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Ryu in your Smash Brothers? It's more likely than you'd think... ;) Pretty cool recent news with that crossover DLC. For today we've got a contribution to Harmony of Heroes from zircon, who takes on SSBM with a jazzy, upbeat dance/EDM arrangement:

"This track was arranged for the Harmony of Heroes remix project. I was going through the Melee OST when I hit "Trophy Tussle," which I subsequently looped about 20 times. It's an absolute gem of a source tune, buried nice and deep in the soundtrack - I certainly didn't remember it when I played the game regularly back in high school! What really gets me is the chord progression, which is super jazzy and interesting, and that's what inspired my arrangement.

My take on "Trophy Tussle" doesn't stray far from the *feel* of the original, but I did add my own spin by expanding the structure and incorporating some solos, new harmony parts, and melodic variation that were lacking in the original (which was only about 60 seconds long). It's fun getting to write and play piano solos! The more uptempo rhythm and new synths reflect my own taste in dance-y music with deep chords, much like a certain other OC ReMixer whom I enjoy..."

In other Aversa-related news, be sure to check out the sweet arrangement & music video of the main Game of Thrones theme that Andy & Jill put together, with violin work by Jeff Ball. Of this agreeable & toetapping jam, Emunator writes:

"As someone who spent literally thousands of hours playing Smash Bros. when I was younger, I always get excited when I see a remix from the game because I know how underappreciated the original songs from the Smash series can be. And when I saw zircon's name attached to the submission letter... I knew I was in for a treat. Turns out, this is just about exactly what I'd expected from a zircon remix of "Trophy Tussle"... and it's glorious :-) A solid, pulsating groove, augmented with some silky smooth jazz chords and a wide variety of lead synths and solos... nothing crazy out-of-left-field, but a very fitting tribute to an under-represented source tune that captures and expands upon all of its best features."

Well said, and not much to add on my part - I'm more familiar with the themes of characters featured in the SSB series than I am with the original music of the franchise itself, but this is an accessible jam that's got energy, style, & class. Good stuff!



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on 2015-06-28 15:37:05

Man, I could chill out to this one for a long, long time. Such an awesome tune that has the airy and gentle, yet pulsing, energy that gives music some life. Nice mix, Zircon.

on 2015-06-23 12:46:49

Breezy, upbeat with enough depth to stay engaging.

on 2015-06-17 04:00:39

Man, not many people may realize it, but the chord progressions and melodic contours in here are top notch. Jazz influences at their best!

on 2015-06-16 14:27:20

Indeed, the trophy theme is a gem. Nice remix, Andrew. Nice switch up halfway through and I like the solo part. Good stuff.

on 2015-06-16 11:17:37

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