the spaghetti western feel of 'A Fistful of Nickels' but plays it for laughs with a scathing critique of Cut Man's lifestyle and skillset are newcomers MEGAROCKMAN:

"MEGAROCKMAN is a project by Thaddeus Jaworsky (Vocals, keys, lyricist) and Nathan Euson (guitar, drums, mixing). We take melodies from the music of the Mega Man series of games, and turn them into songs with comedic and often ridiculous lyrics. Each song has a different musical style."

While not every experiment yields results that are as listenable throughout as this particular jam, it's a fun concept, it's interesting to hear them take on different genres, and the lyrics are irreverently & contextually amusing. Sort of like Hyadain, but in English and much, much slower :) As with Kenichi Maeyamada's work, there's an emphasis on zany humor, but the music is never a secondary consideration and is done quite well; the highlight for me is the 0'52" electric tremolo guitar solo that's almost synonymous with the genre, and is written & performed with mucho authenticity. It's a shame they couldn't get some mariachi trumpet action going on, as I think it could have jived really well, but there's always next time. OA writes:

"Pretty solid genre subversion here, it sounds very authentic, with every detail accounted for, the harmonies, the guitar tones, panning, even the whistling. The lyrics are silly, and arrangement-wise, there is a good deal of personalization with the style, and it doesn't overextend the material by trying to get additional length out of the track. Overall it's pretty fun, and I think the fundamentals of the mixing are very solid. I think a little bit of structural deviance would have been ok, but as-is, I think the song is clever and well executed."

Emunator adds:

"Super-fun concept, and the lyrics and vocal performances are suitably silly to match. I think you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish with this track, and did it without using humor as an excuse to skimp on content, OR overstaying your welcome by dragging the mix out longer than it needs to be. That's definitely a tough thing to accomplish with comedic mixes like this, but I think you did fabulously here. No reservations at all!"

Well said; definitely something different, glad to be welcoming MEGAROCKMAN to OCR, and I'm certainly curious as to what they'll submit next. Thaddeus & Nathan both seem to have an abundance of complementary musical prowess, so it might be cool to hear them branch out and do some instrumental work or arrange some non-Mega Man material, but either way they've got a distinct, effective, & funny collaboration going on!



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on 2018-05-23 16:17:18

Is there an instrumental version of this available?

Ronald Poe
on 2014-03-18 14:17:07

This is perhaps the funniest remix on the site (not involving "Sloprano"). It's also very well arranged and makes me want to try a Megaman remix. I think the lyrics are hilarious and the tune ("Cutman's Stage Theme") makes it better. Good job.

on 2013-08-03 16:39:41

The site could really use more songs in this style. Fantastic use of the genre, great lyrics, this made me grin and occasionally chuckle. Well done!

on 2013-08-01 18:13:05

Wow, this is great! The lyrics are so silly, but in a good way. Even though I don't normally listen to folksy/country music, I had fun listening to this one. Plus, it's nice to see this kind of variety on OCR. As far as I can tell, the production is well done, and the arrangement is fresh. This remix makes me think of Wild West meets Mega Man; Cut Man is one of Wily's sheriffs.

on 2013-07-28 11:42:57

Hahahahaha, oh man, this will never leave my head when I play Cut Man's level now. So goofy, it's hard not to smile while listening to this one. The western arrangement with the silly lyrics makes it seem like something less out of the Dollars trilogy and more something out of Rango, but it fits so well with Cut Man's melody. If this is a taste of what's to come in the future, I gladly welcome it. Nice work and great debut on OCR.

on 2013-07-28 09:32:20

This is quite the remix. It is tad bit silly with the lyrics and the middle section with the guitar solo coupled with whistling just makes it even more hilarious. It has a spaghetti western feel that suites the song surprisingly well. Even though it's short, it's just the right length that it doesn't overstay it's welcome as it could lose it's humor if it dragged on too long. I look forward what else this artist has in store with other robot masters.

on 2013-07-27 15:45:09

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Mega Man (Capcom, 1987, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae
"Cut Man Stage"

Tags (8)

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Singing, Vocals: Male
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Time > Tempo: Fast

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3,910,657 bytes

He cuts you with double edged razors
Cuts you with a pair of scissors
But the scissors are too small
They cant cut you at all
They are very dull
Cant even cut loose-leaf paper
Cant cut through a stick of butter
Cant cut anything that's thick
Cant even cut plastic
Hes so pathetic

Cut Man cuts grass
He cant cut anything else
But he can make some cash
If he cuts it nice and fast

He cuts grass incredibly half-assed
In order to get it done fast
Do you take me for a sap?
Cause my lawn looks like crap
Did you take a nap?
Cut Man, I'm not paying full price
You did make my yard look nice
I said "cut it nice and fast"
But you just cut it fast
Now I'll beat your ass

Cut Man, you jerk
Are you trying to cut me?
Well, that just will not work
Your scissors are for age three...
And up


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