ReMix:Global Gladiators "More Than MoN"

By Mazedude

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Global Gladiators (Virgin , 1992, GEN), music by Tommy Tallarico

Posted 2016-07-11, evaluated by djpretzel

Mazedude (Christopher Getman) has 67 FREE ReMixes on OC ReMix, and this funky Global Gladiators jam makes 68... right now he needs YOUR help with his American Pixels Kickstarter, crowdfunding what is certain to be an amazing VGM arrangement tribute to American game composers of the past & present! Chris writes:

"Here's another one from the past, but one of my personal favs that never quite made it to OCR at the time. It's an oldie from The American Album: Special Edition, the second bonus track, and it's also one of the tracks that ol' Tallarico requested I remix when I was first putting the project together.

You may recognize this theme. In fact, you should, considering I already remixed it on The American Album. Yes, this is the "McRock" theme from Global Gladiators, which I have already released as "Rockin' the Andes," redone yet again here, in a completely different style.

For this rendition, I crafted a stylistic homage to Maniacs of Noise (MoN), an excellent tracking group that was a huge influence on me as I was learning the art form growing up. Thank you, WAVE (Jeroen Tel), Drax (Thomas Mogensen), and Laxity (Thomas Petersen). I'm quite pleased with the result of Mazedude, MoN, and Tallarico blended. It also gave me a chance to go wacky with the synth leads, which is always fun.

When I started the remix originally, I started it a couple different ways, undecided as to how to finish it. Originally, I went ahead and finished it in South American fusion, as you heard previously. But, after the fact, I really loved what I had started here in Maniacs of Noise style, so I wanted to finish it. Personally, I like the way this version came out much better.

Enjoy; there are more on the way. :)"

Awesome :) Funky stuff, a deep cut from ten years in the past that lands on the more accessible side of MZD's repertoire but still possesses a bit o' quirk; I dig the chirpy perc FX & general percussive arsenal, the synth leads are delicious (love the harmonies/doubling), and the bass is meaty & thick. Larry says:

"Back before Kickstarter existed, I supported American Pixels via Mazedude's PayPal, so this is a labor-of-love project that Chris has had brewing for quite a while. Everything from The American Album has proven that Mazedude will deliver great, fun, creative, and unique music, so I hope everyone interested will step up and back American Pixels on Kickstarter to be a part of something special. Much like The American Album, the lineup of games being arranged and composers being honored is deep and gives the VGM community further appreciation of the industry's talented stateside composers. The higher support levels include your choice of arrangement commissions from other American VGM composers, so if you've ever wanted to direct Mazedude, now's your chance!

Onto "More Than MoN," this mix succeeded in transforming Tommy's beat-driven "McRock" into a more deliberate, slicker, and smoother electronic take, so it's a pleasure to finally have it as an official OC ReMix (even if it's not arranging the McDLT commercial). I'd really love to know which Maniacs of Noise material most influenced the sound of this piece, because MoN have been releasing plenty of diverse demoscene material, even in the last few years. The beat writing was understated, but extremely sophisticated, and is an impressive study for anyone looking to write creatively for a song with a steady tempo. From a sound design perspective, my personal favorite part is probably how Chris did one iteration of the chorus at 1:13, then doubled it with even cooler leads at 1:25; even 10 years after originally releasing this, Mazedude's stylishness hasn't aged a day. I can't wait to hear what else Chris has in store with American Pixels! :-)"

All of that :) Check out Mazedude's KS, consider backing if you love great music & intelligent, creative arranging, and either way get funky with Mick & Mack as they globally gladiate to some super synth soloin'!



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on 2024-04-09 19:17:46

I may or not have searched for Mick Mack on OCR in the hopes that the title screen got a remix. Luckily with this remix I am not disappointed. This was funky and very cool. The synth lead that comes in around :47 was super dope. Great remix! ?

on 2022-10-24 16:38:16
On 12/17/2018 at 4:14 AM, Mazedude said:

Man, now you're making me feel old. :) Although, yes, I still listen to some of the classic tracker tunes from the 90s, and occasionally will craft an homage to 'em. Nice to know there are still some folks out there who "get it." And for those who don't, they get to taste the good ol' days in a new way. (Loved your recent collab with Wave btw!)

Thanks! As we're both 4 years older now, I've finally come up with a reply to this post. :P This past weekend, there was an event here in Norway called BIT Live. Jeroen was there, and so was Jogeir - who is also a MoN member now. I told WAVE about this remix of yours, and promised I'd send him a link to it. He was intrigued! You should definitely consider attending one of these events. Chris Huelsbeck and Barry Leitch even flew in all the way from the US.

Ronald Poe
on 2018-12-17 11:37:24

I like the groove you've got here. Definitely sensing some cool textures. Overall this is a bit of an underdog but good job.

on 2018-12-16 22:14:48

Man, now you're making me feel old. :) Although, yes, I still listen to some of the classic tracker tunes from the 90s, and occasionally will craft an homage to 'em. Nice to know there are still some folks out there who "get it." And for those who don't, they get to taste the good ol' days in a new way. (Loved your recent collab with Wave btw!)

on 2018-12-13 08:30:12

Sweet track! This could totally be an old MoN track from twenty years ago.

on 2016-07-12 03:27:30

I prefer "Rockin' the Andes" a bit more, probably due to its energetic and exotic nature (must-listen, A+ ;)), but this track is pretty cool as well. I would never think that this track is so old if I didn't know it!

P.S Hype for American Pixels!

on 2016-07-11 01:44:51

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Primary Game:
Global Gladiators (Virgin , 1992, GEN)
Music by Tommy Tallarico

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