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I'm still amazed at how Temporal Duality turned out - it really evolved its own aesthetic and surprised me with a heapin' helpin' of hip-hop & funk, which I wouldn't necessarily have anticipated but am damn glad happened. Magellanic teamed up w/ PROTO-BLAKE on sax for this rockin' instrumental take on "Sonic Boom," and while it's neither hip-hop nor funk per se, it still goes beyond a traditional rock/metal treatment by throwing in some ensemble brass stabs, Blake's squealin' sax solos, a pretty dern funky bassline, and some wah-wah on the lead guit later on... it all adds up to something that sounds like G.E. Smith and the Saturday Night Live band covering Sonic CD - which is another way of saying MAD PROPS :) Liam writes:

"This track was very much inspired by J-pop (specifically the DBZ Budokai 3 soundtrack). Though it probably wouldn't be described as J-pop, I just wanted it to be super cheesey, but also bursting with energy. It was great working with Blake on this one as, without his sax parts, it just wouldn't have been possible, so many thanks to him for those!

Other than that, thanks to the guys on Temporal Duality providing feedback and critiques but also pushing me along even when I was feeling down and out. Thank you!"

Larry lays it all out:

"The opening notes until :18 were a thing of beauty, and I also enjoyed the chords adapted from the source that padded :31-:44. All of those mellow sounds contrasted nicely with the upbeat rock direction Liam & Blake took the track in from :44-on. This was super strong stuff with Magellanic handling the lion's share of the music and PROTO·DOME's sax handling the melody in place of the original's vocals. The other brass in the track didn't sound real, but was layered well and couched perfectly in the track to make it all lock together and not expose those samples. Liam mentioned this piece potentially feeling cheesy, but to me it just sounded like a short and sweet thrill ride and a lot of fun. The Saxy Sonic Girls would agree that this track's also a big hit with the ladies. ;-) Really impressive work by Liam and Blake!"

Indeed; sax is often a great lead choice for replacing a vocal part as, in the right hands, it can be every bit as expressive as the human voice. Mr. DOME has those hands, and Liam put them to good use (when did this get so sordid?) on this arrangement - it really wouldn't have been the same as a guitars-only, we-don't-serve-their-kind-here affair, and the successful collab offered Temporal Duality a raucous, invigorating take on the source!



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on 2015-02-18 19:51:25

Somehow I missed that this was posted last summer! I really enjoyed this track and how Liam pulled it together there as the album was wrapping up. It turned out great. And I swear Blake's sax playing on this track is some of the best I've heard :)

on 2015-02-13 23:05:09

This is just crazy. Blake's sexy, bursting with energy sax, blended with Liam's shreddage sounds simply amazing. It's definitely good to close the 2nd disc with such a track. Great work, guys!

on 2014-07-29 10:02:40

That saxophone is sexy as all hell, and to hear some rocking energy behind it was really cool. Definitely the kind of arrangement I can get behind for a Sonic Boom ReMix. Seems like it goes by so fast even though it's just under 3 minutes, which shows how entertaining it was. Very nice.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-07-28 19:01:03

At first this ReMix felt a little sparse or unfinished to my ears, but when that jazzy-as-all-get-out saxophone led into the guitars playing their hearts out at 1:25, boy was I sold. The two lead instruments trading off, backed by brass that cheers them on at every turn, was an utter delight. Rad, rad work.

on 2014-07-28 15:58:20

I kinda wish the rhythm guitar was wider, but ah well, that would've made the mixing harder. Overall Blake did a great job on the sax, and this arrangement has some cool big-band/rock energy that is highlighted by the great performances. :)

on 2014-07-28 13:29:30

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