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Off of Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, we've got our VERY FIRST arrangement of the original Mother for NES, prequel to EarthBound aka Mother 2 for the SNES, from ZackParrish (with lead violin by Jeff Ball, additional violin by Michaela Nachtigall, & flute by Alex Ripple), in a sweeping, starlit orchestral style that reminds me quite strongly of the Super Mario Galaxy OST; Zack writes:

"I arranged this as part of an album for Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash, a follow-up album to the Harmony of Heroes Smash Bros. remix album. Whenever I first listened to the original version of Mother, the track just kind of spoke to me... and, a couple of weeks later, this track was born. Sorry it's not Final Fantasy... maybe next time. :)"

lolz. Very glad to have our first posted ReMix from the first entry in the Mother franchise; obviously EarthBound is a game & soundtrack that has seen a lot of attention and is relatively well-known, so it's nice to go back to the NES game that made it possible. For me, this really felt like listening to the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack; I got the same sense of outer-space wonderment & blend of delicate/exciting instrumentation, which I love. Emunator picked up on a different comparison:

"Pure magic, Zack. This wonderful arrangement is channeling some serious Joe Hisaishi vibes for me. Between the emotive strings, the whimsical woodwinds & piano, and above all, the frequent and unexpected mood shifts between each section, I feel like this could have been lifted right out of Spirited Away. You picked an absolutely perfect source to fit to this style, the melody lends itself equally well to the playful and dramatic styles that you fluctuate between. This makes me feel like I'm flying..."

Interestingly enough, we've got a RESPONSE TO THE RESPONSE, again from Zack:

"Didn't have any direct influences outside of the source track, don't like other sources to bleed into the process when I'm working on them so I tend to avoid listening to anything else during the period that I'm working on stuff (other than the source track of course). Any similarities in style are usually coincidental... but always the possibility of a lingering influence from having heard a piece of music prior to working on the track. Like Nobuo Uematsu is a heavy influence on my original music I write. I'm not familiar with Spirited Away (not sure what it is, honestly), so who knows. I could've heard the music from it and never have even realized I was listening to it. :)"

Okay Zack, I love you bro, but you GOTTA get on top of that... please watch Spirited Away at your earliest possible convenience, it's one of the best feature films from a studio that is steeped in excellence & genius. Personally, I hear where Wes is coming from with the comparison, as that soundtrack does have some similarly sweeping, sense-of-flight-inducing, staccato woodwind-laden pieces, but I still feel like Super Mario Galaxy is the more compelling likeness. EITHER way, a fantastic, invigorating, & transporting arrangement of classic NES/Nintendo BGM, off a fantastic album!



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on 2018-04-18 01:48:28

I can definitely hear where others are getting some Spirited Away and SMG out of this in it's grand whimsically sounding arrangement. It's a really beautiful ReMix that holds up extremely well as the instruments play off each other and sounds like something I'd hear in a good symphonic concert. Very nice.

on 2017-08-23 14:53:59
20 minutes ago, Guardianvoir said:

can someone tell me where the Eight Melodies in this remix is? I love the remix either way, I just can't seem to find where Eight Melodies comes in the song.

From 3:23-3:40, there's a brief variation of the "Eight Melodies" theme doubled by brass and piano.

on 2017-08-23 14:33:16

I know this was made 2 years ago, but can someone tell me where the Eight Melodies in this remix is? I love the remix either way, I just can't seem to find where Eight Melodies comes in the song.

on 2015-12-30 23:41:56

Opening violin is played beautifully. I really like the thoughtfulness and wonder that this track inspires, along with a sweeping adventurous feeling throughout the mix. I definitely get the epic feel of SMG music, although I do think that this song goes in a different direction than most of the SMG songs, being more peaceful and pondering yet still being quite grand and heroic at times.

on 2015-12-24 16:53:47

Spirited Away ('interest raises')? Sure enough; this mix feels very playful and surreal in a way reminiscent of Joe Hisashi.

TLDR: downloaded

Great writing and performing; I can already tell it's a great track for ideas and daydreaming. Awesome mix.

Red Shadow
on 2015-11-29 10:06:29

Further nitpicking: mother was released on the famicom, was translated and set to be released as "earthbound" on the nes, but never was.

on 2015-11-26 10:08:40

Just as a nit, though, shouldn't the game title be "EarthBound Beginnings"? It's understandable that that might not have been out when this was submitted, though.

No. It was released as Mother on the NES in 1989, not EarthBound Beginnings. We usually associate tracks with the version of the game based on the artist's submission comments. For this, Zack explicitly said the source game was Mother on the NES. If the NES version of the game had been released in the U.S. with the title EarthBound Beginnings, then we'd call it that, but that's merely the title of the updated re-release for a different platform 25 years later.

on 2015-11-26 08:51:13

Love this ReMix! Such a hauntingly beautiful tune already, but going full orchestral really brings it out even more! Didn't realize this was part of a Harmony of Heroes "expansion", so I'll need to get on listening to that!

Just as a nit, though, shouldn't the game title be "EarthBound Beginnings"? It's understandable that that might not have been out when this was submitted, though.

on 2015-11-19 17:18:24

So Zack hilariously hasn't played Mario Galaxy and hasn't seen many Miyazaki films. This is going to be changing REALLY soon, trust me ;-) Love this remix to death, thanks guys!

on 2015-11-18 19:09:31

I don't think I quite get the same feel as in Spirited Away (probably because I never really watched that film in full as a kid, but I did see it play on Cartoon Network repeatedly---about as often as The Iron Giant, so it's probably good!), but I'm constantly impressed by Zack, so there's no surprise here; this is amazing! Nice and evolving dynamics; full use of the orchestra in their respective roles; evokes the feeling of both flying and a certain emotional tension, for me.

Though I must admit, I checked out the theme song to Spirited Away, and for a moment, I thought I was playing this ReMix, but at 2:52, I realized that there was a YouTube lossiness to it... I checked and forgot that I was playing the Spirited Away theme song. So maybe they really are that similar!

on 2015-11-18 14:13:34

Just to clarify, I wasn't implying that Zack was intentionally cribbing on another artist's work... this arrangement and style is very much his own! I just found a lot of the same qualities and emotions that I feel when listening to Joe Hisaishi's work also applied to this remix. I meant those comments with the highest order of praise in mind! :-)

I'm with Jeremy - it takes a lot to impress me with an orchestral arrangement these days, but this is one of my favorites. Extremely well done.

on 2015-11-18 08:39:48

This is offered up during the right time of year me thinks. A bit of whimsy in this (and yes, I feel some of that Hisaishi connection too) that takes me to a comfortable childhood place of maybe the holidays or old neighborhood friends... Great stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed this remix.

Geoffrey Taucer
on 2015-11-18 00:44:54

I don't usually like orchestral arrangements, but I love this!

on 2015-11-17 12:52:10

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