ReMix:Dark Souls II "Kodoku" 4:47

By RoeTaKa

Arranging the music of one song...

"Sir Alonne"

Primary Game: Dark Souls II (Bandai Namco Games , 2014, PS3), music by Motoi Sakuraba, Yuka Kitamura

Posted 2015-11-23, evaluated by the judges panel

For today we've got MORE Dark Souls from RoeTaKa (Alex Roe), who takes on Dark Souls 2 DLC with an epic, cinematic arrangement of Sir Alonne's theme, infused with Asian instrumentation:

"A return to Dark Souls, always a joy! The DLC of Dark Souls II was actually a decent enough trio of work compared to the base game. And if there's something I love about DLC done right, it is brand new music. The music of the DLC is arguably better than the base game's soundtrack; a rare feat.

Sir Alonne is a very cool character. Basically, he comes to a kingdom that isn't doing so good, he joins and kicks its enemies' asses before moving on to whatever he truly wants to do - probably fight you. Anyway, love the original song and, because of his design, I had a lot of ideas to do an epic Eastern take on his theme. I'm not really shaking the foundations here too much and I don't have a lot of experience in this style or hybrid, but it was a lot of fun to make."

Could have fooled me - turned out great! I agree on the DLC comment; always happy when an expansion has its own score, which helps lend a distinct identity to the content. Alex did a great job conjuring a grand symphonic soundscape yet again, but it pairs particularly well with the Eastern plucked & wind components he's added. Liontamer writes:

"Other than sanity checking the source tune being referenced, this was a solid call. Whereas the original goes for a more epic, grandiose sound, this version IMO gives off more tension. Nice, energetic orchestration, Alex!"

DragonAvenger adds:

"Yeah, quick and easy YES vote here. Really enjoyed your take on the piece, and the flute really gives a feel of regret and sadness to the melody while still conveying a kickass attitude. Nice work, sir!"

While portions are more pensive, there's a great deal of (tasteful) bombast towards the end - I especially love the chanting & those blood-curdling battle cries. Alex paints musical pictures, and this one is seductive, reflective, and ultimately aggressive, with what sounds like an all-out siege taking place near the conclusion. Awesome stuff that effectively employs hybrid instrumentation and shouted/atonal choral components to achieve sweeping scope & power!



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on 2018-04-18 02:18:37

Oh yeah, I love this so very much. Strong Japanese influence that definitely sounds like the middle of a battle with lots of determination and focus in some areas, and more contemplative in others. Those chants near the end really get you amped for a fight, The flute is fantastic, and the percussion has that animated action scene quality that reminds me of so many other tv shows. Not much to nitpick at that hasn't already been mentioned, and all around, a mix that I will enjoy for quite a while.

on 2015-12-30 22:41:03

Is this Okami or Dark Souls? Intro sounds awesome, very haunting. Did you use a VST for that japanese flute (sorry, don't know the name of the instrument)? It sounds pretty good.

Arrangement is cool. Sounds like something you could put in an action scene from some eastern based movie. Or, alternatively, in a boss fight of Okami haha.

on 2015-12-24 16:05:14

Great intro, especially in the "flute" (?). The vocals were very nice; they work alongside the percussion really well to give a nice base for the lead and harmonies. What's up with the 3:28 snare? It sounds strangely industrial compared to everything else. Very good mix overall.

on 2015-12-21 15:14:33

Definitely not something I’d picture as being inspired from a Dark Souls game. It’s already been pointed out that the flute work here is great. The sitar work is great as well, and the chanting really adds to the tension as well. The percussion sounded great, but then after the 3:28 mark it sounded very muffled to me. It’s a great track, despite the odd production choices near the end.

on 2015-12-17 14:44:49

Natu bad! The cinematic percussion could have used more gusto (for example, 3:28 - 3:55 had some weirdly mechanical snare, I think), but what's there works. I thought the "flute" (erhu?) contributed the most to giving this a tense battle mood. Not your best work, but still pretty cool.

Daniel Caton
on 2015-12-03 14:05:35

Nice! You’ve made a very dramatic and battle-y mix here, and I’m really enjoying it. DimeTower mentioned the ending, and I do agree that it’s just a little bit off. You ended the song with three chords, but I think you might have been better off with just one. It’s… what, E flat major, A flat minor, and E flat something or other? Perhaps consider one big, booming E flat minor chord instead. As it is, I was inclined to think the first chord alone was the actual ending, and when the other two chords came in I was a bit confused. But regardless, this song’s really good!

on 2015-11-29 22:47:13

Interesting! This reminds me of a more battle-oriented version of something that, thematically, could fit right into Okami and not sound out of place. Props for making the battle cries integrate smoothly into the context. While the ending threw me off just a little, that may be a lack of source knowledge from myself. Regardless, enjoyable and cohesive.

on 2015-11-23 14:10:48

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Primary Game:
Dark Souls II (Bandai Namco Games , 2014, PS3)
Music by Motoi Sakuraba,Yuka Kitamura
"Sir Alonne"

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