ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Requiem for a Damaged Spirit" 3:59

By Chimpazilla

Arranging the music of one song...

"Requiem of Spirit"

Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2014-01-27, evaluated by the judges panel

While newly-anointed judge Chimpazilla technically made her debut as part of a lovely new age Twilight Princess collab with Emunator & Jordanrooben back in December, this OoT arrangement marks her first solo ReMix posted on the site. Maintaining some of those textures, the artist also incorporates some edgier electronic components here, particularly with the drums, resulting in a cinematic electronic blend that's definitely on the interpretive/liberal side of things. She writes:

"I didn't start this song with the intention of making a Requiem of Spirit remix, or any remix for that matter. It began as an experiment, using my favorite new playtoys (Omnisphere and my Damage drum library), to see if I could create an enormous soundscape (after having been inspired by Theophany’s huge soundscapes). I came up with a drum and bass groove that I liked one evening, and the next morning I awoke with the six notes of Requiem playing over it in my head in a rather unique way. So I sat down at the computer and this just flowed out. Requiem of Spirit leads Link to the Desert Colossus in OoT. It was only after my mix was complete that I realized that all that industrial clanking in the first half is an excellent reference to the Lanayru Desert in Skyward Sword. So, that's cool.

This song makes me feel emotional... it is haunting and even a bit disturbing when I listen to it. It starts out fairly badass and electronic, then morphs into something softer and more orchestral, then soft and badass join forces... with the Damage drums bridging the sections. The song could tell the story of someone who has made some bad decisions in life, but as time goes on he realizes his mistakes... but he wonders if it is too late to change his ways... I’d like to thank everyone who chimed into my WIP forum thread with comments, they were all tremendously helpful and inspiring. Special thanks to anterroir for his precious friendship and for suggesting (and then contributing) the awesome brass and timpani in the final passage."

Nice soundscape that blends ambient, orchestral (piano, harp, flute, pizzicato strings, etc.), and electronic (bass & drums) timbres effectively and also does a nice job of building towards a climax, something that tracks of this nature often omit. The judges thread is especially worth reading here, as this arrangement landed right on the borderline for many in terms of being too liberal - no issues with the production, but some felt the connectivity with the source was at times too tenuous, or lacked enough direction to justify the length. Palpable summarized the majority opinion succinctly:

"I was pretty impressed how well this built and transitioned, staying on that same key phrase. You did a lot to stretch it out and I wasn't bored at any point. The 0:55-1:25 section was especially interesting, the way the gaps in the phrase gave it some variety. I don't blame anyone for hearing this as noodly, but it totally worked for me. Production was solid, I liked the collection of instruments and mood. Nice work Kristina!"

Ditto all that; while a very liberal interpretation, the overall feel remains consistent, and I think the build towards the end helps address concerns about direction & justifies the extension of the source. That being said, I'd personally prefer to see clearer connections in the future, primarily because I feel like they can really invigorate an arrangement - if a given source isn't giving you everything you need, I think drawing from other sources, even from other games/franchises if necessary, is a fantastic way of filling in whatever gaps are perceived. This still feels like a very complete piece, though, and it shows off some aesthetic/textural diversity with the drums & synths for Chimpazilla's second posted mix. Good stuff!



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on 2014-02-03 15:51:07

This is a wonderful piece of music. Beautiful in its own right, and I can begin to see where that redemption story can be conveyed in it. Definitely going to add this to my playlist.

on 2014-01-31 13:35:09

Love this. DEFINITELY hear how it could have been tied to Skyward Sword's Lanayru theme (or even OoT's Gerudo Valley). Sounded great too.

CC Ricers
on 2014-01-30 13:05:55

Neat. Nice atmosphere. It's less like playing Zelda and more like my days playing GoldenEye, as Bond is sneaking through the facilities.

on 2014-01-29 12:36:49

I still love this snare sooooooo much :D

Melbu Frahma
on 2014-01-28 18:22:02

I'm loving this. I get a really strong Aquaria vibe from it, particularly in the midsection, and there is everything right and nothing wrong with that. Definitely going on my daily play list.

on 2014-01-28 11:09:15

That industrial clanking intro is hot, Chimpazilla. Very cool for the start of this atmospheric piece. Certainly wouldn't call it spooky, but it does have a more light-hearted darkness about it. Whimsically dark, maybe? Anyway, the build up is near perfect and this hits with all it's force when it needed to. So, cool arrangement and great first solo-mixpost!

Brandon Strader
on 2014-01-27 19:03:40

It needs MUCH more dubstep, but this is great! :-D

Was actually pretty surprised to hear such a dark, atmospheric mix like this. Was expecting it to be maybe, more uplifting, but prefer this style. Nice work!

on 2014-01-27 18:02:39

Wow, very interesting stuff. I don't really see this as seriously haunting, more like comical haunting, like something you would hear in a Scooby Doo type of cartoon or live action possibly. I really did enjoy the arrangement and instrumentation, nice and spacious, nice quality sounds. For about 22 seconds of source material, this was done very well, kudos!

on 2014-01-27 17:47:38

There are some very very minor production issues, but nothing that really matters. Just some partially obscured ear candy, but that's about all.

I liked this when I first gave her feedback, and I still do. Great arrangement that both tweaks the rhythm and elongates or compresses the source tune. That's an entirely valid way of using the source; you're free to do it at nearly any tempo you wish as long as it's recognizable! :)

on 2014-01-27 14:41:57

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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Requiem of Spirit"

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