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OCR03018 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 'Hero's Rest'

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Chimpazilla - 45254

Kristina Scheps


jordanrooben - 46229

Jordan Plutchok


Game arranged: Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess

Name of arrangement: “Hero’s Rest”

Names of songs arranged: Boss Defeated theme

Composers: Toru Minegishi, Asuka Ota, Koji Kondo

Chimpazilla’s comments:

Jordan sent me his wip for this song, asking for a critique. Jordan has a great knack for capturing the feel of the source he’s arranging, so once again (as with our previous collab, Forest of Purple Mist), I fell in love with his arrangement and unique ideas, and I asked if I could join in. After many hours spent, and many changes, improvements, arrangement expansions and new ideas added, this is the result. At this point Jordan and I are both thrilled with it.

This is Jordan’s vision for the song:

Morpheel has just been defeated, Link is exhausted from the battle and the rigors of the water temple, the fused shadow piece is floating on the ground and Midna is hovering nearby, it's one step closer to saving the world, but ruin is still around the corner and to make matters worse, the journey is far from being over. You catch your breath, listen to the music, and plan your next move.

Source breakdown:

This very simple source has two basic parts to it which were used in the remix. I’ll call these:

Part 1: arps from 0:04 to 0:20

Part 2: melody from 0:21 to 0:31

Remix Source Seconds

0:35 - 0:43 (lead) Part 2 8

0:43 – 0:47 (lead) Part 1 4

1:14 - 1:20 (lead) Part 1 6

1:20 – 1:42 (lead) Part 2 22

1:42 – 1:46 (lead) Part 2 4

1:53 – 1:58 (flute countermelody) Part 2 5

1:58 – 2:04 (flute countermelody) Part 1 6

2:26 – 2:42 (lead) Part 2 16

2:42 – 2:48 (lead) Part 1 6

2:48 – 2:58 (chord prog & flute countermelody) Part 2 10

3:10 – 3:26 (lead) Part 2 16

3:26 – 3:32 (lead) Part 1 6

3:35 – 3:51 (flute countermelody) Part 2 16

3:51 – 3:57 (flute countermelody) Part 1 6

3:57 – 4:13 (lead) Part 2 16

Total seconds of source usage: 147 seconds

Song is 4:27 or 267 seconds

Source usage is 55.1%

I realize this is a fairly liberal arrangement, as would be necessary with a short source such as this. I left out some source usage that I didn’t think we could justify, although the entire track was written with the source components fully in mind. Hopefully you will enjoy it and agree that we’ve captured the feel of the original!

As a bonus, 0:02 to 0:20 contains actual Twilight Princess sfx: Link huffing, hearts refilling, Midna “talking,” and actual Morpheel ambience. 4:21 to 4:25 is the Twilight Princess “warp out” sfx. If that helps. ;-)

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There were a couple of minor spots where I didn't agree with the source breakdown, but there was also a sizeable section that you didn't count that I would have, so it was all a wash and I gave this more source usage credit that what was stated.

Jordan and Kris make a good team, no doubt. I wouldn't have minded some sort of rhythmic changes or a stop-start somewhere to keep the show fresh, but otherwise this was pretty swanky. The noodling got a little busy sometimes, but that wasn't a huge deal either.

I didn't get a restful vibe from the piece vis-a-vis the mix title (not that it matters), but I did enjoy the energy and the creative variations of the theme throughout. A fun piece and an easy call. :-)


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Reminds me strongly of some of the stuff that's getting put out by some of the more forward-thinking post-EDM people right now, e.g. Porter Robinson.

Oh jeez...that was such a hipster sentence. I'm sorry.

Anyways, it's soothing in its own way, even if it's a bit more driving than not. Good production from what I can hear on these headphones, and I dig the way you've kept the melody fresh throughout. Not much else to say--clearly over the bar!


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Good stuff here. Easily recognizable connections here.

Mix felt a bit busy in some of the louder sections, but I didn't hear any sort of distortion or compression problems.

Really like the separation on some of the backing synth parts. This mix is just a great package overall. :)


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  • 3 weeks later...

Cleanly produced, cheerfully rearranged... clearly over the bar.

I'm gonna echo what Larry said about wanting to hear some more rhythmic variation. It is quite straight forward in that regard.

However, you've got smooth sound design, well done dynamic shifts, and an interesting rearrangement. Nice buildup in the intro. Tasteful variation of timbre throughout the mix . . . a very cohesive track


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