ReMix:Advance Wars "Unworldly Invasion" 3:28

By Majeles

Arranging the music of one song...

"Sturm's Theme"

Primary Game: Advance Wars (Nintendo , 2001, GBA), music by Taishi Senda

Posted 2016-09-28, evaluated by the judges panel

Our next n00bflood entry comes from Majeles (Mico M.), who takes on Advance Wars with an arsenal of instrumentation, peppering an industrial/EDM hybrid soundscape with guitar power chug hits, sci-fi theremin riffs, cinematic drums, and modulated upper-register synth leads:

"It started out as a daydream of a possible Advance Wars game for the 3DS, as I am a huge fan of all the games from Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo DS. Then, it lead to a search for some remixes on the game - which I have sought, but there were none. So I decided to remix the most bad ass dude in the game, STURM!

I am a big fan of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin's soundtrack and the OST definitely had an influence on this remix. As I was working on this arrangement, I always had in mind what if Sturm was in Days of Ruin... or maybe was responsible of the backstory of Days of Ruin. I also had old school alien sci-fi films in mind and absolutely had to use that eerie theremin sound... because his army seemed very out of this world -- perhaps maybe being an alien with alien technology.

I had a lot of fun with this arrangement. I made it into a loop like all Advance Wars CO themes. There's a part where I went to town with African drums & timpanis, and went off the general rhythm - that's supposed to be the chaos that follows when he uses his CO Power, Meteor Strike. I've updated the remix for the better, according to judges' recommendations. Thanks in advance for your guys time, hehe."

Very creative! It certainly retains the feel of the Advance Wars OST and the general zeitgeist of GBA audio with those guitar hits, but then incorporates the theremin & world percussion elements... an eclectic juxtaposition, but it all works and feels like an epic battle is playing itself out between disparate factions, so I think Mico succeeded in his goals. Sir_NutS concurs:

"Man that bassline! classic and groovy. This remix combines electric guitar and synth elements in ways that are interesting and make sense. I see Gario's comment about the guitar but I had no problem with the nature of the guitar, I feel it fits the arrangement very well. Tons of call and response here and cool effects and details, while using some industrial-style drumming which is varied and on point. The arrangement is good with plenty of interpretation. I liked this a lot."

Unexpected, neat, & well-constructed stuff from Mico, with a lot of sonic elements we don't hear that often all combined into one big battlefield... great tribute to Advance Wars & STURM!



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on 2020-04-14 15:48:25

Love the Advance Wars series, and I'm glad a remix has finally been posted from the game that started it off. What a great debut from Mico too, it has that authentic Advance Wars feel, with the slight rawness to the sound design, and really chugs along nicely.

on 2016-11-09 00:02:52

This is such a cool, gritty sound. That bassline is soooo good.

on 2016-09-28 17:26:21

The world DEFINITELY needs more Advance Wars remix (and games!) !!

on 2016-09-27 13:29:22

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Primary Game:
Advance Wars (Nintendo , 2001, GBA)
Music by Taishi Senda
"Sturm's Theme"

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Electric Guitar,Electronic,Synth,Theremin
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