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It's called "Command & Conquer," not "Obey & Surrender," and this aggressive & malevolent fx-laden metal arrangement from newcomer Scandal Jay Kneel (Jack Densley) & follow-up from Laarx certainly reflects that, with heavy-hitting chugs, wall-of-sound chords, beefy drums, and an intense backdrop of catastrophe & wailing sirens. No one is coming to save you, and this is not a lullaby. Kicking out the bleak dystopian jams, Jack writes:

"This was the first game that I ever owned, strangely enough on the PS1, but was available over several different platforms. This song will always hit the nostalgia button, so I wanted to pay tribute. I wanted to show what the main themes in this song could really be like if the production side was stepped up. With this in mind, I wanted to make the song heavier, changing the original key down a tone, introducing some electronic elements and some chiptune; the chiptune synths are used to double the guitars and add texture. The way the song was going, I wanted the drums be like Chris Adler from Lamb of God and some sections with the guitars to sound like Slayer's "Raining Blood." This was definitely achieved. Good friend and OC ReMixer Laarx helped out by playing the guitars on this track and really captured what I was asking of him, and, also, he contributed to a lot of the layering and harmony in the chorus and ending solos. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do. I look forward to any feedback."

If you listen to this mix non-stop for 4 hrs while watching cable news, your brain turns into a soft paste & incontinence becomes a legitimate concern. Not speaking from experience, just extrapolation; Jack does a great job capturing a sense of urgent, impending brutality and visceral military engagement. Something bad's going down, people mean business.... there will be blood. Laarx's guitars bite through the sonic battlefield, chip/synth elements blend appropriately, and the energy remains intense throughout. Gario writes:

"Not much to add to this - it's a touch conservative, but it does pull out some nice metal idioms (like the 1:12 pause in energy before the rhythm guitar drops again, for example) that makes this feel pretty distinct from the source. The production is pretty solid, and the performances are great. It's a solid metal arrangement that does what it needs to do, and it does it well. Not much more to say - great work!"

Indeed; this cranks Klepacki's original up & then drives it into oblivion, pairing evil, chunky metal with cinematic FX and choice electronic components for something militant, mechanized, & malicious. Great debut arrangement from Scandal Jay Kneel, excellent to hear more from Laarx, and very cool to be posting our first ReMix of the *original* C&C soundtrack since 2001!



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on 2017-05-07 14:32:05

Man, that beat from 0:55-1:13. :D Nice and menacing, eh. Captures the gritty feel of the game. The sirens help of course, but the song is pure hardcore.

on 2017-03-18 23:27:18

Full nostalgia boner from this one; excellent job.

on 2017-03-16 12:20:58

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Command & Conquer (Virgin , 1995, DOS)
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"Act on Instinct"

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