ReMix:Final Fantasy Mystic Quest "Mystical Mist" 4:11

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Arranging the music of one song...

"Battle 2"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Square , 1992, SNES), music by Ryuji Sasai, Yasuhiro Kawakami

Posted 2014-08-11, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer RJ remixes (Jonathan Lemethy & Richard Földhazi) provide our first FFMQ ReMix in a long while with a fun, staple-heavy dance/EDM arrangement that's easy to get into & solidly-constructed:

"The game received middling reviews and sales in North America and Japan, citing its simplified gameplay and lack of depth in the game's story. Over time, the game has kept the reputation for being a "beginner's Final Fantasy," but has been praised for its music. We think that the original deserves a good dance remix. So we aimed for a good techno track. Inspiration from the game. Mastered and ready to go. :) We hope you enjoy!"

While this mix intros more like an old-school, 2002-era dance ReMix from OCR days of yore, Jonathan & Richard work in a few electro/dub elements here and there, and the overall piece does a good job capitalizing on the source hook, which is catchy as all get-out and lends itself to the treatment. The judges panel was split on this mix, with some feeling that there were several missed opportunities, and while I agree that there are some more vanilla/pedestrian components and that more nuanced modulation and production would have made this shine more, the result is still competently-produced and creatively-arranged, placing it above my own personal borderline for submissions. Larry sort of summarized the general consensus with his vote in the affirmitive:

"The highs here were a bit piercing, but not enough to merit a strong complaint. Overall, the soundscape was clean and well-mixed. Onto issues, the vox at 1:47 was definitely not rockin' it, but it was at least ethereal enough to not make the awkward articulations a big deal. The lil' plucky synths underneath it had some odd notes that stuck out sometimes until 2:16, but it wasn't a huge deal. At 2:31, it would have been nice to hear the beats be a little more progressive and fleshed out, but it wasn't a huge deal. It's just that you'd have moments where more elements dropped out, like from 3:00-3:22 and the beat felt plodding and barren when it was more exposed.

On the whole though, the textures were solid enough, and the arrangement had some good energy, even though the pace could have been more energetic and varied. This was a consistently good interpretation with the genre adaptation and new writing ideas while retaining the structure of the source. I'm not ZOMG, but it's ticking the boxes for me with a solid, well-rounded enough presentation. It could be spiced up, but I definitely heard no dealbreakers here."

I got a chance to swoop in with the tiebreaking vote on this one, so I'm ALSO gonna quote.... myself:

"The guitar sample didn't bother me because I've always felt like super fakey-guitar is its own sound and that verisimilitude or lack thereof is thus factored out. Honestly, what I think the NO votes are expressing is some frustration with missed opportunities - some extra programming on the leads, for example, a twist or turn here or there, would have given this a bit more bite & attitude. There's more potential in the overall concept than is realized here. Nevertheless, I was tappin' my toes, it's a nice take on the source, and the overall work is coherent. I can't hold lost potential against it too awful much when the end result is STILL pretty solid."

Everyone agreed that the ending is a little... underwhelming... but I think most people will hear that hook and start bobbing their heads and forget about almost everything else, and that's a testament to the concept AND to a lesser extent the execution. Room for improvement, to be sure, but RJ remixes offer up a solid, interpretive, and most importantly FUN take on FFMQ, using DAT HOOK for a catchy chorus that makes it easier to look past some nicks & dents. I hope to see more, and I hope panel feedback plays a part in future submissions!



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on 2015-03-15 08:28:49

Faultless electronica take of a tune from a pretty important milestone in my personal gaming history. I can't say I'm blown away by it, but I am nodding along with a big smile on my face. :nicework:

on 2014-10-05 22:07:03

Just wanted to note that the first half of the quote from the submission is taken directly from the Wikipedia page for FFMQ:

That doesn't take away from the good remix though :)

on 2014-09-01 18:07:46

Used this song in my latest convention mix. Check it out! (Mystical Mist comes in around the 33 minute mark. Super sloppy transition but in my defense this was super last-minute. :-D )

on 2014-08-29 07:22:40

I must say we are really glad you liked it, we will take all your feedback very seriously and we will use this for our next production. We will be happy to bring some tunes into the community. Stay tuned and mucho respect from us

on 2014-08-13 09:42:35

It does have an old-school feel to it while throwing in some good ideas, like the section just around the 2:00 mark. Retro style dance with enough goodies to keep it from getting stale or redundant, that's good enough for me, and while some things could have either been done better or added in to really nail this sucker down, it's still a good mix. Not bad.

on 2014-08-13 00:57:23

Well done, sounds good. I will look out for more from you ;)

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-08-12 20:14:04

I had to laugh at djpretzel's allusion to OCR's 2002-era dance music-- that's exactly what I was thinking as the song began. In fact, despite a fairly rudimentary execution, there's something nostalgic and satisfying about this ReMix-- especially at 1:32. A good time was had by me.

on 2014-08-12 09:08:00

Cool ideas here. I get a very 90's vibe from the production and sounds selected. Which fits with the source material. Congrats on the 1st mix post!

on 2014-08-11 17:41:49

Been a while since I posted on here, but I love the FFMQ soundtrack. Welcome to OCR!

I will say the arrangement is solid and production is just right but could be a wee bit better in the sound design arena, but overall its a solid interpretation and the changes kept me listening the whole way through. I dig it. Keep it up!

on 2014-08-11 16:26:20

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Square , 1992, SNES)
Music by Ryuji Sasai,Yasuhiro Kawakami
"Battle 2"

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