ReMix:Ecco: The Tides of Time "A Derelict Machine" 6:52

By Sefiros

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1994, GEN), music by András Magyari, Andy Armer, Attila Dobos, David Javelosa

Posted 2014-11-10, evaluated by djpretzel

Sefiros!! It's been... over nine years! Bryan Henderson's debut FF8 mix was posted in May of 2005. Simpler times, I tell ya. It's been a good, long while since we've heard from him, and for that matter it's ALSO been awhile since our last Ecco II ReMix. He writes:

"A broken, glitchy version of the title theme."

Indeed it is; Bryan's been focusing on his original work more, and his latest album, Dither, was released TODAY on OverClocked Records - check it out (especially track #2) & purchase for $8.99.

This Ecco II title arrangement is heavy on atmosphere & texture; the first minute build has some stark, stuttering textures & processed hats, leading up to a descending string motif that eventually gets layered with a melodic, legato part as well, after which key modulations round things out until a sinister drop @ 3'12". Piano emerges alongside a repeating percussive scrape stage left and things build back up to an eventual reprise @ 5'01". Very cinematic, very modern, and the glitched, insect-like percussion brings it all together, conjuring a mental image that jives with the mix title. The pairing of symphonic, film, and electronic textures reminds me of the Requiem for a Dream OST, only darker. Requiem for a Nightmare? Larry writes:

"Knowing that Sef's ventures into VGM are rare, I actually held onto this mix for quite a while awaiting the eventually release of his new original album, Dither. The good news is that Dither is finally out today! Grab it from OverClocked Records, and enjoy a very diverse electronic/industrial/rock/orchestral hybrid of 14 tracks, including some great guest appearances. I already told Bryan that "The Dead Things We Are Made Of" (featuring Kathryn Dearborn) legitimately gave me chills in a good way when I heard the chorus; it's super powerful stuff that's worth the price of admission alone and REQUIRES you to check the album out!

Before I talk about this mix though, if you haven't heard Sefiros's orchestral Final Fantasy VIII mix "Everything = Nothing", drop everything and get it. It's another longer piece with a very gradual build that conjures up a lot of emotion and imagery. It's a personal favorite of mine, and if Sefiros had chosen to stop there as far as arranging VGM, he would have still left a meaningful mark on OCR.

That said, it's awesome to hear a new VGM arrangement from Bryan, since they're few and far between. For this Ecco II mix, Sefiros went the expansive route, keeping the familiar structure of the title theme mostly intact and giving it more depth and emotion, along with some substantial original sections. It was so interesting hearing the glitching start off so prominently and then have it basically blend/meld into the soundscape over the course of the near-7 minutes. The original string writing here was a nice cinematic touch, and I'm loving how the textures were somber, ambient, mechanical, AND brought up visions of swimming in a vast, deep, dark place. ReMixes don't have to be something you could see working in the context of a game, but IMO this one could work very well in a modern Ecco game, or a film score for that matter. One to loop until the end of days..."

Sometimes glitching is employed more sparingly, as a point-of-interest effect, a break/fill treatment, etc. - for this mix, I agree with Larry that it's really more of an integral part of the soundscape, evoking the creaking clockwork of an ancient, enigmatic device. Great, transporting stuff from Sefiros that is also indicative of his overall style; if you like what you hear, consider supporting him & encouraging him to do some more VGM arrangements in between original projects!



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on 2020-05-30 12:45:54

It's 2020 and this still holds up. Sometimes you just gotta hear that Derelict Machine.

on 2019-03-03 01:49:34

This one. I always loved the Title screen music of Ecco: Tides of Time. I'm aware of A Derelict Machine remix since a few years, probably listened to more than 500 times but still... This one still sends chills down my spine everytime I hear those strings. Well done, pretty well done.

on 2015-12-08 21:54:02

Yay, dark electronic lectures. 1:22 is seriously sick, wow. I imagine this glowing, pulsating core of atoms with electrons of shifting color crazily orbiting. Excellent glitching. Aweosme how it never compromises melody while still remaining dirty. The key changes helped keep it lively. The left-panned rhythm synth was a nice touch in keeping the atmosphere of dread while everything else dances around it. The violin is awesome. Great mix.

on 2015-12-08 15:35:22

The intro asn't doing too much for me, but once it kicks in, wow, it's awesome. The soundscape and sound design are excellent. The violin lead is a very nice touch which adds some mystery to the remix's atmosphere. It's 7-minute long, but each second that passes brings in new ideas and stuff. Very nice job! :)

on 2015-02-24 14:25:47

Oh, my... It's like a snowball - it becomes more and more complex with each second, and then you suddenly find yourself drowned in the haunting, disturbing atmosphere of this mix. Even when it drops at 3:16, it still feels tense. And when it picks up again at 5:16, a new wave of emothions covers you again. So neat work! I would like to hear an infinitely extended version of this...

on 2014-11-13 01:26:45

The glitch flow is very well done. It fits without being too distracting, and acts as a nice textural addition to the otherwise cinematic take, giving this a distinct style. Great pacing and atmospherics. I wonder if this might be hard to "get", but otherwise, great second mixpost!

on 2014-11-12 10:16:36

Nice. The glitchy atmosphere adds a lot of darkness to this ReMix and it fits the the undertone of certain aspects of Ecco. I love how this takes it's time to make sure that every minute spent just adds to the mix overall, especially when it drops down a bit in the middle for a more menacing march before picking things back up in energetic beats.

on 2014-11-10 20:41:51

Finally! I've been listening to this for so long (grabbed it months ago from the VGMix4 beta). The ebb and flow of this piece is incredible, just listen to all the interweaving details phase in out. Catchy glitches, beats, and melody all around. This is some of the best prog trance on the site! ^_^

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-11-10 17:01:12

I'm notorious for tuning out of lengthy, dark electronic tracks due to a wandering mind that doesn't gravitate towards the style. But once I forced my brain to stop multitasking, I gained an appreciation for the abyss A Derelict Machine conjures. I also love that this is a song, ultimately, about dolphins. Take that, happy-go-lucky, fin-clapping stereotypes!

on 2014-11-10 13:53:21

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Primary Game:
Ecco: The Tides of Time (Sega , 1994, GEN)
Music by András Magyari,Andy Armer,Attila Dobos,David Javelosa

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