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Big plans for this year... big plans, indeed. We intend to continue celebrating OCR's 15th anniversary ALL YEAR LONG, so there should be PLENTY to see & do as the months progress. We've got to start somewhere, though, and what better way than with a flamboyant, Kool & the Gang-style feel-good funk jam from Garrett Williamson & Sir Jordanius? I'll tell you what better way: NO BETTER WAY... Garrett Williamson (formerly G-Mixer) writes:

"I told Jordan I would either make no comments or speak for hours about this track. I decided the latter.

Basically, I started working on this track a good year and a half ago. It was first inspired by "Chamber of the Goddess" by Disasterpeace from the Zelda 25th Anniversary ReMix Album done back in 2011. I really enjoyed the chill 70's vibe it had going on, and there was just this soft funk to it that I really loved. Now, "The Goddess Appears," which ends up being a reoccurring theme in the Zelda series, is easily of my top 3 favorite Zelda compositions in the series. Something about its simple yet so complex arrangement and the magic that I hear when I play it just makes me love it so much. And I'm a guy who is obsessed with the more punchy and funkier sounds. Therefore, I decided I would do my own funky take on the track and make the song a mix of funk and pretty harps and glockenspiels.

I submitted the track more than a year ago, but honestly something about it felt a bit unfinished. I wasn't sure, but it just didn't feel totally finished. Of course, I'm so ridiculously used to liking something and then sending it off and then freaking out noticing something I wish I had fixed. That's how it goes. But there was just honestly stuff missing. And when I got an email back months later being informed that it didn't even get to the judges, I decided to do a huge makeover on the song.

But even then the track didn't feel entirely finished when I entirely updated it and made it sound way better. I was still missing some of that funk. And that's when Sir Jordanius comes in. And honestly, as much as you could call this my arrangement or my ReMix in general, there is absolutely no way this mix would've been so absolutely freaking amazing if Jordanius didn't step in to give me his utterly sexy vocoder skills, funky guitar sounds, enjoyable occasional vocals, and absolutely beautiful horns. This mix would just sound bare and unfinished without the absolute beauty that Sir Jordanius gave it. So ginormous thanks to Mr. Jordanius for making this ReMix freaking beast.

So now, far more than a year later, I'm just hoping this remix will at least make it to the judges. ;)"

...and past ;) I'm beginning to think that "Just Add Jordanius!!" is not only a catchy slogan, but also profoundly solid collaboration advice... Midas touch, with none of the baggage. I'm a VERY big fan of Puga & 2P's hip-hop collaboration on the same core melody, and it's pretty crazy to contrast that interpretation with this one - worlds apart, yet the source is readily identifiable in both ReMixes. Larry's vote here was succinct:

"Socks were rocked."

DragonAvenger adds:

"Love the grooviness! I would have never thought of this track being arranged this way, so kudos on the creativeness and all the additive parts here. The brass is sounding pretty good, and I think that really added a nice touch. I'm diggin'"

This is classy, SFW funk that never gets too sexy or dirty but just finds its groove & stays in the pocket & rides it out... vocals are limited to the refrain, and the doubling up with a vocoded/processed version was a great production call. Brass is scrumptious, and I don't use that word lightly, even if everyone ELSE does... almost exclusively. The overall mood here is so damn swank & positive that I almost think this would make a great anger management track - rather than counting down from ten next time you're ragin', try putting this jam on. You can't stay mad, now, can you? Nope. Know why? Because the goddess gets groovy tonight, dummy. It's right there in the title, so calm down. Garrett & Jordan teamed up previously for "Hush Hour" on Portrait of a Plumber, and that was hot too, so there's magic in the air when these fellas join forces. Great, great track, superb foil to "Solace," and an excellent way to kick off the new year!!



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on 2015-12-20 15:15:02

Nice arrangement from an awesome duo. Sir J and Garrett really nailed the arrangement --neat take on the source. It's super groovy, and the instrumentation is very nice. Production is top notch as always too. A must-listen-to! ;)

on 2015-01-16 14:36:57

Ah, the intro is so wonderful, so lovely. It's not what you expect to hear from Sir J and Garett, but when I heard those cheesy vocals, excellent brass, groovy drumwork, and some other funky stuff, I was completely sold. Solid work, guys.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2015-01-14 16:31:20

I do love how those pretty plucked strings and chimes begin and end the song without ever abandoning the listener. They're always there sprinkling magic in the air-- it's just that they happen to be backed by loads of funk. Quite a delight.

on 2015-01-10 15:02:56

Oh god yes! Best version of the Goddess Appears I've heard to date, hands down! Everything from Sir J's vocal throw ins, to the funky beat accompanied by the the guitar, horns and percussion. Slick and smooth, with lots of groove, designed to get your body to move, yeah! Another great collab, guys, well done.

on 2015-01-10 01:27:19

Only one review on this so far? Poppycock!

I remember hearing a really bare-bones iteration of this back in the day and I'm sooo glad you brought Sir J. on to work some magic here!! The vocal stabs are tasteful, brass is excellent, and nothing feels overdone in the slightest, which isa risk that comes with trying to "jazz something up" - it's very easy to sound over-indulgent and this sidesteps that pitfall nicely!

There's magic in the air when you two get together... I could listen to a whole album of your collaborations. I don't feel like the arrangement is as interpretive or ambitious as hush hour, but it's quite nice in its own respect. Please keep working together guys :-D

on 2015-01-03 08:38:04

This is a very well done remix. The usage of the brass, glocken, and 70s waka waka guitar really make this wonderful ear candy. The switch between the minor and major chords into another key signature around 2:25 is another great great winner. I do feel though the mix needs more vocalage. Just saying "The Goddess Gets Groovy Tonight" every once in a while kind of left me waiting for a Jordanius rap verse or something. Must be my occassional ZoneRunner's listening that gives me that vibe. I'd give this one 9/10.

on 2015-01-02 09:26:59

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Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Nintendo, 1991, SNES)
Music by Koji Kondo
"The Goddess Appears"

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Brass, Electric Guitar, Singing, Strings, Vocals: Male
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Because the goddess gets groovy tonight

Because the goddess gets groovy tonight (because the goddess gets groovy tonight)

Because the goddess gets groovy tonight (because the goddess gets groovy tonight)


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