ReMix:Bravely Default "Virgin Mojito at Bubble Joseph's" 4:24

By HeavenWraith

Arranging the music of one song...

"Ibitsunaru Shinen Sono Na wa Maou"

Primary Game: Bravely Default (Square Enix , 2013, 3DS), music by Naoshi Mizuta, Revo

Posted 2016-04-04, evaluated by the judges panel

What the.... what? Our first ReMix of popular 3DS JRPG Bravely Default comes from HeavenWraith (Antanas Palaitis), and it's a peculiar amalgam of cathedral-appropriate organ work, jazz fusion, classical piano, and spooktacular creepiness. I think there *might* be some alcohol in that mojito :)

"This track... just happened. I was improvising with piano by the tune of the source (good thing I was recording), listened to it later and decided there are some parts good enough to make a remix. It ended up being a rather jazzy kind of thing with a taste of dementia and cheesy Halloween harmonies, something quite not what I usually produce. It was immediately deemed hipster by everyone I shared this with, fortunately not in a bad kind of way. Though in my opinion, one cannot expect something remotely normal when Revo and Sound Horizon are involved."

Of course, the source is eclectic/unorthodox to begin with, but Antanas has certainly embraced that & dialed it up a notch or five. Tuba! New judge Sir_NutS writeS:

"Wow, this remix is nuts. Is that a ffvi opening theme nod I hear at the start? And what is all this? Jazz, concert hall organs? Waltz? Swing? Synth rock? Crazy.

Anyways after one gets over the utter madness we'll find an expertly crafted composition that is very aware of its own ridiculousness and embraces it wholeheartedly. I loved the use of dissonance, the tempo changes and the full stops, and that synth solo near the end! The original arrangement was a bit irregular but you took that to a new level.

I don't have many things to nitpick about the production. I thought the mix got a bit reverb-y at times, and some instruments like the organ at 02:45 and the synth lead near the end could've had more presence on the mix but really I'm trying to nitpick on an otherwise good mix. This is really good and incredibly creative."

When Sir_NutS says your mix is nuts, your mix is nuts. He's so nuts, they knighted him for it ;) Gario adds:

"It has some really rich dissonance going throughout, which I loved. The instrument combination was very neat and well integrated (Tuba is amazing). I do feel the reverb and string sample take this down a bit, but it's not quite enough to drag this out of a YES vote from me."

With Ross Kmet's Skyrim arrangement from last week and now this, we're seeing some risk-taking & less traditional approaches lately, which is cool; this one grew on me with each playthrough... the mix title had me initially thinking of something mellower & perhaps Latin, but it's really more on the spooky side, with some gothic flourishes and a dose or two of JAZZ POTION (!!) thrown in, for good measure. Memorably musical & bravely unstable ReMix from HeavenWraith that embraces the source tune and finally gets Bravely Default represented on OCR, albeit in a form that will take many by surprise!



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on 2016-04-12 15:23:39

I like the way the piano was played; it sounded like it was improvised, and then later used anyways because you thought it sounded good in context, and I love it whenever that happens to me as well. Similarly, the looseness to the rhythm feels slightly sloppy, but still tight enough that it's as if you made a few happy-accidental mistakes during improvisation and fixed them. The strings samples were a bit slow on the attack, but besides that, I liked the "controlled chaos" you have going on. Somehow it makes sense and came together here. :-)

on 2016-04-04 12:27:03

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Primary Game:
Bravely Default (Square Enix , 2013, 3DS)
Music by Naoshi Mizuta,Revo
"Ibitsunaru Shinen Sono Na wa Maou"

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