ReMix:Castlevania "I Am Dracula (Club Mix)" 6:35

By bLiNd

Arranging the music of one song...

"Vampire Killer (Breaking Into the Castle BGM)"

Primary Game: Castlevania (Konami , 1986, NES), music by Kinuyo Yamashita, Satoe Terashima

Posted 2013-10-31, evaluated by djpretzel

Epic 6'35" Castlevania extended electronic club mix from bLiNd?? Yes, please... Jordan writes:

"So, the most popular track on my GameChops album release NESterYears was "I Am Dracula." The album was released at MAGFest 11 at the beginning of this year and turned out to be a great success. I am sure most know the theme "Vampire Killer." It fits the Halloween mood and can be pretty festive for this time of year, so I wanted to release a new version of the track on OC ReMix for free, for several reasons. I felt the track should be longer after I released it, so I made this "Club Mix" and cleared it with Dj CUTMAN and djp to get it on here for everyone. Another reason is I haven't released much lately. I put out "Dirty Coins" on OCR to promote the NESterYears album, but not much has been going on since then.

I also wanted to take the remix post opportunity to announce I have a new EP coming out on GameChops in December. It will be called... Super Metroid - Chozo Legacy EP! Yes, I am doing 7 or 8 remixes of one of my favorite games ever made. I love the music from Super Metroid and always wanted to take more time to make tribute to the soundtrack. You know my "Jade Catacombs" track here on OCR? Well a new version will be on there, as well as a few other nice surprises, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release in December on GameChops. I will see everyone at MAGFest with my new DJ set, and my new Super Metroid EP and would love to hang with everyone that's going!"

Definitely looking forward to hearing what Jordan comes up with for Super Metroid - should be badass. This extended CV mix is peppered with atmospheric old-movie quotes that add some classic horror flavor to the driving, subwoofer-demolishing beat. Larry writes:

"Jordan with more hotness for the club. The beats are tight, the groove is right, the view is night. Things remained upbeat throughout, I loved the energy here. The various Dracula clips starting at 2:16 were such a nice touch, especially during the cooldown & buildup from 3:00-3:44. "So DEGRADING!"

This mix along with zircon's show off the drastic differences possible even when working with the same overarching genre; though both are electronic, no one would say that zircon's take on "Vampire Killer" sounds anything like bLiNd's. I'm really looking forward to hearing what Jordan comes up with for Chozo Legacy, and it's going to be great to see him again at MAGFest (which you should all go to... YOU reading right there, YOU!)!"

Agreed - Andy & Jordan's respective electronic mixes of the SAME SOURCE show off just how much room there is under the umbrella of electronic music/EDM for variation and personalization, and it's cool that they're both part of this Halloween mini-flood to help illustrate that concept. bLiNd has been kicking it into overdrive with tons of material lately, and quality has not fallen victim to quantity in the slightest. I know PLENTY of folk will be excited to hear that he'll be taking on Super Metroid, and this extended version of his NESterYears CV mix is a wonderful combination of four-on-the-floor club aesthetics with vintage creeptastical & melodramatical horror film lore. ENJOY!



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on 2015-12-02 12:51:55

NESteryears is a killer album, that's true, but this track (and "All Systems Go") are the highlights of this album. The killer four-on the flor beat, the excellent synths and bass, the vocal samples - everything clicks here so well! This is an ideal showcase of what Jordan can do. Nice!

Project R2K
on 2013-11-14 18:06:43

This was already one of my favorite tracks on NESteryears. Now I love it even more! Didn't even know that was possible. Awesome stuff. Can't wait to hear the Super Metroid album!

on 2013-11-02 10:24:56

Great stuff dude! I'll need to acquire a setting where I can blast this over the speakers. Only crit is the ending starting at 6", those repeating segments have a very nasty kind of cut-off in between which stops the flow of the track instead of giving it a satisfying ending. On all other accounts: great track!

on 2013-11-01 14:35:10

This is one hot beat! This is my kind of pure dance/club ReMix, and to throw in some classic NES sound and voice clips, makes for a very enjoyable Halloween jam. Such lovely darkness, just let that beat hit! Well done bLiNd!

on 2013-10-31 20:00:46

I like how it goes to the original NES sound during some of the parts of the song. It's great to compare this with Zircon's take as well.

on 2013-10-31 14:49:06

This is incredible! The source is such a good track too, it makes a perfect club remix. Halloween party music!!

on 2013-10-31 14:36:41

The original is one of my all-time favorites, and you can bet I'll be playing this Club Mix out! 3

on 2013-10-31 14:08:43

OMG so badass.

Jordan could you please write something less awesome for once and let the rest of us think we have an ounce of talent? Just kidding, keep 'em coming. Can't wait for your album! :-)

on 2013-10-31 11:45:40

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Primary Game:
Castlevania (Konami , 1986, NES)
Music by Kinuyo Yamashita,Satoe Terashima
"Vampire Killer (Breaking Into the Castle BGM)"

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