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AWESOME mix to start the week off... today marks the 20th anniversary of Sonic CD's release in Japan, and we've got a fantastic hip-hop opus preview mix from our upcoming Sonic CD album, Temporal Duality, to help celebrate! The album will be coming out this year, and will feature ReMixes of BOTH the Japanese AND American soundtracks to the game, BOTH of which are amazing in their own right! This is (somewhat surprisingly) the first Sonic CD mix we've posted in over ten years, and it's an epic rap battle between several familiar OCR faces and some new blood, too, collectively known as "OverClocked Assembled"; album director & member SuperiorX (Matt Keller) writes:

"Greetings, OCR! OverClocked Assembled presents "Time Traveller's Delight," a remix of Stardust Speedway JP/EU (Sonic CD). The track will be featured on the Sonic CD: Temporal Duality album. It's being posted on September 23rd, 2013 to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Sonic CD Japanese launch date, and to serve as a little preview for the album, which will be releasing sometime after that.

We are creating a VGM hip-hop collective under the banner of OverClocked Assembled that will have rotating/guest members. Not every member will always participate in each OverClocked Assembled song, and new members will be added in the future.

OverClocked Assembled:

Jordan Etienne (Sir Jordanius): arrangement, guitars, backing trumpet, funk vocals
Paul Ford (metaphist): vocals - verse 1
Kary Brown (begoma): vocals - verse 2
Niyazi Sonmez (DiGi Valentine): vocals - verse 3
Joseph Guthrie (The Auracle): vocals - verse 4
Dominic Malloy (BrothaDom): hype/backing vocals
Matt Keller (SuperiorX): lead keys, electric piano
Adam Prack (C7): lead trumpet"

If you're like me, and I know I am, this is all sorts of great news.... Sonic CD album covering BOTH regional soundtracks PLUS a hip-hop collective featuring some amazing artists in their own right? HELL yes!! So this ReMix is badass, and I would normally have a LOT to say about just HOW badass it is, but the team provided a wealth of comments (check the ID3 tags of the MP3 for the full breakdown!) and I have to defer to them; arranger Sir Jordanius writes:

"When Matt first contacted me about a proposed mega-collab for "Stardust Speedway," I actually went through every internal excuse I could think of to try and shy away from it: I have a preference for not arranging songs that are already phenomenal IMO; due to past experience with band-mates, I'm a bit cautious about huge team efforts; I've recently been on a looooong-ass personal hiatus from rap, so I was unsure about my hip hop Killer Studio Chops, etc.

But I've been talking to BrothaDom and a few other forum members about getting something like this set up, and when Matt showed me selected works from each member, I was blown away. This opportunity was bound to happen, and I couldn't just pass the chance to make something so catalytic with such a group as this.

Besides the obvious title, there are several allusions to hip hop historical influences mixed in with the Sonic metaphors of coming together regardless of differences. So, since I'm not a copy-paste kind of beatsmith, I wanted to make sure that everybody's section had a slightly unique flavor that would smoothly lead into the next section (basically like a timeline or traveling expedition). Getting Adam on board for that extra, yet much-needed "hell yeah" feeling was pretty much a no-brainer after hearing his and Matt's sick SZRC collab, and the rest of the track is history; so if you've enjoyed this collaborative effort, I believe we can assure you that this is just the tip of the iceberg of some very interesting things happening on Temporal Duality, as well as the rest of OCR in general! We're makin' a Good Future up in this bizzzznitch!!"

Jordan is brilliant; hearing his latest stuff, while continuing to appreciate the variety of his previous mixes, has really illuminated for me just how much he's got going on. This track is such a perfectly simultaneous homage to Sonic CD & hip-hop itself that it blows my mind; as a preview track for the full album, well, this is almost like its OWN mini-album in terms of vision & scope, representing a ton of talent all working together to create something magnificent. Of this specific track, Matt writes:

""Stardust Speedway" (JP) is easily my favorite source across the Sonic CD OST, so I knew whoever ended up claiming the source was going to have to blow me away with an idea for their remix. Early on in the project, DiGi Valentine, Kary Brown (begoma), and BrothaDom each individually contacted me with ideas for remixing "Stardust Speedway" in a funky hip hop or R&B style. I immediately noticed the potential there for something great. The entire Sonic CD OST (particularly the JP/EU version) just oozes 90's musical influences and already incorporated a lot of vocal elements into many of the sources, so I thought how awesome it would be to make a truly old-school collaborative hip hop mix that sounded like it came right out of the early 90's. I really wanted someone who could nail that funky hip hop sound to arrange the mix, so I contacted Sir Jordanius and laid out the details for the song and the interested parties. Much to my delight, he was fully on board. During the process, we brought in metaphist and The Auracle to round out our lead vocalists (alongside DiGi Valentine and Kary Brown), who each contributed truly amazing verses for the song. BrothaDom and Jordan then both contributed some additional background vocals to fill out the mix. We also brought in Adam (C7), whom I had the pleasure of working with in the past, to lay down some trumpet parts which I think really added a whole other level of realism and awesomeness to the mix. Jordan also laid down the guitar and backing trumpet parts and I wrote the piano parts for the instrumental breakdown towards the end, to make this truly an epic collaborative effort.

