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  1. Gario

    Castlevania Season 2 Cometh

    So I watched the series (I think my fiancee and I binged it over two nights - not a long series, even at twice the length of the first season), and I'll say it's really good*. *The anime is both quite slow, focusing on political intruigue and the emotional turmoil of the protagonists and antagonists, and at the same time quite fast, once the characters had time to be established the crew runs through the castle at an alarming pace. The action is great, though, and the character moments were really something to behold - even got a little teary-eye'd at the end (no spoilerz, bois). But yeah, great season 2, and it's nice to see the anime gave some room for another season or two, if people really want it. At the same time, it could end at this point pretty comfortably - I'd be okay with it either way. Good stuff here, we can forget the haters.
  2. sorry, i'm on the panel already, we're already in a Garpocalyptic Era of OCR. #feelsbadman
  3. Bruh. He's offering to do the work you do on the panel for a whole month, without compensation. It's like offering to give you a vacation for free. Do it, it'd be hilarious. Until DjP got mad at us randomly trying to grant judge privileges behind his back, anyway.
  4. Probably flavor of the week; I personally tend to get a lot of Izzet counter-burn decks and stompy green. It's pretty diverse in general, though; no better time to get into Magic than when no one has the cards to make a "great" deck, and no meta has really been established yet. It's like the wild west atm, it's great.
  5. Yeah, not going to lie, I'm a bit disappointed on that front, too - they said they were working on it, and that it was SUPPOSED to be released with the open beta. Oh well, gives us some time to build some decks before we compete, eh?
  6. Gario

    *NO* Silent Hill 2 'Memory'

    There are some new, richer chords incorporated in the track, and the instrumentation does have some cool variation periodically (the celesta being replaced with the vocals, the interesting drum work, etc.), but overall the arrangement sticks with the source material a little too faithfully for OCR. Most of the instruments used are similar, if higher quality, outside of the jazzy chords not too much has changed in the source usage, and the structure matches the source close to one-to-one. The production quality is borderline solid, though it does get muddy when all of the instruments are playing at once (like at 2:32). As far as learning how to balance acoustic instruments, I think you've almost got the hang of it based on this track, so I think you accomplished your goal. While a pretty good listen, it's not something that we can post on OCR. Appreciate the submission, though. NO
  7. Well then. Good thing SD3 is an ARPG, then.
  8. That's criminal. Bare minimum, you need to play through it three times for the different story line progression possibilities, as well as a few times more so you can experiment with the various character progression possibilities that one can experiment with... Probably the only game I've run through more than FFV, which is actually kind of scary, all things considered. EDIT: Oh yeah, awesome album, everyone should check it out, and all that jazz.
  9. Hey everyone! Just going to come out as a (former) Magic junky, and see if anyone else is eye-ing the open beta for this. I've been playing the closed beta for the last month, and I can personally verify that it's actually pretty darn good (really darn good, actually). I'll be looking for a few friends to play with (now that they're implimenting a friends list), so I figure hey - may as well see if there's any interest on here. Due to the (final) account wipes coming on the 27th (right as the open beta begins), people will be playing on a relatively even playing field, so there's no better time to give this a shot than now. If anyone's a former MTG player, a fan of other CCG's (like Hearthstone, Eternal, etc.), or just want to dip their toes to the expensive world of MTG without spending any money, give this a shot. If there's enough interest I could list people who are playing on here, see if we can get a group goin'. Download the client here. Details on the open beta here.
  10. Gario

    The Best Video Games of This Decade

    Loads of variety on the best of this decade - says a lot about the quality of games that have come out over that time. In this decade, I don't think I've played a game that has had quite as much impact on me as Persona 5 - the art, the music, the story, the characters - that game is just phenomenal on every single front. If y'all haven't given that game a shot do yourself a favor and get on it, possibly the best RPG I've ever played.
  11. Gario

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    Well, sure - we used to own a PSP (the battery went bad, kinda ruined the system), and if I really wanted to I own an OUYA (yup, I do still use it) that runs Playstation games to an alright degree. Just sayin' if I'm going to own one of these anyway, I'd like to put whatever games I want on the darn thing.
  12. Gario

    Playstation Classic - Announced

    I wonder if the console will be mod-able, like the NES classic and SNES classic are. My fiance is giving this a solid eye for the holiday season so I might end up with one, and I wouldn't mind doing a run through Legend of Dragoon on it if that's the case, lol.
  13. Gario

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    To be fair, I do think Zircon has a degree specifically in music business and production, so he does in fact have a solid foundation in that area. I doubt he'd say that has nothing to do with his level of success.
  14. Gario

    Do You Still ReMix — Why Or Why Not?

    Ehhh... Whether or not it happens with one person really doesn't say whether or not it's something that will happen with everyone. Zircon is a talented guy, and he's really made a name for himself outside of OCR with his music and business (which is a pretty awesome feat, by the way), but for every Zircon out there there's plenty of people who have Willrock's experience of virtually no audience transfer. I'm sure having an audience for your arrangements doesn't hurt your chances as a popular musician and/or accomplished composer elsewhere, but there's evidence (at least in this thread, anyway) that it can be a pretty insignificant boon for your other endeavors. A combination of how good you are at marketing and networking is more likely going to give you better luck in having a large audience for your original work than having a large audience for your arrangements, I suspect, which Zircon also has quite a knack for. I understand that it can seem fruitless to logically discuss something like whether or not audiences transfer from one person's composition styles or not, but let's be honest - that's a pretty relevant thing for a lot of arrangers who want to make a living off their music in the future. Whether or not the audiences transfer from your free releases to your work that you profit off of could easily impact whether you're willing to arrange video game music, in the first place (which is how this topic cropped up in here). If someone could crack that nut and figure out how to effectively transfer their audience, that'd be a very useful thing to know. It's at least an interesting and relevant topic to discuss, imo.
  15. If SMK Rainbow Road is the selection, please put me down for it. I will smash that source right down.