ReMix:Diddy Kong Racing "Diddy Kong Luau Party" 3:11

By Guifrog

Arranging the music of one song...

"Pirate Lagoon"

Primary Game: Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo , 1997, N64), music by David Wise

Posted 2013-12-09, evaluated by djpretzel

MORE GUIFROG!! Guifrog sends us his third (and also the site's third) arrangement of Dave Wise's festive score to Diddy Kong Racing - "If winter weather is getting you down, it's time to head somewhere hot where the party runs all day and all night!"™ ...or something like that! GF's got a global sound & upbeat style that tends to bring smiles to faces, while still bringing the musicality with often ornate and always flamboyant sequencing. This mix is no exception, as a tropical groove - a bit more Caribbean than Hawaiian, in spite of the title! - sets the stage for plenty of steel drum, organ, piano, & sax! The latter is definitely on the fakey side, as sampled sax usually is, but that's offset by some hot piano soloing, offbeat funk guitar chords, and yes... some rather RAD TIMBALE LICKS!! The ReMixer writes:

"Y'know what, I'm not really a fan of traveling, especially when it's outside of Brazil. But man, talk about an exception: BARBADOS! A true Caribbean paradise, with plenty of hearty people, blue crystalline water and, of course, some laid-back, warm music. Also, it's the theme of my new mix ;)

The story is simple. It's a beautiful afternoon, and the sun is setting. Diddy Kong has just finished challenging his friends in another car race on Timber's island. He would normally go back to home with Donkey Kong, but tonight's plans are different: everyone was invited to join a colorful, Hawaiian-based party, to celebrate Diddy's birthday! Dixie, Taj, Conker, Funky, etc - just try to imagine them all together, so you can foresee the whole mess. I wonder how this thing ends...? XD Well, it will surely be fun!


  • Donkey Kong - Bongos, bass drums
  • Diddy Kong - Rhythm guitar
  • Dixie Kong - Bongos, timbales
  • Kiddy Kong - Shakers
  • Tiny Kong - Saxophone
  • Funky Kong - Organ
  • Candy Kong - Piano
  • Cranky Kong - Synths, DJing (bass included)
  • Taj - Steel pan (surprise? :P)

Anyway, I'm so proud of this mix, that I promise: if it gets accepted, I will have a try at making a music video of this story. If possible, choreographies included. ;)"

I love how Guifrog constructs these entire narratives in his mind; it's a very creative approach to arranging & I think the energy from his imagination translates into music more effectively as a result. Also, now he owes us a music video :) Although... that's a LOT of Kongs to choreograph - maybe he can give a MIDI to someone who can sync it all up in Houdini or something; I'd love to see Funky cover those organ licks with impeccable timing. Another fun, exuberant, & detailed DKR mix from Guifrog - enjoy & stay warm!



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on 2013-12-20 19:24:38

Why hasnt there been a Remix album for DKR yet? The Benjamin Briggs album did a great job, but there are a TON of tracks waiting to be remixed.

on 2013-12-14 11:41:53

Great tune as always. I really like Guifrog's DKR-remixes. They perfectly get the catch of this game. I hope there's a chance for a whole record of this great music. :puppyeyes:

on 2013-12-11 23:09:54

Wow, what a great, fun song. I love it!

on 2013-12-11 12:12:12

Yeees ! More Diddy Kong Racing stuff, it's nice !

on 2013-12-10 10:02:04
This sounds like it could come right from the game. :)

No freaking joke, it does! If someone told me that this came from a Nintendo game, I probably would have taken it as true. Love the sweet Caribbean party feel of this mix and I can just imagine the Kong clan enjoying a nice get-away with this.

on 2013-12-09 22:57:15

This sounds like it could come right from the game. :) It reminds me a lot of Grant Kirkhope with the boing the song has. It also reminds me of some of Nintendo's Gamecube era beach themes. It could go right into a remake of the game. I really liked the scene.

on 2013-12-09 16:58:49

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Primary Game:
Diddy Kong Racing (Nintendo , 1997, N64)
Music by David Wise
"Pirate Lagoon"

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Organ,Piano,Saxophone,Steel Drum
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