I could not be happier with how this turned out and I can't wait to work with these fine gentlemen again sometime in the future! So turn it up and get down! OVERCLOCKED ASSEMBLED!!!"

I think it's safe to say that 2013 is OCR's BEST YEAR EVAR for hip-hop; 'spirit of law' comes to mind, 'Solace' was superb, and in addition to his contribution on this track, metaphist also had 'Wisdom Courage Power' - that's at least three GREAT hip-hop/rap mixes right there, and this quite definitively makes four. I am beyond psyched for this album, but this track ALONE still makes my day and then some, offering a fantastic way to ring in & jam out for the 20th anniversary of Sonic CD! Be on the lookout for Temporal Duality, and send massive props to Jordanius, SuperiorX, & the rest of OverClocked Assembled for creating an unforgettable ReMix!



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on 2013-09-28 20:48:18

Love the old school hip hop vibe! I stopped listening to rap and hip hop after the mid-90s but this is like a throwback to the beginning :)

on 2013-09-28 20:38:47
I said this on YouTube earlier:

yeah boi. :grin:

you mean.... yeah Boooooooooiiiiiiiiii :nicework::nicework::nicework:

on 2013-09-28 20:30:27

I said this on YouTube earlier:

yeah boi. :grin:

on 2013-09-28 02:21:05
Way to not read the writeup. :tomatoface:

I know rite. Read it now :nicework:

on 2013-09-28 00:39:03
Speaking of which...why didn't you guys wait for the Sonic CD project release before submitting this track? Is it not gonna be part of it q.q?

Way to not read the writeup. :tomatoface:

on 2013-09-28 00:27:31

Speaking of which...why didn't you guys wait for the Sonic CD project release before submitting this track? Is it not gonna be part of it q.q?

on 2013-09-27 20:23:19

I remember when I first heard this in the relevant project forum a few months ago. My mind was completely blown. The song is still as fresh and funky as ever--my only gripe is that the piano solo is very basic and doesn't bring the funk as much as everything else. Still, it's a FANTASTIC track and one certainly worthy of getting down with!

on 2013-09-25 18:04:17

Holy SnooPINGAS usual I see!! This track is AWESOME. Dancing in my chair like a bausse.

on 2013-09-24 19:22:00

Giving Unknown from MC a run for its money, eh?

I love it. Old school rap at its finest and obviously fits the Sonicverse of music quite well. All of the rappers are great on the mic and the lyrics are well-written. In addition to all the neat little Sonic references in the lyrics, as a wrestling fan that Y2J Break the Walls bit is great! Also, DIGI's British accent adds a certain flair to his part that I don't usually hear in rap music.

on 2013-09-24 16:08:02

This song is now my favorite OCRemix Song, and it should be yours too! :shock:

on 2013-09-24 11:25:06

The detail on the drums is blistering. Dang good stuff. The old school hip hop vibe is excellent, and the performances are all around wonderful. Can't wait for the album, guys. Thanks for the hard work.

on 2013-09-24 10:38:50

Whoa.....this is a pretty damn sick hip-hop ReMix! Production is insanely clean, the vocals and lyrics are tight as hell (bonus points for the Y2J line), and it even has the boppin' funk, complete with bass, trumpets and piano that reminds me of my favorite hip-hop songs from way back when. I think I can safely say that Overclocked Assembled didn't just knock this out of the park, they clipped a satellite or two on the way out of orbit. Hope we can turn it up and get down some more later on!

on 2013-09-23 22:20:02
It's just my figure of speech, dude :) In other terms, 'we sent him a link to the track so he may listen to it' XD

I'll let you all know if he gets back to us. I know he's been busy lately with a lot but he usually checks in from time to time ^^

That's what I thought you meant, but I wasn't sure if you were serious. Awesome!

DiGi Valentine
on 2013-09-23 21:56:04
What do you mean, you've "thrown it at him"?
It's just my figure of speech, dude :) In other terms, 'we sent him a link to the track so he may listen to it' XD

I'll let you all know if he gets back to us. I know he's been busy lately with a lot but he usually checks in from time to time ^^

on 2013-09-23 21:36:43
p.s - we've thrown this tune at Naoto Oshima, the guy who created Sonic CD because we're kinda like ...friends ...with him. yeah~

What do you mean, you've "thrown it at him"?

