ReMix:Star Fox "Lonely in Space, with a Waltz" 6:54

By Slimy

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES), music by Hajime Hirasawa

Posted 2017-02-07, evaluated by the judges panel

A gorgeous cosmic Star Fox waltz, clocking in at almost seven minutes, from grandiose & expressive orchestral arranger Slimy? Yes, please:

"Since the first episode of A Fox in Space came out, I've had Star Fox on the mind, so I threw together a Sector Y (that's right, the space whale level) remix, because I hadn't been making too much music at the time.

The first half of the remix is based almost entirely on the intro of the original - often slowed down and in different keys. It gets pretty abstract at 0:51, and the main melody finally comes in at 2:14. The waltz starts at 4:02. Originally, there was going to be no waltz section at all, because it just didn't sound good. However, after hearing the "Rosetta's Comet Observatory" song from Super Mario Galaxy, I added some flutes to play on the second and third beats. Without that detail, I think the second and third beats would have sounded very dry and boring, and I wouldn't have bothered completing that section.

I had some trouble exporting this, so I owe some thanks to the people in the Discord server for helping me out."

A delicate intro features piano and slow, deliberate strings, gradually layering in & building to incorporate chromatic percussion patterns and a very large, wide soundscape. This is Cosmos or Planet Earth material, here, conveying a sense of wonder, suspense, mystery, & awe in a fashion that makes you think Carl, Neil, or David are gonna start narrating during the lulls. A huge compliment, at least in my mind; those drum hits are HUGE, and the low end of the spectrum is generally warm & round. Gario concurs:

"Sheesh, this is a large sounding piece. The orchestra really feels like a professional recording in this case - the space, the dynamics, the orchestration, and the overall soundscape is absolutely great. You do some great work with the humanization in this, and the fact that you really utilize the full orchestra just adds so much to the overall impact."

"Impact" is the right word; this really draws you in & paints a vast, impressive environment right before your eyes.... errr, ears. Sir_NutS addS:

"This one takes its time to develop with a very deliberate pace but everything falls into place at the climax and the build up sections didn't feel like filler but sections with their own purpose and actually interesting to listen to. Loved 2:55, this section feels very well humanized and detailed, really good stuff. The arrangement is very dynamic throughout, changing cadence as the arrangements needs to.

Overall excellent arrangement, this really shows Slimy's chops."

Agreed; this is a bold concept with bold execution, using its extended runtime to communicate a very complete & gripping narrative. Star Fox and its music usually strike me as more action-packed and concerned with high-energy space adventure, but this takes those ingredients and refocuses them into something that seems to explore the grandeur of space itself. At a time when looking inward might make us repulsed or even frightened, looking outward to the potential future frontier of our collective species is... a nice distraction. Visionary & compelling stuff from Slimy; highly recommended!



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on 2017-04-02 01:44:41

Highly soundtrack-ish to me, which is great. Giving a ReMix this much time to breathe, build, evolve and develop always seems to work extremely well for these kinds of orchestral pieces, and being a fan of well-done waltzes, I applaud this one. It really does sound like a well told story through music. Very cool.

on 2017-02-16 16:13:46

Gorgeous and engaging mix, definitely communicates that sense of mystery and awe.

The Nikanoru
on 2017-02-08 13:52:31

Really glad to see this accepted, it's an absolutely beautiful track. Great work, Slimy!

I completely agree with djpretzel's comment of 'using extended runtime to communicate a very complete and gripping narrative' - very well put.

on 2017-02-08 02:07:46

Love it. Beautifully done. I was definitely getting some pleasant Gustav-Holst's-Venus vibes with that lush, yet slightly unsettling feeling in that first couple of minutes.

on 2017-02-07 13:57:52


You guys put this up, YES!

This is great.

on 2017-02-07 10:32:35

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Primary Game:
Star Fox (Nintendo , 1993, SNES)
Music by Hajime Hirasawa

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