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OCR03428 - *YES* Advance Wars "Unworldly Invasion" *RESUB*

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previous decision

Contact Information 

ReMixer name: Majeles
Real name: Mico M.
Email address: 
Forum user id: 5882
Submission Information 
Name of game arranged: Advance Wars & Advance Wars 2 (theme exists in both games)
Name of arrangement: Unworldly Invasion
Name of original material: Sturm's Theme
Link to original material:
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Developer: Intelligent Systems
Publisher: Nintendo
Composer: Taishi Senda
Please find the RESUB remix attached to this email.
I've updated the remix for the better according to judges recommendations. I've changed the remix name from Unearthly Invasion to Unworldly Invasion. Thanks in advance for your guys time. hehe 
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Well, this is a very interesting sounding arrangement. In reading the prior comments, I could easily understand the NIN comparisons - it has the ecclectic combination of synths and guitars that really defines NIN. Since Nine Inch Nails is awesome, so is this arrangement.

The guitar is pretty lacking in both realism and punch. Due to the synth-tastic nature of the arrangement and the guitar being more of an additional spice rather than the focus of the track I think it's not a dealbreaker, but it IS the weakest element of this track. Finding a guitarist willing to cooperate with you to play those parts out would improve the entire experience. That being said, you do a lot of pretty cool things with the interactions between the instruments - the pointalistic interaction between the synth and guitar at 1:08 is very clever, for example.

The ending is weak in this track, but I could consider it an ending, nonetheless. It's not the best, but I don't think that breaks the track, either.

I think this is above the bar, but only just. I'll give it my thumbs up, but depending on how others vote on it I may be willing to switch. For now, though:


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Man that bassline! classic and groovy.  This remix combines electric guitar and synth elements in ways that are interesting and make sense.  I see Gario's comment about the guitar but I had no problem with the nature of the guitar, I feel it fits the arrangement very well.  Tons of call and response here and cool effects and details, while using some industrial-style drumming which is varied and on point.  The arrangement is good with plenty of interpretation.  

I liked this a lot.  Your basslines are SWEET.


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Okay,  the first thing that I want to say is that the basslines are indeed super awesome, and the marching band snare writing caught me by surprise and I really, really liked it! The bass and percussion writing are definitely the strongest parts of your track, they're both *super* tasty. They really are what make the arrangement stand out as being great, in my opinion.

The synth and guitar work left me a bit wanting, though. The simple synth design is fun, but I personally think the lack of expression brings its value down. For example, instead of having a constant vibrato applied to it, I think applying vibrato only on specific notes/timings would go a long way in making the melodies more enjoyable. Adding more subtleties to the writing in the melody (like slides, bends, etc.) would also have been a lot of fun. I also agree that the guitar sounds pretty synthy and live guitar would most probably make this even better.

These issues are definitely not enough to bring this below the bar, though, and I'd be glad to see this on the front page. Nice work!


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I thought this was close already, and with a more conclusive ending, this has gone over the top for me. You kept exactly what I liked about this the first time and fixed up what didn't work. I think there's some extra polishing that could be done, and certainly live instruments rarely ever hurt, but this is postworthy for sure.


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