BTW I am so excited to see this posted in such a timely manner! All the rappers did such a great job with writing and performing their flows, and Sir J and the other contributing musicians did such a great job on the arrangement, and of course the production is freaking SICK. I love the drum production especially. This is so super funky, a great tribute to the original track in soooo many ways :D

Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
Sonic CD (Sega , 1993, SCD)
Music by David Young,Mark Crew,Masafumi Ogata,Naofumi Hataya,Spencer Nilsen
"Stardust Speedway "B"mix (JP)"
"Stardust Speedway "G"mix (JP)"
"Stardust Speedway "P"mix"
"Stardust Speedway (JP)"

Tags (9)

Hip Hop
Vocals: Male,Vocals: Rapping
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Origin > Collaboration
Time > Duration: Long
Time > Tempo: Fast

File Information

11,305,174 bytes

DiGi Valentine:

See, what we're gonna do right here is uhh…
get OverClocked ReMix Assembled
We're gonna turn it up and get down
Come follow us
Here we go, yo

[Chorus 1]
To the whole world, right now!
Let's turn it up and get down!
C'mon, North, South, East, West
Let me see you bob your heads
Yo, metaphist,
Turn it up and GET DOWN! (Oooooh)

[Verse 1]

Check it, I remember where I come from
The same spot where the snare drum rocks, feel it in my blood
Not reppin' silly thugs, keepin' it one-hundred
My stock stayin' fully plus, prolly cuz I'm fully invested in my peak interests
Objects at rest remain so
Up until the force of meta is felt
Movin' at the speed of mics, recite text
Ahead of my time, but never ahead of myself

Don't you know time is one big loop?
You can run a Möbius strip around two truths
You can stay ahead of the curve and still grip roots
So you do you, even if it's old school
My kick's grip enhance the footwork skills
The track jacket adds speed to the windmills
B-boys fully equipped to channel the sound
Yo, begoma! (Turn it up) Get down!

[Verse 2]

I was feeling kind of manic, in a palmtree panic
So I changed my sadness to metallic madness
Rolling down the freeway, the stardust speedway
Whipping like a boss in collision chaos
The tidal tempest is coastal bound, but I know the fastest thing around
So whip out the wacky workbench, open the ports,
and plot a course to the quadrant of quartz, unh

Now, once upon a time not long ago
The Mega CD had all the flow
While Mario was blip-bloppin', Sonic Team was hip-hoppin'
Crankin' out fly tunes way before iTunes
The audio and the video were smooth
"You Can Do Anything" was all the groove
Every now and then I'll pull it off the shelf
Just to remind me to believe in myself...

[Chorus 2]
To the whole world, right now! (Whoa!)
Let's turn it up and get down! (Yeaaah!)
North, South, East, West
Let me see you bob your heads
Yo, DiGi Valentine,
Turn it up and GET DOWN! (Oooooh)

[Verse 3]
DiGi Valentine:

Oh, you all thought you weren't gonna see me?
Hah, please! Not a thing could keep me
from jumping strong on this song
Like a cool night breeze, we night breed
Stardust night sky, light speed
Yo! Let's break the sound barriers
Everybody locked in, let the sound carry us
We celebrate and levitate with one aim
to elevate and escape the mundane

Oh, Little Planet, we made you this song
So pump up the jam, now jump the damn on
Huh! We leap and land strong
How does it sound on this outbound platform?
Nice! This track be your guidance
With the OverClocked crew as your designated pilots
Cosmic eternally bound,
Yo, Auracle, turn it up and get down!

[Verse 4]
The Auracle:

Put the signal in the sky, Superfly, don't you doubt 'em
OCR bridging the gap like a Nasty Nas album
DiGi, metaphist, begoma, stand united like the States
Break your walls down, call 'em Y2J
We don't play, but when we do we go hard
Berserker Barrage, funky like Flea's bass guitar
16 bars, four superstars or superheroes?
OverClocked Assembled, legend status like Rob De Niro

This hip hop heat out of our Silver Linings Playbook
The nice Clockwork Knights, we takin' that rook
Get on the mic, spit it live, leave these Eggmans shook
Running laps around the track, call it my Sonic R look
I want the whole world dancing, don't act proud!
So turn it up a couple of notches, boogie down to the ground
Kicking dope rhymes like judo since the day I was born
Drifting level four on the beat, I'm All-Star Transformed
Shout it out!

[Chorus 3]
Whole world, right now (Yeah, yeah)
Let's turn it up and get down (Yeah)
North, South, East, West
Let me see you bob your heads
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
Turn it up and GET DOWN!

To the whole world, right now! (Right now, yeah, yeah)
Let's turn it up and get down! (And get down!)
So let's take it to the North, South, East, West
Let me see you bob your heads
Yo, C7, Jordanius, and SuperiorX
Turn it up and GET DOWN!

BrothaDom & Sir Jordanius:

Uh-huh, uh-huh uh-huh

Yeah, unh, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yo, Dom, turn it up and get down

Everybody here, everybody now (unh, yeah, yeah)
Everybody here, everybody now
Yeah, yo, Dom, turn it up and get down

Everybody here, everybody now (unh!)
Everybody here right now (get down, yeah!)
Everybody here, everybody now,
Everybody here right now (here we go)

Everybody here, everybody now (unh!)
Everybody here right now (get down, yeah!)
Everybody here, everybody now (here we go)

Unh, now… turn it up and get down
Unh, now… turn it up and get down


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