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Let's keep things running with our sole Hyperstone Heist selection, a rock jam from Magellanic that blends in some synth lead & ensemble brass stabs to keep the guitars company:

"This track was really good fun to produce. The original isn't so much rocking but had the potential to be with the amount of energy and crazy speed. Getting the production and feel for the track was incredibly fun. It really challenged me on the mixing front but definitely turned out how I wanted, not to mention it was great finding another mix in which to use the guzheng. Oh, and the title is not referring to me shredding. I can't do that crazy ass skillful shiz. Enjoy :)"

You NEVER need an excuse to guzheng!™ Fun jam with synth lead wankery - why should guitars have all the fun? - and a relentless, galzanized energy. Liam's first two posted mixes were both electronic, and it's clear that his comfort with that genre pays some dividends when working in a more rock/guitar-centric space. OA writes:

"Some weird minor phasing when the guitars and synth double each other, mainly because I personally feel that the guitar should be louder than the synth, but otherwise this is pretty solid. Good energy, very interpretive arrangement that feels cohesive, and man, those drums sound like POWER. The rhythm tone is great, and I think all of the sounds are gelling pretty well."

Of course, MOST guitarists would tell you that the guitar should always be louder than the synth ;) Palpable adds:

"The horns were pure cheese, but with everything else sounding so good, it's pretty easy to get past. In the right mindset, it adds to the manic pace. Yeah this is a pretty hard song not to like, there's just so much energy in it."

I like cheese; especially gorgonzola... I've heard cheesier brass, actually, and I think the part-writing and pacing made these horns work rather well, as Vinnie suggests. Last but not least, album director Kyle Crouse writes:

"Originally, The Hyperstone Heist wasn’t going to be an official part of the album. It was only after reaching out to the remixers and realizing there there was a lot more interest than there were songs from Turtles in Time that I figured throwing in the three source tunes that were exclusive to Hyperstone would just make the album even more awesome and expand the roster a bit. Magellanic (formerly Lidawg) reached out to me early on after the project went public, and being familiar with him through his 2011 Wily Castle ReMix Gauntlet entries and his contribution to Vampire Variations, it was pretty obvious that he would be an excellent addition. Some awesome high-energy synth rock from Liam!"

Great energy, great fun, great music from Magellanic, reppin' the minority Sega Genesis Hyperstone Heist OST with STYLE!



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on 2015-12-28 11:46:09

Now this is an excellent example of how to make an original game track your own, while simultaneously capturing the spirit of the original track. What I mean is, this sounds like a very modern, and very well produced interpretation of an old school brawler track. Everything from the intro to the end of the track worked so brilliantly. The guitars did an excellent job transitioning from rhythm guitar to lead guitar. When it was in rhythm guitar mode, it didn’t try to overpower the other instruments playing the main melodies. Brilliant work all around.

on 2014-04-12 15:01:05

I'm totally unfamiliar with the source, but I like what I hear :D I actually get a Chrono Trigger vibe somehow. XD It's great.

Awesome start! Especially the... 'stars' feel (like at 0:12-0:21, 1:13-1:23, 1:27-1:37)... in the background, like in Clean Hit from Breath of Fire 2 or a... Rock Man track I can't quite remember at the moment.

My favourite melody plays at 0:20-0:45, yet the whole track is wicked.

... So how do we pronounce your name again? ;) Poor fella *pats* c:

on 2014-04-11 09:42:34

Nice driven ReMix with a bit of a heroic vibe at times. Love the energy of this mix.

on 2014-04-09 23:53:22

Great energy throughout, and nice solos!

on 2014-04-09 03:12:28

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (Konami , 1992, GEN)
Music by Hideto Inoue,Kaori Kinouchi,Masahiro Ikariko,Yuichi Takamine
"Shredder's Hideout"

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