ReMix:Mega Man "The Iceman Clubbeth" 2:50


Arranging the music of one song...

"Ice Man Stage"

Primary Game: Mega Man (Capcom , 1987, NES), music by Manami Matsumae

Posted 2014-12-29, evaluated by the judges panel

What the... wait, what?? Lest you mistake the Eugene O'Neill-o-riffic title punnery to suggest an EDM track that you might enjoy "in da club," let me clarify that this is a JAZZ club. More of a lounge. And the lead singer, well... bit of a sociopath. NOT a friend of PETA, let's say. More of a Michael Vick type of fellow; think Dexter, before he upgraded to primates. Real world animal cruelty is no laughing matter, of course, but MEGAROCKMAN already showed us back in July of last year that they don't really exist in the real world. It's more of a Frank Zappa metaverse, where video game worlds collide with rampant musicality and a distaste for the sensical & appropriate. I can grok that, and you should too - Thaddeus Jaworsky writes:

"Inspiration: This theme called for a cool jazz/lounge tune. While singing, I held a glass of half-melted ice cubes that I'd occasionally shake around near the mic to give that cocktail lounge feel... as if the singer were drinking a scotch on the rocks while performing in some ice cave/secret jazz cove.

Story: This song portrays Ice Man as a blood/fur thirsty arctic dweller who brutalizes a variety of aquatic mammals... as well as any other creature he happens to come across, I'm sure.

Please enjoy!"

Honestly, that basically tells you everything you need to know - take that EXACT concept, run with it, and execute rather impressively, with some you-stay-classy rat pack vocals, and you've got the magic. Easier said than done, but they did it. Nutritious writes:

"I feel like it takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to put out a mix like this. Done well, it's (intentionally) amusing and a fun listen. Done poorly, and it just comes off as if you're trying too hard and can be a bit embarrassing. Fortunately, this one falls in the former category. Great arrangement here, incorporating it both in the backing instruments and vocals."

Larry adds:

"The piano chords used at the opening and during the sax soloing also played the Ice Man progression, only simplified, but I made the connection there as well, so I'm fine with the source usage. That shuddering vibrato will definitely make some other listeners shudder. It didn't bother me... a ton, but it'll definitely rub some people the wrong way. Keep in mind, the context is that he's a washed up lounge singer. With awfully cheesy lyrics to boot. Unexpected and interesting approach going the comedic lounge route. Props for a fun curveball, Thad!"

Unexpected for many, perhaps, but not MEGAROCKMAN - they don't throw fastballs. End of baseball metaphor. OCR tends to be less accepting of so-called "joke mixes" because we still want the musicality & craftspersonship to be there, and sometimes it's more about the LOLZ and less about the... rest. Props to Thaddues & Nathan for some high-concept work that checks BOTH boxes and brings you something completely different!



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on 2015-12-21 03:04:01

Wow, this is excellent. I love this remix. The instrumentation is awesome, love the "chilly/ice" percussion, it's so creative. The vocals were a nice addition. The samples are nice, and it's super groovy/jazzy. Love it, more pls pls pls!! :D

OverClocked PodCast
on 2015-01-12 20:07:14

I'm not sure how I feel about this. :?

But really, that's a clever genre shift and a creative atmosphere wrapped into a chill ReMix. The lyrics do kind of-- if you'll pardon this horrible turn of phrase-- beat you over the head without much subtlety, but perhaps that is the very point.

on 2015-01-10 14:48:21

I'm loving the lyrics, haha. Ah, MEGAROCKMAN does it again with another hilarious Mega Man mix that makes the Robot Master in question so much better. Funny business aside, the jazzy lounge sound is quite good, and I'm enjoying the vocal work. It's smooth like ice. Any time you can add humor to a good tune, I'm down for it, so this is great work indeed.

on 2015-01-07 18:10:15

Classy! One of the more inventive and creative mixes I've heard in a while.

on 2014-12-30 09:31:38

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Mega Man (Capcom , 1987, NES)
Music by Manami Matsumae
"Ice Man Stage"

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Piano,Saxophone,Singing,Vocals: Male
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Armed with ice picks
Popsicle sticks
Icicle knife
Will end your life

He lives in the ice box
Where there aren't any clocks
He doesn't keep track of time
But he is quite supreme
When it comes to ice cream
He even has lemon-lime

Ice Man will not be sold
Unless it's really cold
That's just how he makes his deals
Prefers temperature low
And like an eskimo
He'll go and club baby seals

Clobbers in waters
Slaughters the otters
Pride in his furs
Hides and whiskers

Pounds on penguins
Pummels puffins
Crush caribou
To fashion some shoes



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