ReMix:Cannon Fodder "Cannon Straits" 3:41

By fredrikd

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Primary Game: Cannon Fodder (Virgin , 1993, AMIGA), music by Jon Hare, Richard Joseph

Posted 2018-03-15, evaluated by Gario

#3700 is here, as we begin another hundred-mark interval with this Dire Straits-inspired classic rock arrangement of Cannon Fodder from fredrikd (Fredrik Drønen):

"Cannon Fodder is a game close to my heart. Countless sessions during my childhood have left the game a somewhat mythical status. I know there are others who, like me, have cried bitter tears for Jools, Jops, and Stoo (damn you, mission 9!), so I wanted to take a shot at giving the game its first coverage on OC ReMix. I've wanted to do a Dire Straits-themed remix for a while, and I found Cannon Fodder's menu theme, "Narcissus," to be well-suited as a starting point for building something reminiscent of that early Dire Straits sound."

If you're only familiar with "Money for Nothing" you'll need to check out "Sultans of Swing" for the overt stylistic nod, which reminds me of my own song-specific classic rock homage to The Doors... while you're at it, be sure to catch "Walk of Life," too. When I first heard "Sultans" I never would have guessed it was the same band, but it's since become one of my favorites... always fun to listen for those guitar solo triplets at the very end, as the song is fading out. Fredrik nails the aesthetic, with a particularly satisfying dry & punchy snare and a clean lead tone that cries & sings. Such was the vibe's authenticity that I kept anticipating "And Harry doesn't mind, if he doesn't... make the scene." - great work. Gario writes:

"Damn, if this doesn't just ooze Dire Straits. Sounds like everything in that band except Mark Knopfler's iconic raspy voice: that smooth guitar, subtle organ, and sexy-as-hell sax playing. From my short exposure to Cannon Fodder in the past, it's not a very music-heavy game, but one of the few tracks it does have is great, and you've done a great job revitalizing it here. The change in key caught me off guard, but it works so well as you have it here... I couldn't imagine it anywhere else but on OCR's front page. Great work!"

Classic rock is probably my favorite genre of music, and this ReMix channels a song I've heard a hundred times and still love, so it's a great, memorable #3700 for me :) The sax is new relative to "Sultans" but works quite well, and I think Fredrik was spot-on in hearing this source's potential for Straitification, as it were. Great, creative stuff - our first mix from Cannon Fodder, always great to see some Amiga love, and a fun, authentic transformation into a new embodiment of a great song from a great band!



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Black Ace
on 2021-10-31 20:39:31

DIre Straits has never been so much fun! ?? Love it!

on 2021-09-21 19:32:56

You'd be surprised at how better it sounds slowed down by just 10%:

on 2018-03-27 04:17:12

This sounds amazing! He really captured the Sultans of Swing play style and mix, can't wait to hear more!

on 2018-03-22 22:17:17

Incredible remix. I really love Fredrik's style in both this and his Mega Man remix. Can't wait to hear more from him.

on 2018-03-17 12:04:47

You sure picked something obscure to remix here! I have no familiarity with the source but still I can still really dig the Sultans of Swing vibe. I really like it!

on 2018-03-14 12:06:54

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Primary Game:
Cannon Fodder (Virgin , 1993, AMIGA)
Music by Jon Hare,Richard Joseph

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