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OCR02709 - *YES* Mega Man 'Call of the Cut Man'


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MEGAROCKMAN is a project by Thaddeus Jaworsky (Vocals, keys, lyricist) and Nathan Euson (guitar, drums, mixing) We take melodies from the music of the Mega Man series of games, and turn them into songs with comedic and often ridiculous lyrics. Each song has a different musical style.

link: http://soundcloud.com/megarockman

The mp3 that's attached to this email is titled "Call of the Cut Man"

It is influenced by Cut Man's level from the game Mega Man

Please contact me if you like the song.

Thanks for listening!

-Thaddeus Jaworsky


He cuts you with double edged razors

Cuts you with a pair of scissors

But the scissors are too small

They cant cut you at all

They are very dull

Cant even cut loose-leaf paper

Cant cut through a stick of butter

Cant cut anything that's thick

Cant even cut plastic

Hes so pathetic

Cut Man cuts grass

He cant cut anything else

But he can make some cash

If he cuts it nice and fast

He cuts grass incredibly half-assed

In order to get it done fast

Do you take me for a sap?

Cause my lawn looks like crap

Did you take a nap?

Cut Man, Im not paying full price

You did make my yard look nice

I said "cut it nice and fast"

But you just cut it fast

Now Ill beat your ass

Cut Man, you jerk

Are you trying to cut me?

Well, that just will not work

Your scissors are for age three...

And up



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Pretty solid genre subversion here, it sounds very authentic, with every detail accounted for, the harmonies, the guitar tones, panning, even the whistling. :-)

The lyrics are silly, and arrangement-wise, there is a good deal of personalization with the style, and it doesn't overextend the material trying to get additional length out of the track.

A few intonation issues in the vocals, specifically trying to hit those high notes where it ends up a few cents flat, but overall it was good enough.

Overall it's pretty fun, and I think the fundamentals of the mixing are very solid. I think a little bit of structural deviance would have been ok, but as-is, I think the song is clever and well executed.


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The mixing was cluttered in that the voices kind of mushed together, which undercut the lyrics. Otherwise, I love it. OA's spot-on about how more structural variation would have been good, but what's here is certainly substantive enough interpretation. Awesome goofy approach that had me laughing and smiling at sheer silliness.

\m/egarocking, there's just no need to say anything else other than KEEP 'EM COMING!


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Super-fun concept, and the lyrics and vocal performances are suitably silly to match. I think you knew exactly what you wanted to accomplish with this track, and did it without using humor as an excuse to skimp on content, OR overstaying your welcome by dragging the mix out longer than it needs to be. That's definitely a tough thing to accomplish with comedic mixes like this, but I think you did fabulously here. No reservations at all!


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