ReMix:Donkey Kong Country "Fathoms" 4:06

By NoTuX

Arranging the music of one song...

"Aquatic Ambiance"

Primary Game: Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo , 1994, SNES), music by David Wise, Eveline Novakovic, Robin Beanland

Posted 2017-12-12, evaluated by the judges panel

They don't call 'em the classics for nothing ;) NoTuX (Damon Campbell) takes on a certain water-themed level from DKC with a smooth, chill R&B/ambient joint that features piano, synth, subtle sound FX, & a sweet beat:

"This is my humble chillout remix of "Aquatic Ambiance" from Donkey Kong Country, one of my all time favorite songs. I'm staying true to the original mood and keeping it calm and relaxing with a slight R&B feel. At first, I didn't really want to sub this one because there are so many amazing remixes of this song out there, but my wife talked me into it. I guess one more wouldn't hurt, right? Thanks, everyone!"

Thanks Mrs. Campbell! Sure, most arrangements of this particular gem maintain the super-chill & mellowtastic aesthetic of the original - I'm still waiting for someone to try an "Aquatic Ambience" polka - but there's still room within that space to carve out something uniquely your own, as Damon has here. I enjoyed the *slightly* synthwave/tape quality of the accompanying panned synth plucks, the little percussive FX & touches here and there, and especially the voicings on the piano - nothing way out there, but uber-smoov & additive/subtractive in pleasing ways. Liontamer writes:

"Pretty unique approach to this theme; every time you think you've heard it all with "Aquatic Ambiance," you get something like this. The way the source tune was referenced throughout was very creative, IMO, with lots of subtle plays to the melody and main motifs, but other instruments getting in references to it as well while doing their own thing."

Sir_NutS gets into some of the panel's concerns with piano humanization & dynamic contrast, but ends up digging the mix overall:

"The piano velocities can be an issue at times, and I think more could've been done to add subtlety to the performance, but the transformation and changes on the melody lines carried by it is what mostly makes this remix unique. I was fine with the arrangement's dynamics, I think the energy levels drop/rise enough throughout the track, which is very chill in nature and doesn't really need huge peaks and cliffs in mood."

I'd tend to agree; while a rapid-fire trap explosion of hats & FX or something of that ilk might have been fun, there's enough oscillation to avoid things getting overly static. Piano didn't bug me too much, but I don't disagree with the observation. Overall, though, this is a smoooooth take, with creative production details and, most notably, some memorable & effective interpretations of the main melody. Can't ask for much more than that; in a world of amazing "Aquatic Ambiance" arrangements, NoTuX comes correct with an ice cold version that says something new & worth saying; great stuff.



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on 2023-09-04 17:44:21

I have to say that I liked the slight hip hop beat combined with the saxophone the most out of this whole mix. The slight variation with the piano was cool as well. Good to see another take on the theme that changes a bit of the formula while maintaining the chill atmosphere.

on 2017-12-25 09:51:55

Hate to say it but there's already so many remixes of this song (over 15 on this site alone) that I have zero interest in listening to this one. Please remix other songs from the great DKC OST! Stop beating this one to death!

on 2017-12-13 01:57:23

Sweet! I love how the melody is broken up like that. Most people don't change the melodic contour that much for classics.

on 2017-12-12 17:06:10

Nice! I like what you did with your "DKC I-lese" remix from VGMix!!

And always great to hear another one from the artist formerly known as Blue Magic!

on 2017-12-12 13:05:38

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo , 1994, SNES)
Music by David Wise,Eveline Novakovic,Robin Beanland
"Aquatic Ambiance"

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Downtempo,Hip Hop,R&B
Piano,Saxophone,Sound FX,Synth

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