ReMix:The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Storm Force Seven" 2:12

By Nostalvania

Arranging the music of one song...

"Windmill Hut"

Primary Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2015-09-03, evaluated by djpretzel

The water keeps rising as the FLOOD CONTINUES! Next up we've got Nostalvania (Markus) who spices up his piano chops with some funk/fusion action while putting his own decidedly syncopated take on "Windmill Hut" aka "Song of Storms":

"Aren't there already like 5000 OoT remixes on OCR? Probably yes, but here's another one, ha ha! This is my take on the Song of Storms theme. Stylistically, it's jazz/funk in a 7/8 time signature (man, I love 7/8, can't get enough of it, I dunno why, maybe because I'm odd?). The arrangement is very piano-centric (like all of my stuff, lol). The acoustic piano takes the lead and plays the melody. After that, the e-piano plays a solo followed by another piano solo. The remix is rather short but sweet and intense, energetic and groovy. Did I mention that there is a piano solo? Happy judging!

P.S. I was *not* drunk while writing this."

This is the type of arrangement I would really enjoy writing myself if I were a bit more competent :) And here HE is joking about sobriety! Drunk or not, this is the bee's knees, and manages to take a source that always seems quite serious & dramatic and make it get down with its funky self. Chimpazilla concurs:

"Can Markus write anything bad? I submit that he can not! Markus really rocks the odd time signatures, and I love the name of this track based on the 7/8 groove. I really think Markus should be working in a fancy jazz club somewhere instead of submitting all his gems to OCR, but whatever. ;-) Great soloing here, the piano tone is really good. I love the organ backing. Starting at 1:20 things get quite liberal, but the chord progressions from the source are present enough of the time to tie things together. The track is super cohesive, VERY groovy, mixed very well. Another super rendition of my all-time favorite source tune. I wish it were longer though, the ending is quite abrupt and just comes too damn soon... but I'm over it."

Two minutes and 12 seconds in heaven is still better than one minute in heaven... and in this case, heaven is a decidedly hip & happening place. Great stuff from Markus, as always, but it seems like he perhaps had a lil bit more fun than usual this time, while still bringing the musicality in spades!



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on 2017-02-09 02:41:04

At two and a half minutes long, this might seem like a bite-sized ReMix, but this tiny package has got a giant funky jazzy treat that should have you destroying the replay button or setting it on loop. So much personalization, and I love the sexy organ and piano work, especially at the end. Fantastic work as always, Nostalvania!

on 2016-11-30 17:10:43

All of my yes.

on 2016-07-04 14:28:34

I loved the original melody! The arrangement is simple but efficient. I really like its particular rhythm, the harmony adaptation with bass line. And the piano in this odd time signature is really virtuoso :)

on 2015-12-20 15:46:28

Ah super groovy/jazzy remix -- you were not lying about adding drums, haha. The organ is a neat addition too. The different sections were very creative. My only concern is that it's really short -- is that a real problem lol? ;)

on 2015-12-12 23:41:35

Oh man, this is sexy af. The time signature makes it feel so weird, yet so smooth, and it flows so well. That melody is just too groovy.

This song taught me how to count 7/8 too

on 2015-12-05 08:04:10

You say you weren't drunk when writing this, but the melody sure sounds like you were! Of course this isn't really a bad thing, I absolutely love the groovy feel the main piano has. The breakdown at around 1:30 is very groovy, too.

on 2015-12-05 02:44:16

I really love what Nostalvania did here - the blend of carefree jazzy piano, smooth EP, nice organ, funky bassline, and solid drums give a completely new, creative treatment of this overpopular source. Wish it was longer, though. But other than that, very cool work!

on 2015-09-08 16:13:24

Nice bass line!!

on 2015-09-03 23:26:25

I seriously think this is a pretty genius approach to a tune that has been done a million times. Still comes out sounding funky fresh.

on 2015-09-03 13:09:50

oh man! dat organ! dirty!!!!

on 2015-09-03 11:36:18

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo , 1998, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Windmill Hut"

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Clavinet,Electric Piano,Organ,Piano
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Time > Time Signature: Irregular

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