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RoeTaKa (Alex Roe) dials up some truly epic symphonic/choral rock with this arrangement of "Soul of Cinder" from Dark Souls 3:

"I had a bit of a break from remixing and stuff to work on my own original album inspired by Bloodborne (which you guys pimped, so, thank you!). It did great for me, so I was really pleased. I've had a nice break from thinking about Dark Souls and something recently just put me right back in the mood. The break has helped and it's good to dive back in again with some fun!

It's weird that I've had no intention to remix "Soul of Cinder," but this morning I just thought it would be great to return to the E.S. style and try it again with all my current skills and samples. This is essentially a sequel remix to "E.S. Gwyn." It was rejected here, but it was my most popular remix on my YouTube channel until recently where it got completely overtaken by my Dark Souls 3 "All for One" remix (which really took off in such a short amount of time).

The remix is titled "E.S. Cinder" because it's inspired by E.S. Posthumus, who were a huge inspiration to me for such a long time. For ages, I wanted to remake "E.S. Gwyn," because I knew I could do so much better with the samples I have now and give it the polish it needs to really feel more like E.S. Posthumus. But I tend not to return to previous mixes anymore, because, when you get attached to a song, you like it even with all its flaws. Basically, this song was the perfect opportunity to go again and also try something new and a bit different. Maybe this won't go down well, I have no idea! But I think it came out great and I had a lot of fun. I also got Yuka Kitamura to listen to it and she really liked it! Thanks, everyone!"

Arrangement breakdown:

Remix | Original
0:00-0:17 - 2:42 (piano)
0:17-0:38 - Interpreted chords/string rhythm
0:38-1:20 - 0:52
1:20-1:42 - 0:00 + triplet bass
1:42-2:04 - 2:42 (violin)
2:04-2:30 - 1:48
2:30-2:52 - Interpreted string triplets
2:52-3:13 - 2:15 (piano)
3:13-3:35 - 2:15 (piano)
3:35-4:01 - 1:48 (my 2:04 repeated with key change)
4:01-end - None

Crazy, over-the-top choral chords & a driving rhythmic undercurrent combine for "Carmina Burana"-style epicosity; a little less subdued than most of Roe's other DS stuff, and more about brute force bombast. Gario writes:

"Absolute powerhouse of a track; it hits you in the face and doesn't let up, and you can't help but love every minute of it. Epic orchestra, driven beat, and a great breakdown provided by RoeTaKa - there's no way this should be held from making it to the front page."

Well said. As a sidenote, while I was listening to this ReMix a compilation video of a bunch of different people doing "Naruto Runs" poppped up on my FB feed, and the juxtaposition was most excellent. Perfect for any occasion that calls for gothic grandeur & apocalyptic suspense levels; unrestrained & bold stuff from RoeTaKa!



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on 2017-09-20 23:35:53

It's still Roetaka - it's got the moving and emotional transitions and excellent attention to the soundscape and chords - but for the first time, I can say that this mix is meant to be listened to a few notches louder than what your volume level is right now. Still all the feels and the emotion, but damn if this thing doesn't start stirring the blood! This should be the background to some climactic battle in the rain on an abandoned bridge between bitter rivals where both have everything to lose. Nothing less should suffice for such an excellent piece!!

on 2017-09-18 04:01:00

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Dark Souls III (Bandai Namco Games , 2016, PS4)
Music by Motoi Sakuraba,Nobuyoshi Suzuki,Tsukasa Saitoh,Yuka Kitamura
"Soul of Cinder"

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Brass,Choir,Electric Guitar,Orchestral,Piano,Strings

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