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A mellow, relaxing beat anchors this synth-pop/downtempo collab from Chimpazilla & Jordanrooben. These two previously collaborated on a similarly mellow/new-age Twilight Princess mix, and now they're back for more - and so are we. Kris writes:

"Jordan sent me his WIP for this song, asking for a critique. Jordan has a great knack for capturing the feel of the source he's arranging, so once again (as with our previous collab, "Forest of Purple Mist"), I fell in love with his arrangement and unique ideas, and I asked if I could join in. After many hours spent, and many changes, improvements, arrangement expansions and new ideas added, this is the result. At this point, Jordan and I are both thrilled with it.

This is Jordan's vision for the song: "Morpheel has just been defeated, Link is exhausted from the battle and the rigors of the water temple, the fused shadow piece is floating on the ground and Midna is hovering nearby. It's one step closer to saving the world, but ruin is still around the corner and, to make matters worse, the journey is far from being over. You catch your breath, listen to the music, and plan your next move."

I realize this is a fairly liberal arrangement, as would be necessary with a short source such as this. I left out some source usage that I didn't think we could justify, although the entire track was written with the source components fully in mind. Hopefully you will enjoy it and agree that we've captured the feel of the original! As a bonus, 0:02 to 0:20 contains actual Twilight Princess SFX: Link huffing, hearts refilling, Midna "talking," and actual Morpheel ambiance. 4:21 to 4:25 is the Twilight Princess "warp out" SFX. If that helps. ;-)"

Honestly, if you liked their previous collab, you'll probably dig this as well - relaxed vibe that still works in some melodic change-ups & movement. The source is a comfortable, "sigh-of-relief" style piece that suits its original context quite well; it's been expanded on and given a bit more structure for this transformation. I liked Flexstyle's self-aware comments:

"Reminds me strongly of some of the stuff that's getting put out by some of the more forward-thinking post-EDM people right now, e.g. Porter Robinson. Oh jeez...that was such a hipster sentence. I'm sorry. Anyways, it's soothing in its own way, even if it's a bit more driving than not. Good production from what I can hear on these headphones, and I dig the way you've kept the melody fresh throughout. Not much else to say--clearly over the bar!"

Let's follow up with a judgequote from panel newcomer Brent Wollman:

"Cleanly produced, cheerfully rearranged... clearly over the bar. I'm gonna echo what Larry said about wanting to hear some more rhythmic variation. It is quite straight forward in that regard. However, you've got smooth sound design, well done dynamic shifts, and an interesting rearrangement. Nice buildup in the intro. Tasteful variation of timbre throughout the mix... a very cohesive track"

Agreed; while nothing outrageous, this ReMix does a really good job creatively arranging a pleasant source that, while from a popular game, is a less obvious choice from the OST. Kudos to Chimpazilla & Jordanrooben for another sweet Twilight Princess collab that's hard not to like!



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on 2015-12-20 16:02:24

A lovely remix. I thought it lacked a bit of punch at some places, but it may have not fitted the "rest" theme LOL This track is in-between something really relaxing and something more energic, it's not easy to find the right mood. I enjoyed it, it was nice. :D

on 2014-11-12 17:44:25

Heard Midna's voice and looked over my shoulder to see if she was there.

What I'm saying is .... excellent work!

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-11-10 16:49:15

The sound of heart meters refilling can be effective stress relieve in and of itself, so using it to kick off this upbeat ReMix was a bright idea! Not much to go on source-wise, but that makes it all the more impressive. I like it! :)

on 2014-11-10 15:31:09

A relaxing period after a fierce battle is a great picture to paint with music, and I'd say you guys nailed it here with the poppy music and the in-game sound effects that mirror it. Clever ideas, great execution and pleasant to listen to. Sounds like a winning ReMix in my book.

on 2014-11-08 15:16:22

Ah yes, this one is up! :) I like the way the sound design flows together, and you've got some good pacing. A little noodly here and there in the melody, but otherwise a solid, meditative take with creative use of sound effects!

MC Final Sigma
on 2014-11-08 15:05:42

Been digging this since I encountered it on the WiP boards. Glad to put the super-official version on my iPod now! I love the mood of the track and the entire concept of the triumphant hero taking a breather after a narrow victory. Awesome work!

on 2014-11-08 14:36:18

The in-game sounds that the mix uses (such as the sound of Link grabbing hearts) really helped with making a bubbly, cheerful mood. This is an amazing remix, just like all of your other ones!

on 2014-11-07 11:22:42

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