ReMix:Final Fantasy V "La Princesa de Taikun" 4:14

By Juan Medrano

Arranging the music of one song...

"Lenna's Theme"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2017-09-19, evaluated by DragonAvenger

Juan Medrano contributed this very unique blend of mariachi, chiptune, & orchestral components to Final Fantasy V: The Fabled Warriors ~II. WATER~, and it's pretty damn cool:

"this one's a remix for darkesword's final fantasy 5 project. it's lenna's theme and i decided to try my hand at a mariachi-styled mix. though i have been in mariachi bands before for years, i had never tried writing or recording in the style myself. it was pretty fun and i think i will try it more often."

DragonAvenger simply writes:


Indeed; with lesser samples, mariachi is next to impossible, since it leans on a clean legato and vibrato & a strong trumpet timbre in general. This mix sounds great, managing to work in some rather wonderful harmonies and a clear, crisp tone on the brass while also chock full o' bubbling chiptune perc. parts, an old-school demo-sceney synth lead, acoustic guitar, AND violin... diverse instrumentation, to be sure, but what's amazing is how well it all blends, and suits the melody. Also impressive is the oscillation between ensemble and solo part focus, with some very emotive, articulate examples of the latter. This mix was already doing it for me, personally, and then the violin came in and it sounds pretty damn sweet, too - icing on the cake. A brave approach that takes some risks, seamlessly pairs brass with chiptune and Latin elements, and ends up creating a very distinct & memorable atmosphere in addition to putting a badass chiptune sombrero on an Uematsu classic! Highly recommended.



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Valhalla Knight
on 2017-09-30 14:46:03

I absolutely LOVE this one. There's something so emotional to it, and it's also simply fun. The wife and I give this one 'repeat attention' often, and always enjoy it as much as we did upon hearing it for the first time.

on 2017-09-21 16:24:10

Highly recommended. An excellent unique remix of a great song.

on 2017-09-20 23:31:02
19 hours ago, evktalo said:

This is a cool, light-footed take on the fantastic original, and it fits very well, yet is surprising.

Bingo! The remixer took a main theme (little debate this is a top-5 well known theme from the game) and took it in a direction I did not expect. While that's noteworthy, you still have to deliver, and the remix really does, with the mixing of chiptune (listen to 2:45-3:10 or so!) and more traditional elements creating an odd but ultimately warm and open take on a nice source. The mix takes a bit to gather some personalization but really does in the back half. Overall, very nice work!

on 2017-09-20 03:41:35

This is a cool, light-footed take on the fantastic original, and it fits very well, yet is surprising. I like the combination of chip-style instruments, particularly the drums with the rest of the instrumentation, it's very effective and fun. Some dissonance that didn't work at 2:05, the final guitar note feels very unresolved and sorely sticks out. The pacing is a little steady for the length perhaps, but I enjoy the duration, and I liked the ending to wrap things up.

on 2017-09-18 04:00:54

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy V (Square , 1992, SNES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Lenna's Theme"

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