ReMix:Jazz Jackrabbit "Comeback of the Green Rabbit" 3:21

By Netrum

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Primary Game: Jazz Jackrabbit (Epic Games , 1994, DOS), music by Robert A. Allen

Posted 2016-03-12, evaluated by the judges panel

While the phrase "This glitch-hop ReMix of Jazz Jackrabbit is SICK!!" isn't necessarily something I thought I'd find myself saying at this point in my life... well, it *is*. So there. Newcomer Netrum (Eemil Helin) gives OCR it's FIRST mix of the ORIGINAL Jazz Jackrabbit & gives our weekend a potent dose of tricked-out hip-hop w/ EDM production sensibilities, incorporating some electro/chiptune components for a funky, fun, indulgent, and rather delicious debut:

"Hi, I'm Netrum and I made a glitch hop remix of Jazz Jackrabbit's title theme and would like to share it here on OverClocked ReMix. This remix was super fun to make, especially because this is my first time experimenting with glitch hop and the production process went really smoothly in general. I really like how it turned out, since it kinda keeps the original funky vibe into it while also adding modern elements to the mix. I hope you think the same way. ;)"

This reminds me of some of the newer work Sir_NutS has been producing, which can only be a good thing. I'd love to hear Eemil apply this style to some of the music from Sonic the Hedgehog - seems like it would be a great fit. Jivemaster writes:

"Smooth chippy intro. Your drop at the beginning was very nice, and as the song progressed I enjoyed the funky vibe this gave off, with your keys and things like that. You have a nice mix of different elements playing, and some great instrument changes between drops. I don't have any real problems with arrangement. Nice use of bit crushing and other effects for transitions."

Emunator adds:

"The compression on the track feels very genre-appropriate to me, and it's never so cramped that I can't make out everything going on. This mix is loud, punchy, and groovy, just what I like to hear. Sick transition at 2:17. Really, you knocked this out of the park in terms of detail work and adapting the source to this style, at first listen I almost didn't believe this was your first foray with glitch hop, which is a genre that relies heavily on little nuances and variations to keep it fresh."

Agreed; some judges felt the compression may have gone a little too far, but it's certainly characteristic of the genre and it didn't really bug me. JJ has some great, perky music, and this dials that up a notch - or ten - and uses its time wisely. That 2'17" queasy-stomach pitch bend ascension into "yummy" dropsville... I was all smiles. Killer OCR debut from Netrum that pays explosive, intricate, & stylish tribute to an old DOS classic - definitely hoping for a follow-up!



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on 2019-07-24 02:06:12

Whoa... wait... There's a Jazz Jackrabbit remix on her?! How did I not know about this?! How long has this been here?!

Oh. Since... since March 11th, 2016. As the date says. Naturally.

Well, clearly this means I haven't done enough searching through OC ReMix in the year and a half since I discovered this site; looks like there's more treasure out there. Treasure like remixes of old Apogee games that brought out the best the '90s had to offer, and about 20 years later have spawned something else to comfort my ears.

I know it's a few years late, but, thanks for this one, Netrum.

Red Shadow
on 2016-03-23 19:59:32

well hot damn

i've been away from the ocremix scene for a while but i'm glad i was inspired to come back and take a look. i love jazz jackrabbit and all of its music

REALLY digging this, thanks for putting in the effort. wanna remix tubelectric zone next? ;]

on 2016-03-15 09:05:18

Ooh, really liked this. This song adapts so well to the genre; not all originally electronic VGM adapts this well. And the little touches you added to it show that even as a beginner you have a great handle on the genre. Especially liked the part where things get out-of-tune right before we get catapulted back into the chorus.

on 2016-03-13 21:05:02

I love it! It was pretty squashed, but it's probably from a buttload of hyped-up Master-track compression. :P It being too much for some people may also be a result of the long kick tail giving a longer release time for the sidechaining. However, I find this amount of compression to be pretty typical for glitch hop and other 'loaded' dubstep-ish genres so I'm good with it. :)

on 2016-03-11 18:15:33

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Primary Game:
Jazz Jackrabbit (Epic Games , 1994, DOS)
Music by Robert A. Allen

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EDM,Glitch Hop
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Time > 4/4 Time Signature

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