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  1. Gario

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    Ack, I thought the submission date was June 1st. Super sorry about missing it - I haven't been on the site enough to check periodically. I'll definitely vote, though - such a short source to do conservatively, I can imagine it was a tough one.
  2. Ah, he sent me the message too, glad to see he already got covered. Awesome.
  3. Gario

    MnP 93: Zelda (Nes) - Labyrinth/Dungeon

    I need to participate in this round, this track is just too good. Not to mention I've been playing lots of original Zelda over the past week upon discovering the randomizer online.
  4. Gario

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    Radical Dreamer is now known as The Author, though he isn't too consistent a presence anymore either. He DID direct a really cool FFX "Hurry" remix album where only one source was arranged many times (which both Darkesword and myself participated in), but I think the loss of his old towering post count (from +30,000 to <5,000 - more than even Atomicdog) may have been too devastating a loss for him on here. Ah well, he was pretty active for a long time, anyway.
  5. Gario

    David Wise appreciation thread

    Don't know him in person, but I know his music is great enough to actually have performances of it in Japan (I think he was the first non-Japanese composer who had that honor, iirc). I personally think it's a well deserved honor. Great VGM composer, for sure.
  6. Oh, actual game music, would ya look at that. For what it is I think it sounds pretty solid, but you're looking for some critiques so I'll give you one or two nitpicks. The really does scream Rayman and the like, so great work on that. I actually like some of the melodic hooks that come in from time (like at 0:58 and 1:05), but they're pretty undermixed. Melodic moments like that really sound like they could stand out more in the mix - give the listeners something to latch onto, there. For most of the track it's more like great filler (fun and fitting, but no melodic action to emphasize), but you have a few great little themes that could come out in the mix better. To be honest, otherwise I think this is a great little tune for a playful jungle platformer - not too much else that I could hammer this for. Even without touching it I think it's in a great spot, so don't worry too much about it. Good luck with your GDC client!
  7. Gario

    Are any of my old friends still alive?

    Unmod? Hot damn, that was a while ago - I only joined the site shortly before that was nuked, and I wasn't on the forums until after the infamous event happened. Funny that you're asking if people from unmod are still around when off-topic is nearly dead as well - almost no one comments on random silly stuff anymore. Kind of a shame, really; Facebook and other social media outlets really killed the energy on this forum outside of OCR's more specialized focus (music production, games, music production in games). Oh well, even though I probably don't know you from the forums back then... Hey there! Hope you've been doing well over the last decade!
  8. Gario

    Lufia: Of Gods and Men

    No. More accurately, not yet. At this point it's me dragging my feet (we do have enough music to put out an album, push comes to shove), but with the project lasting as long as it has I've been forced to pull away from it quite often to attend to other staff duties & RL distractions. I apologies for making people wait for so damn long.
  9. Hi! This is the artist formerly known as Paul John. Green Hill Zone is still one of my favorite melodies to mess around with on piano, and I cranked this out the other night. ReMixer name: 3P0P Real name: Paul J. Frankhouser Email address: Website: Forum userid: pauljohn Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Name: Supersonic Individual song(s): Green Hill Zone Been a few years, but always a joy to run and arrange this tune as it's a reminder to stay fast, and personally, to never give up. Tried to keep it flowing throughout using air, drill, and bitcrushed game sounds to "pump" more energy into the 4/8 segments, also with a break that represents loss of coins, a continue break, drowning, time running out, or (insert_here). I listened to April Rain many years ago as previously featured, although only relistened after finishing this mix. May I have changed a few things otherwise? I'm not sure. Cheers! 3P0P is the electronic alias of Paul John who now focuses on performance piano. Continue? 3_2_1 ..
  10. Sebdoom Sébastien Pierre user ID: 27178 Direct Download link in case the joined mp3 has an issue: Streets of Rage 2 Original track: Ending Arranged track name: End of Haze
  11. Contact Information ReMixer name : Reuben6 Real name: Reuben Spiers E-mail: Submission information Game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Name of arrangement: Gerudo Desert Party Name of original song: Gerudo Valley
  12. Remixer Name: Digital Brain Real Name: Markus eMail Adress: Name of Game arranged: The great Giana Sisters Name of Arragement: Great Giana Sisters Intro Name of individual Song arranged: The great Giana Sisters Loader URL of the track: Hello, First of all, excuse my English, I'm from Germany. I created this mix because the title was (and still is) my absolute favorite among game music. That's why I wanted to stay as close to the original as possible, which may not be entirely in line with your rules, but we'll see. However, the title definitely has its own character. You won't find many remixes of this song, because it only ran in the loading routine of the game and it wasn't part of most cracked versions. I sometimes loaded the game just to hear this title, not because I wanted to play it. I also used the production of this song to teach my children how to produce music. First of all, so that they learn that music is not only simply played, but usually has to be produced. Listening to the original was also helpful, so that they could recognize the individual instruments and learn that most of the music is a perfect interplay of different instruments. Now I (we) hope to see the title published on your great website. A remix version of the loader track is not yet available there. Thank you for your attention! Regards Markus
  13. Hmm... This is an example of a track with some really great ideas and some execution choices that don't work in it's favor. For the good parts, the bass synth design and drum work is quite cool, and that robo-voice has a real oldschool feeling to it (reminds me of the classic "All your Base" video of yesterdecade), and all of that is handled in a way that keeps my interest. I can hear the Polygonet Commando source well enough throughout the arrangement, too, so at least we're covered on that front, as well. As for the rest of the sound design, it's pretty vanilla, and unlike the bass the other synths don't really seem to be doing much other than making sure the notes are being played. Not going to lie, that just makes the track sound plain and uninteresting outside of the elements mentioned above. The other SFX used are mixed in a way that they pop out too much, as well; the "OI" at 1:15 and "Woo" at 3:13 are just too loud in the mix, so they really need to be lowered in the mix. Any moment the piano is playing it ends up sounding dry and mechanical - some reverb and dynamics would help give that some more life. The production isn't bad otherwise, but the vanilla design, strange mixing of SFX and dry, unrealistic piano set this a bit below the bar. TBH I'm closer on this than I thought, but there's enough that adds up to me saying this needs another pass before we post it on the front page. Good luck with the rest of the panel! NO
  14. ReMixer Name: donadavs Name Email address: Name of game arranged: Polygonet Commanders Name of arrangement: The Future is Now Name of individual song(s) arranged: Energy High (Expressway Stage) and a small part of Super Bomberman 2, Area 5. Composers: Junya Nakano, Yuji Takenouchi Systems: Polygonet Commanders: Arcade, Super Bomberman 2: Super Nintendo Link to the original Soundtrack: Comments about the mix: I felt this song was begging for a 90's remix in the spirit of 'Twilight Zone' by 2 Unlimited.
  15. Oh, this is a fun arrangement. Got the game on sale, thought the soundtrack was pretty boss, and this just takes the best it has to offer and drives it up to 11. Short and straight to the point, this one's got some real spunk. Lovin' it.