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So mellow, so tranquil... while there's a signature shift & segue into some more upbeat material at the midway marker, this new age & dance arrangement from Chimpazilla is generally a relaxing ride, with ethereal, angelic choral, harp, string, and pad elements:

"I initially wrote this song in June 2012 after I bought Omnisphere. I wanted to try out my new gorgeous sounds and I couldn't think of a better source to remix than beautiful Lake Hylia from Twilight Princess. If I could jump into the video game and live there forever, I'd set up a little cabin at Lake Hylia and live there happily, enjoying the lake and taking the occasional cucco ride to grab rupees.

The track started out in 3/4 like the source, and the idea for the transition to 4/4 came to me in a sudden flash at 3:00am one morning. So I wrote the whole arrangement in a few days, but then I set the song aside for over a year until I felt qualified to spiff it up properly and bring it up to submission quality. Hopefully I've done that. My favorite part of this entire remix is the little solo choirboy. If you listen carefully at precisely 3:05, his voice actually seems to crack a little bit! I don't know how that happened, but I absolutely love it.

Super thanks to WillRock, timaeus222, and Jason Covenant for holding my hand through the final mix/master process. I learned so much on this mix. Also thanks to Eradicate for his helpful comments back in June 2012 in the WIP forum. (Where did you go, Eradicate?) The track is lower in source usage than I thought… which surprised me, since it started out to be basically a cover! Hopefully you will feel, as I do, that I've captured the essence of the beauty of Lake Hylia in Twilight Princess. Thanks for listening!"

Palpable writes:

"Kristina's remix indeed captures the tranquility and delicate beauty of the Lake Hylia song. Strings and guitar from the original are replaced with piano and harp, with a light beat, warm pads, and bass to back them up. It sounds like a dream, and for the first half, Kristina tries hard not to break that spell, sticking closely to the source with only a few flourishes here and there. The second half double-times the drums which adds a new dimension to the piece, almost approaching jazz. It's great to see the newer Zelda games tackled, and since the harp is a mainstay of the Zelda OSTs, this instantly conjures memories of those games."

Between Kris & Vinnie, I think most of the salient points were covered. I read the submission comments before listening to the track, so I kept waiting for the time signature transition, apprehensive about how it would be handled, but it turned out to be a non-event - which is a good thing. While the arrangement IS essentially bisected into a flowing, waltzish half and a soft-pop/dance half, the tone remains calm and pleasant, and shared instrumentation Links the two sides. I can see why Vinnie also mentions jazz, in my mind primarily because of the brush kit used on the drums. The solo choral boy sample has some uncanny valley issues where the realism dips due to repeated attacks/intervals, but it's nothing major, and it ups the heavenly soundscape ante. Probably Chimpazilla's best work yet, this aims for a specific feel and pretty much nails it, offering something pastoral & serene while keeping it fresh & interesting with a structural shift!

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on 2018-06-13 15:11:41

Always dug this one; possibly my favorite of Kris's for this bouncy, catchy groove. Love the bass kicks and love the mix!

on 2014-09-02 03:03:33

A very pleasant tune. I quite liked the shift in the middle, worked very well and gave the arrangement a unique feel. I thought there was a flute towards the beginning that was a little bit piercing. On the other hand I quite liked the gating applied to the pad to make it more rhythmic, that was not something I expected but worked very well, and in a sense even preshadowed the more beat-oriented later half.

edit: Not sure about the piercing flute comment, it might be these particular headphones I happen to be wearing right now

on 2014-08-30 09:04:48

Light and gorgeous, this is exactly what a beautiful lake should sound like. The signature change was a nice way to continue the mix while adding a new element to it. Kinda reminds me at some points what Lake Hylia would sound like if they tried to add some of the "beauty" workings in terms of arrangement and instrumentation of Dire Dire Docks into it. That's probably just me hearing it, but eh, it's a compliment anyway. Wonderful ReMix.

on 2014-08-28 21:47:26

"Links the two sides" ah, I get it! *nice*

Uffe von Lauterbach
on 2014-08-28 21:06:06

Your rendition makes me hope that us Zelda fans get to hear this theme in future games. I really liked it in Twilight Princess, but you took it another step. Great job.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-08-28 16:50:18

Man, I am in love with Lake Hylia, and now, as it were, with this ReMix. The sunlit waters and euphoric chillaxation are present in spades; I really dig the signature change as it brought a heightened sense of fun and a newfound focus on the very slick bass. Yes sir, this is a wonderful song and that's the truth of the matter!

Viking ZX
on 2014-08-28 16:19:50

This is an excellent mix! Makes me all the more excited for the upcoming 2999th mix, which will mean I'll finally be able to torrent another mass set of the last 500 songs and add this to my collection!

Seriously an awesome work. This one's going on a few mix-CDs.

on 2014-08-28 14:36:17

Thanks guys! Wow I wrote this so long ago it seems. I've gotta credit Emunator with giving me the idea for the brushed drums. Next time though, I'll hire a real choir boy! (there are lots of those around, right?) :-P

on 2014-08-28 14:14:05
So I guess in a sense, you're kinda like me in this way: you can get inspired at 3 AM, while I can catch many of my mixing issues at 3 AM. :lol:

Late night/very early morning is good time for solutions of any problems :D As for the mix, I love absolutely everything in it. It's so ethreal, so light, so awesome!

on 2014-08-28 13:54:07

So I guess in a sense, you're kinda like me in this way: you can get inspired at 3 AM, while I can catch many of my mixing issues at 3 AM. :lol:

Congratulations on your first solo DP! Loving the pads and chord progression!

on 2014-08-28 13:40:29

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