ReMix:La-Mulana "Monumental Subterranean eXploration" 5:10


Arranging the music of 4 songs...

"Curse of IRON PIPE", "Fearless Challenger", "LA-MULANA", "Mr. Explorer"

Primary Game: La-Mulana (GR3 Project , 2005, WIN), music by Houryu Samejima, Takumi Naramura

Posted 2017-01-25, evaluated by the judges panel

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About time we posted some more ReMixes though, right? From PC VGM band & newcomers WASD comes our second ReMix of modern retro platformer La Mulana in the form of a chunky, meaty rock/metal jam cohesively arranging several themes. Band member Austin Green writes:

"This song is from WASD's debut album, Shift, a collection of metal remixes from various games for Windows and DOS. As a PC gamer, I always found it disappointing that there was a lack of appreciation for the soundtracks of computer games. So, I decided to start a band that solely plays music from those games! I worked really hard on the entire album and it's been a blast putting it out. This La-Mulana track is the most melody-driven track on the album, and was a real treat to put together. Hopefully, you guys enjoy these riffs, melodies, harmonies, and breakdowns as much as I enjoyed creating them! And check out La-Mulana 2 when it releases later this year! Long live PC gaming!"

Always nice to have a meaningful artistic mission, and always nice when that mission lines up with some serious talent & ability to execute, which WASD definitely bring to the table. Every last drop of this arrangement is energetic, engaging, and assertive, and the transitions & glue do an admirable job of presenting a unified front. Liontamer writes:

"It is an A-B-C-D structure, but with actual care put into the transitions flowing from one theme to another, which is important in allowing to medley to flow like one cohesive composition. Transitions don't need to be overly complicated; as long as themes flow naturally from one to the next, you're all good! Good adaptation to rock and solid performances. Glad to have more La-Mulana representation here and I'm looking forward to more submissions from WASD!"

DragonAvenger adds:

"Each source is definitely recognizable, but listening from the outside you would have little idea that they were different tracks put together to form a cohesive whole. Really enjoyed the guitar work, and the energy is on point."

Definitely relentless - doesn't let up, doesn't break down, but also (in part due to the cycling of sources) doesn't get stale or stuck in a rut, so it's not overwhelming, at least not in a bad way. Great & enjoyable debut from WASD, who're fighting the good PC fight to get lesser-mixed & deserving VGM gold some heavy metal TLC!



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on 2017-01-27 00:04:36

I know, eh? :D Great tunes!

on 2017-01-26 17:36:08

This track has turned me on to a whole new OST...amazing work.

on 2017-01-26 01:26:03
5 hours ago, TillyFun said:

Got a strong Contra feeling at parts, especially around 1:40-2:10. Despite being a medley, all tracks melded nicely into one unified piece for a strong drive throughout! :D And I don't know why, but at the start I kept expecting lyrics to come in. ^_^

Haha EXACTLY what I was thinking!! And sounding like Contra makes it an automatic add in my iTunes list ;)

on 2017-01-25 19:26:13


on 2017-01-20 12:15:08

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Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
La-Mulana (GR3 Project , 2005, WIN)
Music by Houryu Samejima,Takumi Naramura
"Curse of IRON PIPE"
"Fearless Challenger"
"Mr. Explorer"

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Electric Guitar
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