ReMix:Pokémon Blue Version "Wet Dreams" 3:02

By Pete Lepley

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Theme of Cerulean City", "Viridian Forest"

Primary Game: Pokémon Blue Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB), music by Junichi Masuda

Posted 2013-08-20, evaluated by djpretzel

I'm proud to announce the release of our 41st arrangement album, Pokémon: The Eevee EP!! You can grab the torrent or head on over to to grab individual tracks, learn more about the album, and help tweet & share the news! Album director Theory of N (Dustin Lagaly) writes:

"The Eevee EP was conceptualized by DarkeSword and, having no time to take on another project, he said he wanted someone else to tackle it. The concept of an album consisting of a track for each Eevee evolution (including the newly announced Sylveon and Eevee him/herself) caught my attention and I absolutely LOVE Pokémon, so I took on the challenge of putting together this album showcasing some of OC ReMix's talent. The remixes themselves are a musical embodiment of each Pokémon's type (aside from Sylveon, whose type was unknown at the time of creation) and are remixes of source tunes from the game in which the Pokémon first debuted. The artists did a FANTASTIC job of accomplishing this on such a short deadline (the album was 90% complete within a month) and everyone on the project was really easy to work with. Overall, a very fun project to direct and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Enjoy the music! :D "

While we've certainly got some larger albums lined up and waiting in the wings - BadAss 2, for one - it's nice to take a quick break and enjoy a shorter, very focused album that primarily features a chiptune/electronica aesthetic but should have something for everyone, even creationists and fans of intelligent design ;) Theming the album around the Eevee evolutions was a nice way to scope things and tie everything together, and I think this EP complements Pokémon: The Missingno Tracks rather well. Up first we've got Phonetic Hero with a nocturnal transmission of percussive, lullabye pop electronica:

"Dustin hit me up for a track shortly after I got to meet him in person back in March (which was a blast, and we got to hang out again in June with a bunch of other OCR dudes in Indy), and I jumped at the opportunity to remix another nostalgic game for me. Vaporeon was my very first Eeveelution and has always been a favorite of mine. For the remix, I wanted to use Seafoam Islands, because that's just good sense, considering Vappy's element. I hope I didn't ruin too many people's childhoods with the rendition in major. Actually, I do, and I hope to hear all about it in the comments, especially on YouTube. Also, I added in segments of Cerulean City, because that's just good sense, considering Vappy's element."

Chirpy, chippy, syncopated stuff from PH, and I really dig the different attack transients brought to the table by a strummed guitar-ish component and the chromatic percussion. Album director Dustin writes:

"Pete blew me away with this one. He told me he had a sort of connection with Vaporeon and it shows, for sure. The transformation of the creepy Seafoam Islands theme into this bubbly, feely-good, water-themed track is astounding and the inclusion of Vaporeon's cry is a nice touch."

Agreed - this is a great minor-to-major conversion that seals the deal with a sweet "galactic lullabye" style that reminds me of Super Mario Galaxy a bit. Great stuff from Pete & a great way to kick off the Eevee release; come out of your caves, start walking erect, enjoy advanced tool use afforded by opposable thumbs, and evolve with nine excellent pokemixes!



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on 2015-12-30 00:31:17

hehe title

IMO the seafoam islands in major worked really well, didn't ruin my childhood since I never played red/blue ;-;. I really like the quiet, peaceful section at 1:23 before launching into the more intense part of the dream at 1:32. The muted snares add a really nice effect, and the vaporeon cries give a good connection to what this piece was made for. Overall, a very relaxing tune that is quite dreamlike :)

on 2015-12-28 12:47:11

Ha ha ha….wet dreams.

Definitely started out very dreamlike. Then it fades out and you think the dream is over, but then it picks up considerably, and you’re now swimming with all the water type Pokemon peacefully. It’s not bad, but I also love the percussive lullaby pop electronica description.

on 2013-08-22 16:20:47

I never got into pokemon, never played the games nor am I familiar with any of the music. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy this mix. I also like the description of "percussive lullaby pop electronica."

pH knows.

on 2013-08-21 12:26:30

I always liked Eevee and the way it could cater to just about anyone's taste with different evolutions and types, so an album in that vain was a nice idea. As a Water/Ice trainer for the most part, I stuck with Vaporeon myself. As for the ReMix, I never thought I'd hear Viridian's creepy melody used in such a happy, dreamlike way, but it sounds terrific here along with the Cerulean City theme thrown it (one of my personal favorite cities). Great job with this chippy and bubbly song and cool idea in using Vaporeon's shout. And that title..........hehehehe, nice.

Hey Micky!
on 2013-08-20 22:22:42

I think this one was my favourite out of a very strong selection. The peaceful opening lulled me in perfectly before hitting me right in the nostalgia spot with the drifting between the Viridian Forest and Cerulean City themes. In particular, I loved the use of Cerulean City, since for some reason that tune always hits me right in the nostalgia spot. I can't really quantify it but over-all, this mix just had a blissful feel to it that resonated with me.

Also, I really like what Phonetic Hero's done with the Viridian Forest theme. I almost entirely associate the Viridean Forest theme with sinister connotations but here it's just joyful and happy (and reminds me a little of the evolution theme).

on 2013-08-20 20:32:25

Oh my god. This did all the right things for me.

I adore soundscapes soooooo muuuuchhh:oops::oops:

on 2013-08-20 11:43:35

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Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB)
Music by Junichi Masuda
"Theme of Cerulean City"
"Viridian Forest"

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