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Arranging the music of 2 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Dr. Light","Dr. Light"

Primary Game: Mega Man X4 (Capcom , 1997, PS1), music by Tetsuji Hayashi,Toshihiko Horiyama

Posted 2013-10-09, evaluated by the judges panel

Next up we've got BONKERS with some crazy X4/X5 Dr. Light prog rock/metal action off the mega-giga-ultra-uber MMX album Maverick Rising:

"I got to work on writing out the initial plan in Overture as sheet music. It was a crazy blend of prog type stuff, rock, synthesized madness with an ambient breakdown. I used my previous concoction of a melody to craft structure in which the melody flowed in the song like it would in Dr. Light's theme in the two games, with a funky switch of Gm to Am midway with tons of chord variations based on the melody being chordal tones on different triads eventually pulling what I call a "Dun-dun-!-DUN-DUN-DUN-DUNNNN!!" Or in Time-signature speak. "1 measure 2/8 + 1 measure 3/4 back in to 4/4" which bridges my melody with that part I told you to look for earlier (the melody of X5 Dr.Light). Not running short on nifty chord changes either, that winds down into a straight cover of X5 Dr. Light (mostly, though sometimes I feel like it could've been better) ending in a strange flush of pedal'd notes of fury that lead to the ambient, mellow mid section of the song.

...In closing, Mega Man X is one of my favorite game series, but what I enjoy most about is the music. I generally am good to terrible at the games themselves and X1, 4, and 5 in particular are special to me. Their atmospheres, designs, music, art and gameplay chill me to the bone. I've been playing MM as long as I can remember , though I was born in 91', my first MM games were MM2&3. I was 6 by the time X4 came out and it must have just been the right thing at the right time because it just blew my mind how perfect it was. To this day X4's music by the Musical Mastermind Toshihiko Horiyama (known for various MM ost's and Apollo Justice's OST) is one of my absolute favorite soundtracks of any kind (OH THE SYNTHS, THE SYNTHSSSS)! The same could generally said about every MM' game's OST really!

PS: Thanks to Bahamut and everyone else for encouraging me to submit this and absolutely everyone who helped and provided feedback along the way over on KNGI. I am absolutely proud to be a part of Maverick Rising, it is IMO one of OCR's most fitting and amazing albums yet! (Srsly, Electronic music+MegaManX+electric guitars and billions of other awesome instruments? SCORE!@)"

Those are just EXCERPTS from Mr. Perry's submission email, which was itself as epic as the mix it describes. This arrangement definitely fits squarely into the "opus" category; while just over five minutes in length, there are a lot of changeups & in general a large amount of musical ground is covered on this journey. Judges were fairly unanimous in being on the fence (okay, behind it) about some of the more abrupt transitions; OA summed it all up quite succinctly:

"I didn't really dig the transitions, but everything else was the hotness. Cool parts, a nice soundscape, it's all here."

It's odd - I've listened to this a few times, and on some listens the transitions bother me, and other times not as much. I suppose YMMV, but while it's certainly likely to be the most salient aspect of the mix that folks either dig or don't, there's tons of awesome stuff going on in between those transitions, and that's what makes up the majority of the track. Album director Wesley "Bahamut" Cho writes:

"Nick goes prog crazy here with the Dr. Light themes from Mega Man X4 & X5, creating a journey through the cyber Wild Wild West. I feel it is one of his strongest songs, and hopefully you all will agree!"

Maverick Rising really packed a massive wallop & struck an impressive balance between quality and quantity at the same time. A big part of that was high-energy tracks like this that creatively blend themes and create mini-universes of their own. Solid stuff & deserved props to BONKERS!



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on 2016-11-08 14:36:08

A whole journey. :D It's 5 minutes long and uses all of that, going from one excellent phase to the next.

Great intro and great kick at 0:50. Nice quiet, reflective patch in the middle. :)

on 2013-10-10 10:17:11

Yet another fantastic ReMix from the Maverick Rising album. I've been listening to this one since the album came one and it's still a favorite. I liked the little voice clip at the end. Nice work, Bonkers.

Brandon Strader
on 2013-10-09 22:04:04

Another high class zinger from the Bonkurian Candidate! :nicework:

on 2013-10-09 18:00:27
on 2013-10-09 17:39:07
We used the Maverick Rising version. If there had been an update since then, you just had to tell me. :lol: Too latez now. :tomatoface:

Oh hah, well it's no big deal :P, I think I had asked Emunator(can't remember if that's how he spelled it) or something once on FB but never got a response. But that' was a long time ago.


I digress it's no big deal honestly! I'm grateful for it getting on the site at all ! :razz:

(And it IS better than the initial version I submitted originally! Which was horribly over compressed hah)

Thanks guys.

on 2013-10-09 17:33:34
Well that certainly took a while. I had almost forgotten about this hurr

I made an updated version early last year, wish it had been the one I had submitted :P

But this doesn't sound as bad as I remember either ha

We used the Maverick Rising version. If there had been an update since then, you just had to tell me. :lol: Too latez now. :tomatoface:

on 2013-10-09 17:31:33

Well that certainly took a while. I had almost forgotten about this hurr

I made an updated version early last year, wish it had been the one I had submitted :P

But this doesn't sound as bad as I remember either ha

on 2013-10-09 16:34:57

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
Mega Man X4 (Capcom , 1997, PS1)
Music by Tetsuji Hayashi,Toshihiko Horiyama
"Dr. Light"
Additional Game:
Mega Man X5 (Capcom , 2000, PS1)
Music by Naoto Tanaka,Naoya Furutani,Shinya Okada,Showtaro Morikubo,Takuya Miyawaki
"Dr. Light"

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Metal,Progressive Rock,Rock
Electric Guitar,Synth
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