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  1. [This is an automatically generated message] I've reviewed your remix and have set it to Completed status, indicating that I think your remix is ready to be submitted to the Judges Panel. Congratulations! If you feel like you still need to work on your track and want more feedback, you can change the prefix back to Work-in-Progress and we'll go through the review process again. If you decide to submit your track, please change the prefix to Submitted after sending your email. Thank you!
  2. EVAL Well let's see what we've got here. I haven't done one of these mod evaluation things officially in ages, but let's give this one a shot anyway - I've got work to do, and this is a great way to avoid it! Well first and foremost - fantastic production values! That's some really good sounding orchestra you've got goin', here. I like the breadth of instruments used here, too, plenty of woodwinds and brass to accompany the all-too-common-yet-still-beautiful string sections. The pairing of pan flutes with the strings really gives it a bombastic, Hollywood sound (a trick of their ind
  3. Holy shit, you're getting a live performance of this? That's fantastic! Y'all, if you haven't listened to this one before, go check it out, it's a *fantastic* arrangement. It's about an hour long, but hot damn if it isn't a *great* hour of your life.
  4. This is definitely an interesting direction to take the track - I like it quite a bit. I wonder if you could provide a timestamp for source usage? If you have it tagged for mod review it sounds like you'll want to submit it to OCR (that's what the tag is for, after all), so I figure I can help you out a little bit while I'm browsing in here (haven't done that in some time!) - if anything, that's the item that'll most likely raise an eyebrow, but it's not too difficult to nip in the bud with some timestamps up front. Whatever the plans for this, I do think it's a really cool track regardl
  5. Oh, this is pretty cool, with some rich pads in the background and nice, twangy bass to ties it all together. I like the variety that the lead has throughout the track, too - doesn't take the track one for one, but it also really feels like an extension from the source all the same. There are a lot of cool background elements that are happening in the back ground, too, though the lead is a touch loud so it's harder to hear that stuff. Great stuff!
  6. it's funny, I actually wanted to put out a quick little thing for this, but I didn't like what I was making so I scrapped it (sowwy, maybe next time) i did end up making this tiny voice clip that i super wanted to put in there, so i'll share it anyway, lol fun source, glad it was picked
  7. This sounds really pretty. I don't hear much connection to the source, though; the chords are different (which is 90% of what this source is), and the backing texture is only faintly connected to the backing plucked instrument in the source. Not too sure I can add too much to this other than I'm not hearing the source in this, other than that it's very pretty to listen to. NO
  8. Huh, a Bramble remix that doesn't use the texture that it's rather famous for? Color me interested. Arrangement-wise the harmonies are pretty clearly connected to the source, and the vocals calls back to the source enough to make it clear what this is an arrangement of. To be honest, it's different, and I kind of like it. That being said, there are places where this track would benefit from another look. The drums are dry and don't blend well with the airy nature of the pads. Some reverb on them so that they sound like they're in the same room as the rest of the instruments would help qui
  9. Well the worst case scenario is that you'll get rejected (and I do try to be nice about it, whenever I'm the judge, lol), so whenever you decide to make any sort of remix there's no harm in giving it a shot :3
  10. Oh, those are some cool instruments you've built for yourself, and I like them clusters in the harmonies. Nice stuff goin' down, here.
  11. Hello, mostly dealing with a mental breakdown with mounting pressures of work and... well, bullshit, all through last year. I'm trying to ease back into the swing of things but it takes time. Sorry that the progress of an album relies on the back of someone who is, let's just say, mentally exhausted. The Lufia album is something I need a lot of mental energy to work through, which I've been recovering slowly but surely. Not that fair to most of the good folk who worked on it, but I'm only human at the end of the day. ... also, is this the first time I posted in the public forums in a
  12. This is a nice, conservative little arrangement you've got going on, here. It follows the source quite closely, but there's enough personal charm and interpretation here and there to where I think the arrangement would work well on OCR. It's got a minimalistic opening with a really cool section at 1:38 where the source textures get some room to breath - it breaks the track up really well, in fact. The mixing on this track leaves something to be desired, though. The lead gets buried behind the backing bassline and textures starting from 0:14, and it really doesn't let up for the entire tra
  13. Wow, this is a pretty cool arrangement of such a short track, and the production/performances are pretty spot on, to boot. It is a short track, though - very short, at 0:53 - so while there's no hard rule against this the rule of thumb to follow is to make sure the song sounds like a completed idea without any fluff. For a track of such length there is quite a bit of repeated material that pads the length a little bit (0:00 - 0:06 & 0:07 - 0:13, 0:13 - 0:19 & 0:19 - 0:25). I understand the approach, and normally wouldn't be this picky on thematic repetitions that are so short, but
  14. Wow, this sounds like a metal arrangement heavily influenced by the "Halloween" franchise, holy shit I am digging this style. Setting the arrangement to the swing of 6/8 rather than the 3/4 the source is set to is a nice touch, too - you can often get a lot of creative mileage out of that alone. Whatever mixing issues were present in the prior seems to have been fixed, since I can hear everything just fine in this, and it all sounds very well balanced. The ending is a little strange, but that could very well be personal preference on my end. This is pretty great, let's get it up on the fr
  15. Deus Ex, what a classic soundtrack, with this being one of the real gems of the soundtrack. Been playing it again lately, too - can't really help it, it's a classic. This one does sound like it ripped the theme from the MIDI file that's on vgmusic.com. While I normally don't mind as long as it's merely used as a springboard to something more personal (as you've used it for here), the MIDI gets a lot of the arrangement simply incorrect, ranging from the classic bassline being out of sync with the rest of the track to the backing textures simply being about a 4th lower than they should be.
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