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OCR02864 - *YES* TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist 'Turtle in the Shredder's Shadow'


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Your ReMixer name: Magellanic

Your real name: Liam Charalambous

Your email address:

Your userid: 45748

Name of game(s) arranged: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Hyperstone Heist

Name of arrangement: Turtle in the Shredder's Shadow

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Outside Shredder's Hideout

Comments: Kyle's TMNT project its shaping up to be amazing, so am definitely glad to be part of it. When looking through the source tracks, it was suprising to see that "Outside Shredder's Hideout" hadn't already been claimed. Its a ridiculously fast track but I could definitely hear the potential of realising this is a heavy rock tune. The most arduous thing with arranging this was working out the lead lines as the source was so damn fast but hey, that's what time stretch is for right?!

Would just like to say a thank you to Mr. OA for providing me with some kickass drum samples. The drums lacked punch, so by layering the samples OA provided with some of the existing ones I really really hope they have that KO you like to hear from a drum track. Definitely found the production on this one a challenge as its pretty packed, but regardless I'm really happy with the result. I hope Kyle is too.

Thanks for taking the time to listen!

Source usage:

00:00 - 00:12 - Variation on opening arpeggio

00:13 - 00:19 - Original guitar riff

00:21 - 00:25 - Original break to lead

00:26 - 00:45 - Source Verse theme on synth

00:46 - 01:03 - Source Verse theme on Guitar

01:03 - 01:13 - Source Chorus

01:13 - 01:28 - Original

01:28 - 01:37 - Original guitar riff with opening arpeggio variation

01:37 - 01:57 - Solos based on source Verse

01:57 - 02:17 - Solo based on source Chorus

02:17 - 02:35 - Original bridge based off Source Verse

02:35 - 02:55 - Original/Variation of Source Verse

02:52 - 03:12 - Original Solo based off Source Chorus chords

03:12 - 03:16 - Original, lead to Verse Variation

03:16 - End - Variation on Verse

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This is pretty sweet, and a ton of fun to listen to overall. The arrangement has a ton of energy, and I the connections are very obvious to pick out. Really loved some of the soloing you had going on; the parts really played with with the original elements you had going on.

If I had a critique I would note that the some of the sequencing in the soloing isn't quite as smooth as it could be and there are some slight timing issues in the guitar. That slide up around 1:23 has a weird cutoff, as well. None of the issues really hold back the track, in my opinion. Nice work overall!


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Some weird minor phasing when the guitars and synth double each other, mainly because i personally feel that the guitar should be louder than the synth, but otherwise this is pretty solid. Good energy, very interpretive arrangement that feels cohesive, and man, those drums sound like POWER. ;-)

The rhythm tone is great, and I think all of the sounds are gelling pretty well.


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I thought this was way more liberal due to the soloing than what was implied in the breakdown.

I needed more than 110 seconds of overt source usage for this to pass on the arrangement side.

:23-1:11, 1:12-1:16, 1:18-1:23, 1:35.25-1:45.25, 1:49-1:55, 2:32-2:43.5, 2:48-2:53, 3:16-3:39 = 112.5 seconds or 51.14%

Honestly, this got pretty liberal, so even picking apart what I could was enough of a chore. That said, it squeaked by at least, and there's probably some other connections I just couldn't get a bead on.

With that out of the way, I thought the performance ended up sounding pretty intense, and there was a level of polish here in the performance and the instrumentation that I've definitely not heard with any of your past arrangements. Not much more to say other than keep up the improvement, Liam!


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The horns were pure cheese, but with everything else sounding so good, it's pretty easy to get past. In the right mindset, it adds to the manic pace. Yeah this is a pretty hard song not to like, there's just so much energy in it. Mixing could have been cleaner but whatev.


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