ReMix:Divekick "It's Okay, I Still Made Money" 4:26

By Flexstyle

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Primary Game: Divekick (Iron Galaxy Studios , 2013, PS3), music by Harrison Pretat

Posted 2015-06-22, evaluated by djpretzel

DAIVU KEEK!! If you've never played Divekick, try to imagine a game in which you divekick. Good... you're done. While this elegant-to-the-point-of-absurdity fighting game is filled with community in-jokes & references, the mechanics are actually pretty legit. "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master..."?? Maybe, maybe... although if you spend your entire life mastering Divekick, you'll probably go insane before the world fully acknowledges your mad skills. Alex Jebailey not only runs the CEO event series (does that make him the CEO of CEO??), he's also a parody character IN Divekick!! Flexstyle offers up a deeply sidechained, four-on-the-floor, EDM arrangement of the theme from the "JEO" stage:

"Fans of the source game will recognize the title of this song as the signature line of the character Jefailey, the parody parallel to CEO owner Alex Jebailey. Also, the source tune in question was, of course, the JEO stage in Divekick. Such a tie-in was too much to pass up. Past that, the song is a fairly standard dancefloor-fillin', head-noddin', foot-tappin' sort of dance tune - get down and get funky, y'all!"

"Jefailey"...lolz. There are a couple trap-style elements mixed in & a couple electro elements too, but yeah, this is mostly just a fun dance arrangement that gets down with its funky self. The man himself, CEO's Alex Jebailey, writes

"I'm extremely excited to have collaborated with OC ReMix on an album to represent one of my favorite genres: fighting games. Having local Florida artists and OC ReMix veterans create an album to represent this year's CEO is an awesome treat for attendees and fans."

Album director DarkeSword adds:

"If we're doing a Divekick remix for CEO, it's gotta be a remix of the theme of Jefailey, the character inspired by CEO's real-life organizer, Alex Jebailey. Mike brings his classic club sound to the theme, with a bouncey four-on-the-floor track. Chorused piano is a great touch that keep things from getting too in-your-face, but there's still plenty of wubby sounds go around. Excellent."

Nice stuff; good blend of modern genre influences with a stripped-down sound that still has enough elements to engage & syncopate effectively. Almost impossible not to at LEAST head-bob to this :) Great stuff from Mike, who brings his usual penchant & prowess for club-friendly EDM but mixes in some new styles, too! Check it out & check out the rest of CEO 2015: Champion!



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on 2015-12-28 12:12:52

Great title. I loved the build ups from the chill moments to the fast paced moments of this track. There’s a lot of production value here. There’s enough variety to keep the track fresh as it progresses without that sense of mid-genre switches, or even switches to completely different arrangements. I disagree with Chernabogue when he says the ending was a bit abrupt. Abrupt endings are a peeve of mine, I’ll admit, but I felt the ending here was pretty seamless.

on 2015-12-03 11:42:02

It's Flexstyle, so you can expect upbeat percussions, crazy synths, and a lot of energy. The intro isn't too dynamic, but later on, the arrangement gets really crazy! The track goes through several variations of sounds and it's really interesting to hear how it evolves. Production is top notch, as always, but the ending is a bit abrupt.

on 2015-07-17 11:08:10

Good beat, tight arrangement, and the sound is crisp and clean. This is a solid ReMix that has enough energy to get plenty of toe-tapping reactions at the very least.

on 2015-06-23 16:01:58

Super polished and clean production. Not my usual cuppa, but I enjoyed the various layers of this mix a lot.

And thank you djp for the lol of the day with your opening remark.

on 2015-06-22 11:22:37

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Primary Game:
Divekick (Iron Galaxy Studios , 2013, PS3)
Music by Harrison Pretat

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