ReMix:Pokémon X "WHAT TYPE ARE YOU" 3:40

By Theory of N

Arranging the music of one song...

"Title Screen"

Primary Game: Pokémon X (Nintendo , 2013, 3DS), music by Hitomi Sato, Junichi Masuda, Minako Adachi, Satoshi Nohara, Shota Kageyama

Posted 2013-08-20, evaluated by djpretzel

Here with a ReMix of Pokémon X, the latest entry for the franchise on the 3DS which is scheduled for release this October, is album director Theory of N himself! We usually prefer to wait until games are released to consider them eligible for mixing, but there's little doubt this title will be coming out, some of the music has been made available in advance, and it seemed like a nice added touch & bonus for The Eevee EP! In keeping with the general overall vibe of the album, this electronic arrangement blends chip textures & FX into a happy, upbeat jam that'll have you toe-tappin', head-bobbin', and evolvin' all over the place. Dustin writes:

"At the time I was writing this track, Sylveon's type hadn't been announced yet, so I kind of had to just go off of appearance and seeing as the only music from X and Y released at the time was an arrangement of the main theme, that's the source I had to take. So think of this track as if Sylveon was "cutesy badass" type."

I'll do that. Actually, as some of you may be aware, I do not myself partake of the pokemanz games, but I've certainly been digging their music, by way of the amazing arrangements we've gotten over the last several years. For a long while, Pokémon had sort of a curse on OCR, where most submissions would be rejected and most arrangements just weren't firing on all cylinders. That all changed in 2007 when Tweex & TO finally made it happen, and then Missingno really opened the floodgates in 2011. It took awhile, but pokemixes now have a substantial representation on the site, and Eevee is further enhancing that presence. This arrangement begins with an authentic music box rendition of the main melodic motif, before basic waveform synths and happy-go-lucky bass & drums pick up the beat. Outro is similarlly stylized, with Dustin exiting on more of a straight chip vibe. The chromatic descent of the last four notes on that melody reminds me of the title theme to Ocarina of Time every time I hear it, probably because I often let that game's title sequence loop a dozen times, just admiring the atmosphere. But I digress; this is another rock-solid, accessible, fun & decidedly synthtastical arrangement from The Eevee EP, and Dustin's own contribution to the album he coordinated exemplifies the overall style he was shooting for... & achieved!



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on 2014-11-05 13:31:42

Probably, this is the best track from the album. Just because of that music box intro. Seriously, who doesn't love it? Ok, jokes aside, this is typical ToN arrangement, but this is good fact, see? Upbeat, full of energy, it doesn't repeat for a second, which is always a good thing. And that chiptune outro is simply adorable.

on 2013-09-28 15:47:49

This is so cool! :DAND IT'S WORTHY OF ALL CAPS! :u

Listening always brings a big smile to my face. ^__^

on 2013-08-23 18:46:43

Pretty fun mix. Sweet soloing at 2:17.

on 2013-08-22 09:50:55

Cute and badass. Seems to be the two words that fit way too perfectly for this ReMix. It just makes you feel so happy and bouncy, but you know shit can get real in an instant. So upbeat and gives you a head-nodding feel, and yet for something so new, the title theme is well known and loved at the same time, so it's easy to get into right off the bat. Great work!

on 2013-08-21 18:29:06

This works for the Fairy type; cute yet deceptively badass, fresh yet surprisingly nostalgic, combinations that shouldn't exist yet work phenomenally well together. Fantastic work, man!

on 2013-08-21 09:23:13

really no comments yet? are we kidding, are we joking

this mix is the tits, so to speak. i've not come across a pokemon mix yet that i fully one hundred percent loved and embraced but this is earth shattering. it's the pokemon theme done insane justice. some of the lead writing is a bit safe and feels a bit stale here and there but otherwise i can't think of any flaws; this is pokemon on warioware steroids.

on 2013-08-20 16:33:12

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Primary Game:
Pokémon X (Nintendo , 2013, 3DS)
Music by Hitomi Sato,Junichi Masuda,Minako Adachi,Satoshi Nohara,Shota Kageyama
"Title Screen"

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